Nov 17, 2016

Donald Trump an elected President of United States of America his victory & intriguing nature are under fiery debate across the country!

Some terms it a worst rigging while some says it’s an opening of vandalism in the country while some are of the view that still Donald Trump strategy is not conceived well – it looks them a bundle of confusion & ambiguity ready to inculcate & increase more tension & abhorrence among Americans but for WHAT?.

If he is so obnoxious, obscene & salacious then who voted him? How he defeated a lady who has been ruling US since 1993 and in 2015 she had been prepared from Democrat to contest US presidential election but she could not qualify and lost the election.
But what factor and reason made Donald Trump victorious? Why people despite knowing that he is a crazy man (before them sexist & racist] - non serious & inexperienced – did not have any affiliation in public office – neither he remained nor joined national politics - he was outsider just jumped in US politics how he could be a good statesman to run national politics but the decision came opposite Donald was declared the winner in Presidential Election.

But the question persists that what made Donald success - Was Donald attitude – Donald utterance – Donald frankness and attending the key areas where he understood the American wants to revamp & immediate revolt instead to involve them in unproductive and tiny issues – Was Donald future agenda impressed the audience and his relentless and inexorable behavior to revolutionize US economic, social, legal and foreign policies - ceasing the Status quo in which the county has been trapped or breathing in a single type of dictation coming from President House?
Keeping the American engaged to resolve their own problem from dawn to dusk so that govt. may involve in WAR OF TERROR & WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION issue - a false call and just an imposition on others that US is a super power and it wants to keeps its head ON and to keep others to SUBMIT it without rising eyebrow – spending lot on producing WARHEADS and ignoring its own people NEEDS who wants immediate attention - Interrupting & busy in other’s affairs intervening in other’s state matters – let everyone live by their own style and RESOURCES why to encroach on others land etc. were the questions that made Donald cleared before the American that Donald has something else in his IN-BOX he is and will be a new shield for America and its people..

Even though Donald is little bit away of Oath taking ceremony but his transition team are in disarray too – the persistent lack of coordination and consensus among the team & erratic trends of Donald getting the things more vulnerable & unsettled coupled with regular agitation and protest across the country - continuing since the date of Presidential result announced.
Though Donald Trump has won the election battle with landslide victory defeating Hillary Clinton with heavy margin but in amidst of victory jubilant there are also uproars and extreme hue and cry erupted against Donald Trump - pointing Donald future plan un-supportive & against the people. His skanky & hatred approach that Donald manifested in his manifesto during his election campaign - people are of the view that Donald is going to disintegrate America and he is the one who has sown the seeds, a general perception among normal citizen.

But it’s not true people themselves raising slogan before getting him on board in White House or assuming office - protesting & taking out rallies in number of cities rejecting Donald & avoiding accepting him as President of US.
Yes Donald is inexperienced but we don’t find any evidence when retrospect the President elected in the country were well qualified, talented & equipped with administrative and technical abilities & skills - Basically it’s a team who incubates, guides and advises President in his day to day state affairs - a well organised and expertise from different disciplines are hired who remains associated with the President to move him forward. Some says Donald was not holding political & public office - he is just a businessman so how he can run the state affairs. 

If we go back and see the credential of former President who ruled US - did they have any specific degree or training to run the state rather they had been assisted by their team members so such claims goes redundant, said a seasoned politician watching the hysteria of anti Donald movement across the country
In California more than thousands people demonstrated Anti Donald movement on the same day as soon as the news busted in media for Donald victory - people came out of their comfort agitating Donald triumph and the next day there were a complete riots in CALIFORNIA & that rapidly engulfed other cities too.

The angry mob were breaking and damaging the public properties, hurling stones on traffic & city police – putting the things on fire – an outbreak of riot in the city – blocking traffic with barriers – sitting on the rods - burning different objects on the road - holding play cards with anti slogan - calling Donald a racialist & male chauvinist asking to separate CALIFORNIA where a full-fledged force of law enforcing agency seemed active - using techniques to disperse the mob - shelling tear gases etc. to disperse the rioters.
It’s the first time in US history where 1 of the state out of 53 asking to separate CALIFORNIA from US umbrella – though it does not signify a good move but a candid sign of betrayal from US dominance.

Donald in his victory speech says;
We showed America the silent majority is no longer silent - today we created America that wins again - today we made our hopes - our dreams - our limitless potential – a reality - today we made history - today we created a government that is once again of, by and for the people.
Thank you – America - I will not let you down - I will always be your voice I will always be your champion – now it’s time to get to work - to unite - to prosper - to become stronger – together - I have no doubt we have taken the first step to Make America Great Again.
From this positive attitude of Donald we cannot say that he is going against Muslim or Immigrants living in America or banning Muslims from entering the United States. It can be a political rhetoric or an empty hurling into the air just to attract audience from different zone of society . But in reality he will not pursue it as a policy.

If he wants to run the country he will have to go through its routes and roots that has already emerged & flourishing and has thrived by the time, he will not be a grave digger but a rational & prudent Architect who is connected with infrastructure - a business tycoon in Middle East - a billionaire –spent his life in building magnificent high rise tower.

Donald conversation in public appeared as a haphazard call to alert everyone for the coming quake that will jolt the American for the ‘’action’’ Donald will take ''on war footed basis'' not ad hoc- no lengthy talks but ‘’to do list is ready to do and finish it off ‘’and that’s the difference a common American noticed.

