Dec 11, 2016

Say no to corruption! A mobile message being relayed by NAB

Such message is coming to every mobile holder from every mobile operator but what does it mean? Who is asking to whom? It’s a big question mark? And is it legible to give a call from NAB?

Looks good in listening - but we have been accustomed to hear such slogan from the concerned institution who itself is incompetent rather connives & intrigues in an underhand manner - pampers such curse designedly & deliberately despite knowing the flaws and its impact on the economy and unaffordable burden on the shoulder of a normal Pakistani that how tightly and aggressively he/ she has been grilled and grinded for no fault into the jaws of Cobra....the corruption.

What are their fault that they have to pay Rs115,000/= per head - every child, young and youth, men and women and even who just opened his/ her eye into the land of Pakistan is indebted for the said amount.

But to whom the Nation will go and lodge their complaints that how such amount became payable to them?

This is because corruption travelled across public sector departments from provincial to federal - eclipsed every single outlets of public sector and that's the reason that such services industries meant to serve people - work for people & by the people (a definition of democracy) goes worthless as the whole structure of public outlets is filled with corruption – they have been dysfunctional.

So the countrymen where to go?

Our generation is asking why we don’t get pubic support as admissible and accessible in other states of the world where the inhabitants or the dwellers paying due taxes to their govt. and in return they get good services but Why don’t we?

Where is our money going? Who is eating & Why? How we can get it back?  Do we don’t have any check and balance in Pakistan? How we can get rid of corruption? When we will get our rights?

Why NAB who is smartly sending message to mobile holder to ‘’SAY NO TO CORRUPITION’’ why don’t they pay their pivotal and vital role to unearth and unmask such elements and segments who have weakened the country – have snatched the people right to live with self sufficiency and with respect instead to extend hand for more alms

On the name of people development program trillion of amount is allocated from country current account while making budget of the country - And even loans and funds are acquired by loan giving agencies but what happened next?

Did the govt. invest on such projects – No Never - But went into the pocket of corrupt leaders who looted us and still we are being looted.

It’s good that concerned Institution like NAB [National accountability Bureau] upholding this slogan and disseminating among masses that don't to corruption whereas this lesson is more important and worth full it if it is conveyed specifically to

Political leaders, Media Executive, Business tycoon, Real state builders, Industrialist, Private school owner, Transporters, Business magnates in Electronic industry, Textile Industrialists etc. are involved in corruption and NAB has no detail of them and avoids to clutch them that is either NAB has taken its share or NAB has lost its importance because of black sheep inside NAB, said an angry man when read out this message from NAB..
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