Jan 2, 2017

Do not cheat anyone!

Its very small word but it tears you apart - we feel very pride and it has been part our life which is of course not good or praiseworthy but negates the definition of a perfect life

We all must avoid of cheating and such trends not only disgrace you in this world but also you will be accounted for the life hereafter - the doer of this act will go to the hell and paradise has been forbidden [defined in Quran & Hadith] who cheats others.
It is dirty, foul and unsporting attitude - a deception to profit yourself & victimize others who suffers a lot whoever goes trapped or looted through this act - a violation of trustworthy relation - whether you cheat in your business - in education - in your official works - with your spouse - cheating is the second name of SHAITAN who runs with you so don't allow them to lie or instigate you to do CHEATING.

Cheating & deceiving - alluring & tempting - Enticing & beguiling falsifying & misleading - misrepresenting & miscommunicating, hiding the truth - telling lie & trapping in a planned net.

Money earned though such mischievous means & approaches is HARAM & ILLEGITIMATE.
Though temporarily you will be happy but in the long run it will hurt you - your conscience will remind you always for your wrong doings.

You will be disturbed & the impact of your mistakes will get your children and family sick & in extreme cases they will go retarded - or they will fall in not curable diseases - you will loose your valuable & precious life too and as such there will be a constant unending crisis & this is the consequences you got in this world though the punishment in the life hereafter is receivable to you..

So don't cheat anyone - be honest - be sincere and loyal with others.

Otherwise wait for the wrath of Al Mighty Allah - The Power - who is the Knower & the Hearer - He is the Most graceful and the Most Merciful but He is looking everything.
Be straight and honest and don't misguide and cheat.

Stay blessed always from the Creator who created all of us - On the day of Judgment or the Day of resurrection we will be accountable for our deed what we are doing with others
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