Apr 18, 2017

Ranger’s extension about its stay in Sindh has been controversial!

And normally we witness that when the earlier approval of Ranger's stay goes off - the tussle and thorny debates between Provincial and Federal govt. takes place for further renewal.
Controversies to extend or not to extend Rangers stay in Sindh?
Now it’s about a week Rangers has been withdrawn from multiple sacred and non sacred places & important installations where they had been deputed to ensure people & property security, media reported.   
Heat of allegation and counter allegation between Province and Federal being aired by electronic media – press conferences from Sindh the CM and its aides and from Federal Chaudhry Nisar have grasped the situation & occupied the dice.  
Why it happens & why not taken it as a normal approval with a stroke of pen but  it’s not alike as we understand……….every time a rough and tough conversation in print and electronic media goes viral and think tank seems busy but it concludes in approval to give for Ranger’s stay. 
We have been accustomed for such hue and cry after every six months or a year that ends not in fiasco but in affirmative, said seasoned political analyst.  
However in current scenario something new emerges that ‘’Rangers stay in Punjab or the empowerment given to Rangers’’ is not identical or equivalent but lucid flexible & with vivid limitations not similar to the power given or assigned to Rangers in Sindh, said CM Sindh.
In Sindh Rangers do raid and ransack wherever and whenever it wants. They do without any determined outline or any prior permission thereof from Sindh govt.-  or keeping Sindh govt. in limelight - there is no such practice or it conforms the ''authority'' Rangers enjoying in Punjab….why differences, he added further.
Such a ''freehand to Rangers''giving an obvious jerk to provincial administration keeping its provincial matters obstructed and interrupted at different fronts instead keeping Sindh govt. into confidence before they move for the operation.
Among opposition leaders in Sindh cabinet- they are of the view that why Sindh govt. is so panicky - if Rangers expands its area of operation. 
Instead to keep Rangers limited only in Karachi - let them move to other part of Sindh urban and rural area - where criminals are hiding after perpetrating crimes in Karachi - operation as such should not be connected to any specific group - Crimes & criminals - Militant and militancy you can see everywhere. they maintained.
Besides, there are hideouts & high profile gangster’s aisle - a terrain of dense jungle where criminals dwell – so it is rational & viable if Sindh govt. authorizes Rangers to do operations clean up in interior Sindh [as well] to unearth and unmask the criminals who do crimes and flee
Yes - there are glitches in law and order situation but it’s not limited only to Sindh but across the county - so why not the same liberty & freehand has been given to Rangers deputed in Punjab as they [Rangers} worked in Sindh, asserted CM Sindh.
Why the ''area & authority'' defined to Rangers in Punjab or criteria to work is dissimilar & not identical to Sindh Rangers - Why Federal govt. keeps and do step mother treatment with the province, said one of the aide of CM
In Sindh Rangers had no limitation - relentless – inexorable – such heightened freedom to Rangers undoubtedly obstructing & impacting the normal flow of provincial business.
So maintain uniformity while empowering Rangers to work in any province –a categorical demand of CM Sindh by Federal govt.
There should not be liking and disliking or preferences while we have inducted Rangers with the motive to attain an optimal response in terms of safety and security of the citizen and safely running of the province matters.

However ''Gazette Notification of power given to Rangers in Punjab'' has been asked by CM Sindh to appraise & see its significance - the exact parameter of operation - nature of permission - authority & area that Rangers is enjoying in Punjab may feasible & viable in Sindh too instead to keep the Sindh always in WAR TORN area, categorically asked CM Sindh.
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