Jan 31, 2017

DONALD TRUMP Executive order to ‘’ban & bar 7 countries citizens’’ entering in US

Such gazette notification from Trump that is recently imposition of law prohibiting people of 7 countries i.e. IRAQ, IRAN, SYRIA, YEMEN, SOMALIA, SUDAN & LIBYA has been termed very outrageous, inhuman and aggressive
It’s a categorical denial of humanity, unfair, unjust & discriminatory to stop people to go back their homes despite holding citizenship or green-card.

These countries even has a business and trade links with US are in completely shocked - airlines are in reluctance that how to keep travel business with US who itself & unilaterally has stopped the flight operation ignoring the standing airline ties with these countries - the banned countries has comprehensive business relationship with US are in dilemma that how to move forward.

Even banning its own citizen for traveling to US reflecting madness and insanity rather unethical practices that US should not have done – people are aghast, appalled and dismayed that how a citizen of a country can be obstructed & prevented for entering its own people into the country [all of sudden] – if any law was supposed to impose then it should have been followed with flexible time frame & notices in advance to prepare people mind instead to impose in haste.

The shocked passenger being in queue for more than 40 minutes when arrived at the counter the airplane personnel refused to issue boarding pass and said sorry we cannot allow you considering the latest restriction from US - Some passenger who got the boarding pass and boarded in the plane they were disembarked forcibly referring US ban notification for not to entertain such passenger who intends to come US.

Most of the passenger when disembarked at US airport they had been asked to go back - struck with fear they inquired

Has the war been erupted in US?
Why such a haphazard?
Why such a hatred?
Are we living in War-torn area?
How it is acceptable that person living in US since decade now has been asked not to enter?
Is it a draconian law?
Does it endorse the attitude of a civilized nation? said the panicky passengers.

We have our jobs there – our children are studying there – we have a home – we have our belongings – we are citizen of US – we have green card – US had allowed us and has confirmed our stay legal - so why such barriers – are we criminal – we work in US – we serve the country – we generate income and we are the part of US economy, said the angry passengers..

Why such imposition - the traveling ban was supposed to enforce for refugees not for the Residents in US – we are not illegal - our children are there - they are awaiting for our return at home – what they will do in absence of their parents & family.

Its really a crime that you stop suddenly your own citizen - undoubtedly negates all norms of society.

Are we living in barbarian era where uncertainty is seen and anything can happen anytime, said the ired passenger who had been obstructed when landed at US airport and asked by the airliner staff to go back, said the embarrassed passenger.

Embassies in relevant countries in UAE have stopped issuing visa and refused to process who had applied for US even if someone has received appointment also been canceled, said the consulate office.

The flabbergasted people shouting at the airport that US govt. should have been given reasonable time to evacuate its citizen if this was the case instead to fall hammer & issuance of such bullish decree – some says we came to our homeland we have dual nationality and all this is a part of valid residential permit

Iran who got lifted trade embargo up after 30 years – Sudan got cessation of trade embargo after 20 years from US why such a hastened ban and bar – does not reflect a good administration on the part of newly elected President Donald Trump.

Yes we had gone through the plan of Trump what he had manifested during his election campaign but we could not take as important but treated part of manifesto generally a political leader does.

Time frame was mandatory to seal off any existing legislation and that Trump should have realized before signing off the executive order to stop people of 7 countries to travel in US.

At least 3 to 6 months notice or grace period could issue so that the residents could wrap up their belonging instead to throw them out of their homes.

Such inhuman, uncultured, uncivilized & immoral notice to stop …….looks like we are refugees and asking for refuge – whereas ours is not the case – we are a valid citizen and law abiding nation - validating every terms and condition sought by US, said the group of people gathered at UAE airport intended to go back to US being citizen.  

The effected 7 Muslim countries requesting to re visit the executive order of Trump making it convenient and trustworthy.

Apart from, Trump previous order to construct 2000 kilo meter long Wall at Mexico border also had not been appreciated among states – the tussle to pay the cost of construction the Mexican president refused and said we did not ask to build the wall but US emphasized that it knows how to recover the cost.

If US newly elected President Donald Trump keeps such unconscionable and usurious attitude with unfavorable policies the time is not far when US herself be going into ‘’isolation’’ and that will be the outstanding desire of Russia who wanted to see US crippled, said political analyst.

The mammoth agitation of 20 million women rallied in US was a candid indication that women too were in line against Trump rigorous policy – so before legislating any law against women Trump will have to look if there is something cooking. 
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