He will not eliminate the Muslims community who has a big role in US constitutional policies & mainframe that runs the states - Muslims have been penetrated & absorbed in every walk of life in US & you cannot detach or separate them – they are the one in arteries that keeps the heart functional, said an octogenarian who voted for Donald

In every discipline objectively Muslim has a dominant role like in US Army, Science and Technology, from field of construction to the manufacturing of plane, from medical science to astronomy, from Human to Zoology, from earth science research, geology and environmental science to NASA - we cannot segregate Muslim from our country structure, said a Muslim retired Army officer who fought Gulf WAR connected with US WARSHIP.

As per New York Times, the hate crimes actually developed in US for American Muslims that tuned up to 78 per cent over the course of 2015 - that had been fueled by terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad - and because of wrong impression and calculation the majority were naming the terrorist as Muslims that of course were not justifiable but biased and bigotry to weigh any specific community on the basis of dress and face complexion having beard or turban etc. A terrorist is the terrorist it has no definition but just to terrorize the city and killing innocents – they have no religion, social & moral ethics.

A general objection for Donald was his stinky policies - because of his disgusting & racism - discriminatory & abusive behavior towards members of opposite sex – expressing and exposing himself an inexperienced person, irrelevancy in state affairs, busy in silly talks, having no previous attachment with national politics or holding any public office etc. are the symptoms that terming the Donald Trump a play boy but not a president as he does not have caliber, traits and attitude initially required for a president, said angry mob in New York.

But these reversed approaches became a winning symbol for Donald that awarded him with a sweeping victory – a different thoughts not an establishment approach as people termed Hillary Clinton an stereo type policies which has been running in US political system since three decades & the nation did not get anything except promises & inflated commitment that could not yield and the country but fell into the tunnel of more indebtedness.

And these were the substantial reason of rejection to Hillary Clinton & poll to Donald trump - his revolt is meant for revolution in America to get change - a diversified thinking with new heights with new ambition and dimension instilling into the mind of American – such blunt and aggressive thoughts brought Donald a game changer and he got success to win Presidential election in US.
All the polls, surveys, prediction & prognostication that had been developed for the defeat of Donald Trump went null and void - when the news busted in media that Donald Trump got an overwhelming victory in presidential election

Further there were adverse remarks against Donald for trashing trade agreements - question over human rights & climate change - terming Muslim a terrorist and their evacuation - restricting Immigrants - terming Hispanic as rapist in addition to his manifesto what Donald Trump shared during canvassing.
Again, Hillary Clinton nominee of the Democratic Party for President of US could not win the battle - she has been prominent in US political manoeuvre - served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, as a US Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009 and as US Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

In 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency – she won the Democratic primaries and formally became the party Nominee at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

People of US basically did not like to see their President a lady that’s why they avoided to poll for Hillary Clinton - despite knowing the fact that Donald Trump is an adventurist but they wanted to break the status quo and preferred to see visible changes in US economy by supporting Donald Trump.

The era of Bill Clinton, George Bush & Barrack Obama for their double tenures i.e. for 24 years in the govt. could not provide & bring any sustainable growth in the economy or played any vital & effective role upgrading people welfare or any distinctive changes in market economy, trade & business but just involved in WAR some says became the reason to come out of the netted web and elect Donald.

Imposing WAR and forming US led coalition forces to attack on others – a WAR mongering attitude that’s made the citizen to divert their approach and bring someone new thoughts - whose ideas are not identical but quite unique for them.

The heightening debt ratio where US has been indebted for trillion dollars of China apart from European states lending & failure of US market economy that has been hijacked by Chinese products can be one of the reason to elect Donald, some speculates.

Donald is the 45th President - A property tycoon & a billionaire business magnate now in the White House will rule the country.

In his victory speech he assured the audience to build infrastructure - will do investment towards hospital, educational institutions, roads & highways and restructuring the US economy too to create employment which is his first priority he emphasized.
A project management guy giving US citizen a well groomed and magnificent America. An American dream - now is the time to have it materialized that had been eclipsed due to some reasons but I Donald Trump will rebuild it, he said vehemently.

I will keep the diplomatic & foreign relationship with the country and its leadership who wants to go with us - we will respect & accommodate but preference to be with US and its people the first and foremost preference, Donald convinced the audience.  
Continuing his victory speech – he further stated that our election campaign was not just to win the presidential election but It was a call to revolutionize the America & that’s my plan, Donald said.
A cause to bring change there is no differences among us – race to win the election has been completed now we are back at one platform - our motto and ambition to work together for America - whoever voted or whoever did not - I am the president of US for all, he said with conviction.

I will serve the nation without cast, creed, culture, custom and institutional belief. Under the dome of US everyone is ours and it should be our combined collective efforts to work for the country - for people progression and prosperity is the core issue - people has voted me for radical changes that I will bring, accented Donald Trump.
We will bring revolution in American economy - everything will be restructured and revamped for the betterment - we will do reform & rewrite the trade agreement and will rephrase the environmental policies and do what seems beneficial and productive to american.
People who were witnessing Donald Trump victory speech were aghast as Donald Trump looked them a changed guy – a complete overhauled – who was talking something else during his election campaign and as soon as he declared winner – his tone, dialect and preferences in policy matter stunned the audience.
Certainly it was a sweeping victory for Donald trump that emerged as an explosion across the globe because of intense negativity that had been squared against him at social, electronic and print media, nationally and internationally but it could not appear as an obstacle or impacted to lose his election.  

But all just went vaporized like a soap bubble – the improbable triumph made people dumbfounded they were not expecting such a landslide victory of Donald Trump who shrugged off all filthy conversation and allegations leveled against him or what Donald Trump did during his election campaign across the country but preferred to vote him and that people did.
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