Oct 23, 2016

The worst condition of Road from Hassan Square to Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) Gate # 6 Karachi

Certainly the Sind Govt. is responsible to construct Road from Hassan Square to Safoora Chowk as mentioned in Sind Fiscal year Budget 2016-17 but Cantonment Board Malir also is responsible to construct Road leading from SAFOORA CHOWK TO CANTONMETN BOARD MALIR GATE # 6.

Though in the Budget 2016-17 the Finance minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has allocated Rs 50.3 Billion for Karachi Annual Development Plan to invest on city development - in addition to build new projects - construction and rehabilitation of Roads - revamping the existing - repairing and maintenance works of green belt etc - also has been incorporated yet we do not see even a single project that’s been initiated so far according to budget highlights.

It’s about six months but Sind govt. is busy in removing employment ban, appointing CSP officers & recruiting JIYALAI as CM said in Sind assembly emphasizing ‘’YES I AM JIYALA and I will lift ban on employment – I will recruit and fill the vacant position that had a ban since long’’, said Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while presiding over the fourth cabinet meeting since he has taken over as the province’s chief three months ago.

The chief minister said it is an appropriate time to lift ban on recruitment because the government is trying to improve the efficiency of the government departments to fill the vacant positions on merit.

The Chief Minister (CM) ordered all the departments to start holding Departmental Promotional Committee (DPCs) meetings so that promotion posts can be filled and the rest be advertised in the national press.

There are around 90,000 positions vacant in the province - almost half of which are promotion posts - therefore about 50,000 positions will be filled through the selection committees and Sind Public Service Commission, according to their pay and scale. CM clarified that there will be no compromise on merit. “I need efficient people to make the departments efficient,” he stressed.

But here we want to remind CM that do not forget KARACHI – Also give employment opportunity to KARACHIITES who are living in urban areas and deserve to be treated equally on merit basis - no need to see quota as it has been obsolete & unimplemented claim since decades so go with merit whoever has required degree and caliber and qualify the given criteria recruit them without discrimination – maintain a transparency and impartiality while recruiting, said a seasoned professor who has close eye on Sind.

Please keep in mind that Karachi is not meant only for operation it needs a good living condition too from education to health & employment opportunity – due shares in every disciplines is the basic right of KARACHIITES, responded majority of people gathered around media men who were questioning with normal public.

Besides, now CM must see towards other side of the coin i.e. KARACHI development plan.

We KARACHIITES will be thankful if CM Sind arrange to execute the other clause of the budget ‘’Road Construction Plan’’ that’s has paralyzed us – we have been sick – we are unable to perform our everyday works - our spinal cord has been damaged while travelling on these roads coming from HASSAN SQAURE TO SAFOORA CHOWK & CANTONMENT BOARD MALIR Gate # 6 (& vice versa) - afflicted due to debilitated condition of the roads that have heavy ditches, pit, chuckholes & long weathering road surface.

A capital city of 30 million people ‘’KARACHI’’ has been engulfed with mounting civic problem - we have been confined since ex CM era - We however had been assured by new Chief Minster (CM) Murad Ali Shah who is prone to work no lip service and political rhetoric but believe in practicality - vision - planning and execution as he clarified the very first day when assumed office as CM Sind.

So we KARACHIITES in the same context asking CM please start to execute Budget highlights where following Road Construction has been specified in the Budget 2016-17 it is appended below for CM ready reference;

Ø  Construction of University Road from Hassan Square to NIPA Chowrangi at cost of Rs.770 million

Ø  Construction of University Road from NED University to Safoora Chowk at the cost of Rs. 780 million.

Though Sind Govt. should have considered the Road up to Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) Gate # 6 but it avoided – It may be considering that this small part of Road does not fall into the jurisdiction of Sind govt. but Cantonment Board Malir.

Nevertheless the Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) must look into the worsening state of Road leading from Safoora Chowk to CMB gate # 6 – this small piece of road should not be an issue with CBM as the area connected to the road comes into the domain of Cantonment Board Malir, clarified the Residents.

Hence the Residents of Gulshan-e-Omair and Rufi Sweet Homes, Prem-villa are the property tax payer to CBM – therefore CBM must take care for this small piece of Road, maintained Residents of the area replying to a question raised by TV anchor interviewing the people living around.

People are certain that Sind Govt. will construct Road from HASSAN SQAURE TO SAFOORA CHOWK AND

FROM SAFOORA CHOWK TO CANTONMENT BOARD MALIR GATE # 6 will be taken care by CBM realizing the miserable condition of Residents who goes wounded while performing their daily routine works.

The house wife facing accident threats while dropping and collecting their children back from school due to scale of heavy water tankers parking on the both sides of the roads.

Road crossing is a serious problem - people are pathetic, distressed & hapless where daily accident have been a normal practice due to big ditches, congestion as tanker mafia parking their water tankers close to the entry and exit of the Residents wall & closing intersection as well.

Small vehicles are at hit list they fell due to abrupt condition of roads, roads are broken with no street lights that added more anguish & torture to the inhabitants.
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