Apr 26, 2017

Doctrinaire Bureaucracy defies & avoids adaptation with advance technologies

Indoctrinated Bureaucracy still persists in most of the public sector’s employment while hiring their staff - the worst example of service delivery & staff performance due to not adapting & adopting the latest technology & running the business calmly with the same pace of unproductive tone - instead tuning it with upgraded version of advance office system for attaining maximum benefits of the institutions.

I was reading careers page in one of English daily’ where still the state owned enterprise is hiring the staff or employee with decade long designated employment positions which were applicable in 50s, 60s,70s & 80s. The names of such outdated positions however [as shown in the news paper] is mentioned below;

LDC (lower division clerk)– UDC (upper division clerk) – Steno typist- Stenographer Naib Qasid - Data entry operator – Telex operator – Dispatch rider - Notice server - Bailiff - Sepoy Armed guard – Chowkidar - Farrash – Sanitary worker – Water carrier – Dresser - Cook etc.

The above positions have been advertised by a public entity that has a big stake in country taxation affairs which does not run optimally but has been under severe critic due to its poor performance attired with bureaucracy shades.

It’s a big ads published in the daily where about 1000 staff being hired across the country asking candidate to mention their domicile. It’s a good move from employment perspective - no doubt - but the position mentioned in the ads needs to cogitate to rename the designation with respectable word not degrading the candidates or underestimate them..

How ridicule it is - though we are living in 2017 but govt. entity running its office system through Steno typist and Stenographer where the Boss does not know typing to operate a computer or laptop.

Sitting and holding the position in top management - calls the Steno typist & Stenographer to take the dictation – type and retype the draft & then final printout to sign off by the Boss - instead Boss himself could type the whole case & asked the secretary to dispatch – doing so would save the time and money instead hiring such a chain of staff to do a small work – but who cares – govt. bearing the cost – living in the so called Bureaucracy tape-ism – change is not acceptable – but to keep the heads-on – a self created zoom.  

The Boss feels pride when Naib Qaid appears in his room and says JI SAHIB – JI SIR – YES SIR when the bell is pressed by the Boss – a steel small round device lying on the table of the Boss who does press when he/ she wants Naib Qasid - a decade long sick-practices running in the govt. departments.

The Boss does not want to come out of the box but feels easy and more convenient working in the same rusted & conventional management system – how then result we can achieve if we avoid inducting computer machine in the office and hiring such staff who is well versed in computer networking or equipped with computer oriented technology. And reluctant to rewriting and rephrasing their job designation – by saying them Office Assistant and Senor office Assistant or Executive Assistant & Senior Executive Assistant instead to call them LDC & UDC respectively……….think about it.

That were the legacy and mentality of British Empire who ruled India more than 200 years and - kept then Indian enslaved – the Bureaucrats what we have in our govt. institution belongs to the same slot – British kept the generation enslaved - they changed even the English syllabus – giving a major difference of English words used by Indian and British.

I quote here one example – application written by British student to his class teacher – he writes ‘’ I had fever, I could not attend the class, excuse me one day leave’’ – whereas Indian writes to his class teacher “” Respected Sir/ Madam, Most humbly I beg to state that I was suffering from fever I could not attend the class. I therefore request to kindly grant me one day leave’’ your most obedient pupil ………..’’ the difference is very obvious that how we were raised, brought up, nourished and nurtured by British in India.

Improve your staff morale & esprit de corps - their self respect and due placement in your organization - if you encourage and motivate them - certainly their performance will enhance – open rooms for their promotion – open more vistas of avenue to upgrade them - as stagnant water emits bad odor due to its passivity - so think positively.

Ensure proper job training – appreciate their work - giving extra incentive by acknowledging their works before the staff of the unit – clapping and awards will inspire and aspire others to improve their performance - adapting computer technology with job related software to magnify their working strength that’s not only will be payable to the staff but be profitable for the institutions too.

We believe that recent market mechanism and advanced technique becomes the tool to enhance product and that’s the reason new write-up comes ahead in response to capricious condition of market – how sales are targeted and how the products are streamlined that goes customer centric instead to stick with outdated method and procedures – Write new SOP instead to stick with old version – it’s not Ten Commandment – you can change - if you feel change is mandatory then move.

Keep yourselves abreast with changed scenario otherwise you will be thrown to the back burner…………..so ‘’Bureaucracy’’ wake up & break the fetter & rewrite the whole job description of your subordinate – Remove the word ‘’clerk’’ from your dictionary - write their designation with respected words - assign them more task with attractive return for attainment of maximum result.

We are aware that organization has adaptability with the changed environment & fit itself with the changed circumstances but the Bureaucracy [in Pakistan] still swinging and relying in 50s working trends - and has no intention and plan to upgrade, update, adjust or impregnate their current office-working infrastructure from old methodology to new office system fertilizing it with the need of current technology.

Not only the working apparatus but employees too who are hired should be considered & preferred having well versed with technology - write in your ads that computer literacy is must so that job seeker may inclined to learn computer.  

Utility of computer is a changed and upgraded version of a typewriter – so what’s the glitch if you hire the candidate who is familiar with computer operation instead to hire a Typist and you ask them to mention the typing speed in your ads – what a narrow and conservative thoughts that you talk about typing speed & calculator speed in today’s life.

Old bookkeeping on larger register has left - now the generation talking about Mega Bite and Tera-Bite where entire organization data comes on few CD & DVD or in a key chain type USB - So does it not look good to you [the Boss] instead ask your staff to maintain register.

If the organization inducts new staff who recently did their graduation from professional university and they bring new working strategy – new ideas – new approach - a well defined catalog & synopsis that how to improve the products and beat the scale of competitors roaming in the market – why you insists to work on the old pattern…..It’s not your fault because you spent your good year with British empire whose impression has eclipsed your mind.

You [the Boss] should know that as the time evolved - modern technology got its due placement in employment sphere - most of the public and private sector updated their organizational hierarchy but still there are some who is living under the influence of ‘’Bureaucracy and red-tape-ism’’ where they feel pride to keep such institution alive in a typical pattern instead to uplift and impregnate the whole system with advance technologies.

The [Boss] feels pride to keep their staff under their duress maintaining the rusted - typical bossy mentality - pressurizing to come early and site late - getting their heart pumped calling them SAHIB & BARE SAHIB and not gazing into the eyes of Boss & don't raise your eyebrow even there is differences of opinion and no liberty you [the subordinates] to reply but just listen and silent.

Keep your [subordinates] head down – such Head of the department are the failure in their area and eventually they are kicked out - they get all the work from their subordinate and go happy just to sign the paper or putting stamps on it.

Such doctrinaire - an specific system of beliefs running in the public sector institutions - unequivocally is the curse where authoritative symptoms seems running still. We find as the main hindrance into the way of organizational progression and prosperity where not only its goal is recessed but outcome also goes impacted with heavy losses.

If we see other position of hiring as stated, besides LDC & UDC - Steno typist & Stenographer - what’s the difference between Dispatch Rider - Dak Rider - Notice server & Bailiff

One Dispatch Rider can do the entire dispatch works – give him a good name of designation such as ''Delivery or Dispatch officer'' and offer him five figure salary instead to scatter the amount among five delivery staff – if you do so naturally you will be lessening the over head expenses and taking the institution at zenith in term of output and staff performance

What is the difference between FAARASH & SANITARY WORKER, make it one and give good salary to undertake the whole cleaning portfolio instead to segregate – think at corporate level and for the welfare of staff - if staff is happy the company will grow – it’s a blessing for the Boss too who takes care for his/ her staff.
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