Apr 11, 2017

Refer all criminals cases related with anti state element to Military court

Distinguish and evaluate the pending cases with Civil Courts across the country lying pending due to multiple reasons
The Civil courts had more than 200 thousand cases pending when Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudry retired. He shared his concern with media..press report..
Please go through the case nature, prepare a consolidated list of all anti state elements, terrorism cases involved in clandestine subversive organization helped potential invaders to work against the regime
Undermined - Subverted & Wrecked the normal operation of the state - Damaged and Disrupted the state matters - Worked against the country or sovereignty do not fall in a normal court hearing...........absolutely are high profile cases so do not sit or sleep on it.
Inter alia, cases of espionage and saboteur must be forwarded to the ''Military court'' because the existing Civil courts have been deficient due to its overburden & overload - scarcity of Judges - even shortage of Court premises & inadequate facility thats hindered and hindering to dispose of legal cases timely..........a saying prevails that delay in justice leads to justice denial.
Crying need of the time to cogitate and think judiciously that how to dispose of hundred thousands criminal cases that has been piled up - neither the country nor the people are getting justice.

Therefore if we want to see Pakistan a terror free state we will have to take drastic action for the cases pending with the courts.

There are more Kalboshan Yadev decomposing in the Jails [across the country] notwithstanding required court facility but the ''Black sheep'' 'too who are fostering such criminals.
Come one step ahead and ensure due justice timely and optimally.
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