Apr 6, 2017

Ghazi Abdul Rashid (Lal Masjid organiser) killing case declaring Retired Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Pervez Musharraf a proclaimed offender...court verdict

The court has declared the former COAS Pervez Musharaf proclaimed offender dismayed most of us.

Really it surprised whoever has little sense that whats going on in this country - those who did and do multiple crimes are escorted free - It refers the case of Model Town Lahore where 21 people had been killed and even the FIR had been lodged on the personal intervention of earlier COAS (Raheel Shareef) which was not being lodged but due to Dr. Tahir rul Qadri uproars and his Sit-In in Islamabad FIR lodged but the whole JIT had been re written and then judiciary had relieved off the killer............no one proved guilty!

Ayan Ali (model girl) involved in money-laundering of 500 thousand dollar who was arrested red handed at Karachi airport while traveling Dubai she remained under investigation about year but released on bail - whereas she had accepted before journalist that she been visiting 35 times in UAE/ Middle East and not only she but there were more then 20 model girls who had been transporting heavy sum from Pakistan to UAE, said Dr. Shahid political analyst in his Talk show but nothing happened - The court however relieved off her on bail - could not even public that whose money she had and was taking...........proved not guilty!

Dr Asim Hussain who misappropriated Rs. 476 Billion but after one year investigation he was relieved off on bail - Instead to keep him in the jail he was staying in the hospital in a newly built room getting it equipped with air condition & room refrigerator...........proved not guilty!

Sherjeel Memon ............a denounced figure in Sindh govt. who embezzled Rs 5 to 7 billion (press report) and also during ransacked Rs 2 Billion had been recovered & found under the carpet from his house in Karachi.

But what a mockery that during his visit in Hyderabad he was garlanded & worn gold-made crown....Are we loyal and sincere with this homeland Pakistan or just comes in power to loot and plunder national wealth.& judiciary itself seems compromised.

If wee keep such tendency continue we the Nation are afraid to protect our motherland. We will have to be loyal, sincerer and honest to see the things in its right perspective while doing JUSTICE
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