Feb 25, 2017

TV Producer, Director & Story writers dramatize the stories connected to Pious & Righteous a model role for our generation to watch

must think to dramatize the life of pious, righteous and virtuous people who always played positive role & educated human being - take all good work, good deed & supports they extended to then people & showed them correct path of life - true Islamic values, custom and creed for humanity - their unprecedented efforts can not be ruled out.
Such motive will be a productive tool to instill into the mind of those who are still unaware from the life of Wali, Alulia, Qutub, Hassan, Abdal (ranks of Wali) and others who lived according to the teaching of prophecy & God message that disseminated & preached among their followers.
Madrasa and Maulvi now have been controversial so come out of the box and give people a new thoughts, a paradigm shift to know the living with piety & deity who used to love God and who whole the life lived with dignity and served the humanity...........spread love among society
immoral drama, wrong and corrupt behavior among society gradually [that is being telecast ed] has appeared as disastrous among young generation that has made most of the things Topsy turvy where we are living with rising criminality with no measure to get it down.
So come ahead and take initiative with positivity on different subject - the pious how patiently they were living and getting unending help from God.
their assistance & association among their followers etc. no doubt will be a beacon at the end of tunnel to revive & revitalize our generation to guide, caution and admonish them to follow and adopt an straight path of Islamic teaching, its rules and regulation, a true parameter of life and its accountability on doomsday asking to live according to Quran and Sunnah.
where our generation is less aware so media must play its due role and propagate good things to mold & push them towards a meaningful teaching of Islam that how to live in the society and how to earn and how to spend
such moves no doubt will bring a visible changes among us among our generation to cool down their intolerance & love with humanity, their family, their parents, their neighbor, their genuine work and earning thereof.

Feb 18, 2017

Terrorist attack at the shrine of Mohammad Usman Marwandi (Lal Shahbaz Qalander) Sehwan Sharif District Dadu Sindh.

Den or hideout of militants near Pak-Afghan border and its cleansing from our troops is very much appreciative and praiseworthy but some are of the view that why we don't prioritize & do military precision earlier or believe in preemptive measure & mechanism instead to do reaction instead action before occurrence of unforgettable tragic event happened at the shrine of Mohammad Usman Marwandi (Lal Shahbaz Qalander) Sehwan Sharif where suicide bomber detonated himself killed 100 & 200 were injured.

Though the name of 76 high profile terrorists list has been handed over to Afghan diplomat to hand them over to Pakistan. The consecutive act of terrorism in the country has made the nation aghast and astounded - though we did Operation Zarb e Azb but could not gain much and uprising again has been erupted and enveloped the country once again

If we check the statistics of SHRINES/ MAZAR SHARIF/ DARGAH SHARIF across the country they are good in numbers – approximately there are 400 Shrines including Hindu & Buddhist Shrines of Gandhara in Sindh - Punjab - Baluchistan & NWFP.

The stem to mention that deployment of security forces across the country does not seem feasible unless we eradicate the root and route of terrorist that’s Pakistan army is in contact and has the figure on finger tip to eliminate the hideouts once for all.

We know that terrorist believe in score & in numbers - does not matter from where they get - It can be educational institution – it can be a public place – it can be mosque, temple and churches – it can be market – It can be a procession or rallies as they did in Lahore and killed innocent lives & govt. establishment too are unsecured..

We have scarce forces & in practicality we can’t deploy or ensure fool proof security to every single person or institutions so it’s better if we remove the existence of terrorist at their bases and that our agencies must do..

If we ensure stringent measure at Pak-Afghan border through computer oriented data management for In & Out - if we cancel Afghan SIM reportedly is working in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A curse really facilitating the terrorism so it should immediately be ceased and banned – if we disable the forged printing of NIC - If the licensed & unlicensed Madrasa is revisited and checked the authenticity and legitimacy of Madrasa that who is studying and who is teaching.

These are the do able actions that’s need immediately to enforce to redress the leading terrorism in the country…………..attack on terrorist with no second option.

Feb 14, 2017

How to control & curb Taliban entry in Pakistan

Taliban [in collective sense whether good or bad] a constant security threat to Pakistan & its Sovereignty.
There are multiple factors where Taliban does not seem to cease. Even US who with its coalition forces fought WAR for 14 years in Afghanistan but could not achieve its target or eradicate Taliban routes and eventually they [US & its allied forces] left Afghanistan without any substantial gain.
Taliban are rearing and fostering not only in Afghanistan but in Pakistan too - Unflinching support from the like minded political leaders sitting in National assembly or part of govt are the live source who feeds Taliban and help them to spread & flourish their [Taliban] radical, orthodox and rusted doctrines to impose in Pakistan - bowing before them, listen them and induct their so called Islamic laws making it constitutional for Pakistan - a dictation given earlier to the govt. of Pakistan to induct their Islamic views when the govt. wanted to have negotiation with them a futile attempt to cease fire.
Govt. of Pakistan have no clear vision still that how to handle this notorious segments - no categorical policy to eliminate Taliban & more importantly
The unending ''non cooperation of Afghanistan govt'' are the main barriers, obstructing Pakistan Govt. to take any drastic action.
Despite repeated warning from Pakistan govt. Afghan mobile SIM are sold openly in Pakistan territory
Loose Boarder management is the big source of entry of Taliban in Pakistan - no fool proof data management to redress the free-entry of Talian in Pakistan
Forged NIC card printing can not be ruled out thats making Taliban entry uninterrupted.
Sitting of Taliban-like-minded Politicians in Pakistan National assembly who encourages Taliban thoughts and views - their ambiguous action - rapping & tapping - certainly a disloyalty with Pakistan are very much imminent who says at assembly floor that Mr. Speaker ''you can not forcibly ask anyone to say PAKISTAN ZINDABAD as we are Afghani even though we live in Pakistan benefiting & enjoying with hefty govt.position''..........if we have such traitor how we can say that our border is secured and the country where we live Taliban has no room of any sort to function its nasty plans to jolt the state..
Existence of Seminaries/ Madrasa across Pakistan - unlicensed and undeclared teaching syllabus are the core issue where Taliban are trained for Holy War - a typical thought or so called Islamic law that Taliban wants to impose in Pakistan.
A chain of such seminaries have hijacked the country where Suicide bomber are instrumental destroying not only govt. establishments but killing normal citizen - every week we hear or witness at TV channels where more than hundred are injured and 1/2 of hundred are killed brutally.
Explosive device plantation and detonation through remote are common evil tactics of Taliban who do this and openly says ''yes we did it''? an open challenge to the govt.
Operation Zerb e Azab though brought some positive response but we can not say that Taliban has been washed off or its route been crushed - temporarily their influx you can curb but can not cease - its like ant & pismire that erupts from the ground after rainfall.
Taliban breeding and fostering within Afghanistan is continued under the shade of Afghan Govt. - Non cooperation attitude of Afghan govt. with Pakistan is vivid and we have tested the govt. there are instances where Afghan govt did not cooperate rather broke the diplomatic relation & warning Pakistan to kill terrorism while terrorism and terrorist are pampered in Afghanistan..
Recent suicide bomber attack in Lahore and week before in Quetta and Peshawar carnage is obvious where Taliban has been involved, media ported.