Oct 5, 2016

Why not to live peacefully instead to go for WAR - who will be the WINNER or who will be the LOOSER?

Of course both India and Pakistan neither will be the WINNER nor the LOOSER if WAR is fought. Not only people will die but the whole country will convert into a history - million will perish just in one drop of bomb as both are the Nuclear custodian that never seems to come in favor of anyone - we have a live example of Syria where the chemical bomb strikes from Russian never left anyone to breath - a complete disaster - ruined & doomed to extinction.

So come for the talks unconditionally - do amicable settlement & understand the stands of both - rigidity gets you nothing but fans more hostility, animosity, extreme hatred & anger avoid to allege or blame go always for amicable resolve!

If one gets bomb naturally the other will do more -will use the bomb with more intensity to destroy - so the looser will be both - people of both country will vanish which will tune to approx 700-800 thousand death in strike of one bomb. So why to go for destruction instead to think for construction.

Here I quote the scene of Indian TV Talk Show where Om Puri a Senior Indian Film Actor insulted the panelist who were not supporting the call of Bollywood actor & actress demanding Indian govt. to keep the show biz personalities away of political scuffle.

According to them Film actors/ actresses, Singers, Drama Artists, Scholars, Writers, Scientist are the assets of the country - they are not part of politics living in India and Pakistan - so let them do their works peacefully - they have no personal grudge or bear enmity - they have no malice, spite & rancor but they are identified with their work and conduct - specialty in the field, asserted OM Puri.

An artist does not have any border - he is recognized for works and we convey always a positive message & keep the community united and livable. We vitalize and revitalize our narrative in the interest of the country and through film & drama we convey positive messages & that Indian and Pakistan do, iterated OM Puri.

Actors are the ambassador to establish good thoughts and cleansing hatred - Appears as a shield and their approach is to bridge - to reduce the gap in which the country has been engulfed. So their performance is a candid message to live humanly and respecting each other custom, culture values and practices instead to distort, mar and damage or bar the artist from works.

The basic motive of every actors is to maintain peace and tranquility in the country and such pioneering works brings each other close ending the strife and growing tension due to some misunderstanding or whatever the situation is.

But the frenzied & delirious Indian media and like minded people experiencing delirium in TV Talk show did not realize the enthusiasm & broad mindedness of OM Puri to exclude artist which unnecessary tantalizing.

He angrily said why to WAR why don't you understand that in India 22 Crore Muslim out of 120 crore are living - why you want to covert the country into Israel & Syria, said OM Puri and left the show because he was feeling the environment squeezed against him in the show.

Current National Politics developed in India and Pakistan moved towards satire and sarcasm but I spent my 15 years in overseas working with majority of Indian & with other national too.

The days remind me the time what I spent in overseas - It was really unforgettable moment where people of both country were living happily with no negative tune and ethics. 

My mother used to say that if there are two utensils it strikes and gives sound but it does not mean that they are going against. In general if we see the friendship and relationship that developed among the residents of Indian and Pakistani don't see to have any bad taste neither in Indian nor in Pakistani.

In our practical life when we worked with multi-nationals and communities under the same dome - did not feel any hatred and bad mouth of any sort - treated each other as a colleagues where we remained associated in a conducive environment with clean heart and mind.

Attended professional meeting and training altogether without any ill feeling - no politicos from both sides were any barrier to stop us to come together - a grace and respectful situation without considering ranks and position..

Attended events with no preferences, official party or privately owned - so many feast & on one table getting food from one dish without reluctance, drinking water from the same bottle & jug - using the same pot of sugar and milk - did not get or felt any isolation & ill-will between Indian & Pakistani nationals.

Further, watching movies, playing games, going for long drive and swimming all such days remind us that how nicely we had been living with good faith & understanding a clean slate of mind.

We did not mention even a single day or discussed anything on politics or about status quo because ours had no such impression that might impact, impair or affect our friendship.- even on festive we had been exchanging congrats & exchange sweets and attending parties..

We did not go harsh or brought national politics as a base of tussle - no never so when the relationship in between India and Pakistan went strain (as going now) we did not discuss or went in any debate but just treated normal flow of politics and friendship moved without marring or damaging - a tall believe.

Its crying need of the day from both India & Pakistan to live with grace, do trade & business, keep moral, diplomatic, economic and social support to keep the relationship with good sentiment and thoughts as we all should give a good message to our generation as 70 years has lapsed I will say lapsed because still we are not satisfied and did not accept geopolitical boundaries of each other - the motive to encroach others land or occupied forcibly gets the situation worse so better live peacefully and respect the UNO resolution as has been chartered to resolve Kashmir issue.
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