Feb 14, 2017

How to control & curb Taliban entry in Pakistan

Taliban [in collective sense whether good or bad] a constant security threat to Pakistan & its Sovereignty.
There are multiple factors where Taliban does not seem to cease. Even US who with its coalition forces fought WAR for 14 years in Afghanistan but could not achieve its target or eradicate Taliban routes and eventually they [US & its allied forces] left Afghanistan without any substantial gain.
Taliban are rearing and fostering not only in Afghanistan but in Pakistan too - Unflinching support from the like minded political leaders sitting in National assembly or part of govt are the live source who feeds Taliban and help them to spread & flourish their [Taliban] radical, orthodox and rusted doctrines to impose in Pakistan - bowing before them, listen them and induct their so called Islamic laws making it constitutional for Pakistan - a dictation given earlier to the govt. of Pakistan to induct their Islamic views when the govt. wanted to have negotiation with them a futile attempt to cease fire.
Govt. of Pakistan have no clear vision still that how to handle this notorious segments - no categorical policy to eliminate Taliban & more importantly
The unending ''non cooperation of Afghanistan govt'' are the main barriers, obstructing Pakistan Govt. to take any drastic action.
Despite repeated warning from Pakistan govt. Afghan mobile SIM are sold openly in Pakistan territory
Loose Boarder management is the big source of entry of Taliban in Pakistan - no fool proof data management to redress the free-entry of Talian in Pakistan
Forged NIC card printing can not be ruled out thats making Taliban entry uninterrupted.
Sitting of Taliban-like-minded Politicians in Pakistan National assembly who encourages Taliban thoughts and views - their ambiguous action - rapping & tapping - certainly a disloyalty with Pakistan are very much imminent who says at assembly floor that Mr. Speaker ''you can not forcibly ask anyone to say PAKISTAN ZINDABAD as we are Afghani even though we live in Pakistan benefiting & enjoying with hefty govt.position''..........if we have such traitor how we can say that our border is secured and the country where we live Taliban has no room of any sort to function its nasty plans to jolt the state..
Existence of Seminaries/ Madrasa across Pakistan - unlicensed and undeclared teaching syllabus are the core issue where Taliban are trained for Holy War - a typical thought or so called Islamic law that Taliban wants to impose in Pakistan.
A chain of such seminaries have hijacked the country where Suicide bomber are instrumental destroying not only govt. establishments but killing normal citizen - every week we hear or witness at TV channels where more than hundred are injured and 1/2 of hundred are killed brutally.
Explosive device plantation and detonation through remote are common evil tactics of Taliban who do this and openly says ''yes we did it''? an open challenge to the govt.
Operation Zerb e Azab though brought some positive response but we can not say that Taliban has been washed off or its route been crushed - temporarily their influx you can curb but can not cease - its like ant & pismire that erupts from the ground after rainfall.
Taliban breeding and fostering within Afghanistan is continued under the shade of Afghan Govt. - Non cooperation attitude of Afghan govt. with Pakistan is vivid and we have tested the govt. there are instances where Afghan govt did not cooperate rather broke the diplomatic relation & warning Pakistan to kill terrorism while terrorism and terrorist are pampered in Afghanistan..
Recent suicide bomber attack in Lahore and week before in Quetta and Peshawar carnage is obvious where Taliban has been involved, media ported.
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