Nov 10, 2016

Presidential Election in United States of America concludes now

Donald trump is elected as President of United State of America (US) - He is the 45th President - A property tycoon or a billionaire business magnate now in the White House will rule the country.

In his victory speech he assured the audience to build infrastructure - will do investment towards hospital, educational institutions, roads & highways and restructuring the US economy too to create employment - giving US citizen a well groomed and magnificent America – an American dream now is the time to have it materialized which had been eclipsed due to some reasons but I Donald Trump will rebuild it, he said vehemently.

I will keep diplomatic or foreign relationship with the country and its leadership who wants to go with us we will respect & accommodate but preference to be with US and its people the first and foremost preference, Donald Trump said with conviction.

Continuing his victory- speech Donald Trump further stated that our election campaign was not just to win the presidential election but It was a call to bring revolution that I did it – a cause to bring change there is no rival or any differences among us – whoever voted or whoever did not I am the president of US for all, said Donald Trump.

I will serve the nation without cast, creed, culture, custom and institutional belief - under the dome of US everyone is ours and it should be our combined collective efforts to work for the country for people progression and prosperity – people has voted me for radical changes in the future, clarified Donald.

We will bring revolution in American economy - everything will be restructured and revamped for the betterment - we will re write the trade agreement and will re phrase the environment policies.  
According to Electoral College morning statistics Democrat Hilary Clinton won 218 while Republican Donald trump secured 289 electoral votes.

Certainly it was a convincing victory for Donald trump that emerged as an explosion across the globe because of intense negativity that had been confined against him at social, electronic and print media nationally and internationally.

But all just went vaporized like a soap bubble – the improbable triumph made people dumbfounded they were not expecting such a landslide victory of Donald Trump who shrugged off all filthy conversation and allegations levelled against him or what Donald Trump did during his election campaign across the country.

All the polls, surveys, prediction & assumption that had been developed for the defeat of Donald Trump went null and void when the news busted in media that Donald has won the presidential election

There were adverse remarks against him for his disgusting, loathsome and revolting views i.e. trashing trade agreements, question over human rights & climate change, terming Muslim a terrorist and their evacuation if elected as President of US, restricting Immigrants, terming Hispanic as rapist his inexperience, unusual mode, and accusation of sexist and racist behavior.

All such vanished in one go when US citizen realized to get change and change - not to stick or restrict with Democrat but to support Republican and that’s why they voted Donald Trump instead Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton nominee of the Democratic Party for President of US could not win the battle - she has been prominent in US political maneuver - served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 – as a US Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009 and as US Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
In 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency – she won the Democratic primaries and formally became the party Nominee at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

People of US basically did not like to see their President a lady that’s why they avoided to poll for Hillary Clinton - despite knowing the fact that Donald Trump is inexperienced, apparently racist & non-serious or an adventurist but they wanted to break the status quo and preferred to see visible changes in US economy by supporting Donald Trump.

The era of Bill Clinton, George Bush & Barrack Obama for their double tenures i.e. for 24 years in the govt. could not provide & bring any sustainable growth in the economy or played any vital & effective role upgrading people welfare or any distinctive changes in market economy, trade & business but just involved in WAR.

Imposing WAR and forming US led coalition forces to attack on others – a WAR mongering attitude that’s made the citizen to divert their approach and bring someone new thoughts - whose ideas are not identical but quite unique for them. The heightening debt ratio where US has been indebted for trillion dollars of China apart from European states lending & failure of US market economy that has been hijacked by Chinese products.

Let see how Donald Trump works and gives US citizen a new America and how more he is true to his word as he vowed and assured their voters.
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