May 18, 2017

Kalboshan Jadhav case has been referred by India in International Court of Justice

The UN has criticized lack of independence of Pakistan Military Court judges who are within military hierarchy and the practice of holding “closed trials” - The UN panel has asked Pakistan to “end the resort to military courts for terrorism-related prosecutions" - It has asked Pakistan to transfer criminal cases against civilian to civil court
Its really very strange and amazing that Pakistan has been asked by International court of justice [ICJ} to prosecute Kalboshan Jadhav through Civilian court instead military court.
What a mockery Pakistan being a constitutional state which has its own judicial system & keeping a constitutional book in place. It is being dictated by ICJ on the request of India that what to do and how to do & what is feasible for the county? Really shocking.
if it had happened in India & Pakistan would ask to proceed the case through civil court - Would India accept the request - of course NOT - as we have/ are experiencing Indian response well even today that how the war has been waged not only at LoC but in the country too.
As far as the military court it was constituted following National Action Plan with the consent of parliamentarians on board who decided to constitute military court to handle the high profile extremist & criminals cases.
Kalboshan Jadhav - an Spy who worked against Pakistan - a high profile Indian RAW agent who was awarded death sentence from Field General Court Martial (FGCM) being involved in espionage and sabotage activities in Karachi & Baluchistan.
Jadhav was tried by the FGCM under Section 59 of the PAA and Section 3 of the official Secret Act of 1923, the statement said.
Jadhav confessed before a magistrate and court that he was tasked by Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing to plan, coordinate and organize espionage and sabotage activities seeking to destabilize and wage war against Pakistan through impeding the efforts of law enforcement agencies for the restoration of peace in Baluchistan and Karachi, the ISPR said.
Jadhav admitted his involvement in terror activities in Baluchistan and Karachi. He was directly handled by the RAW chief, the Indian National Security Adviser and the RAW joint secretary - his goal was to disrupt development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with Gwadar port as a special target.
At this juncture Pakistan must produce ICJ substantial evidences - the chain of audio & video tape - snap shots - and the documents the Military Intelligence team captured & unearthed from his possession. And also the statement of accomplice who were part of espionage and sabotage in the country with Jadhav..
Jadhav case is neither farcical nor opaque as Indian claims the action taken by Pakistan through its military court were conspicuous.
Pakistan being an independent & constitutional state must be blunt & aggressive clarifying its position before ICJ with the confessional statement of Jadhav.

May 4, 2017

CM Sindh conscious for TARIQ ROAD cleaning & Unaware of Chicken Gonia disease.

Why other area of Karachi is unmindful to him.
CM built TARIQ ROAD even in a month spending millions [press report] whereas ROADS at other part of the city are in miserable.

Complete debilitated & disaster really wherever you see Road condition, said angry pedestrians passing through Malir city incomplete bridge, mentioning the left over works under the bridge moving towards Landhi & Thatta Sindh.

The uneven & unsurfaced Roads having big ditches - outnumbered pothole and chuckholes - open trenches - piled rubbles at road side closing one track and diverted the whole traffic flow at one track causing multiple accident

A routine practice for the motorist...........but who cares - a tale of horror really? Entire Karachi has been excavated - did they get any treasure or its a part of Road construction if so then why not the constructional work has been initiated?

Its surprised that CM is very much anxious about TARIQ ROAD only - and has given special instruction to concerned department that '' I WANT TO SEE TARIQ ROAD CLEAN'' quoting his instruction to departmental personnel, TV Channels running slides. Why not the same instruction he gives for other part of the city where neither Road nor KATCHRA KUNDI has been attended [so far] to cleanse & fumigate it?

Where is the DUMPER TRUCK imported from CHINA? Why it has been parked instead to use it - If it is not used certainly the weather vagaries will hit the costly vehicle and very soon will get rusted. The entire city has been wrapped with mounting garbage since long but no affect. on CM?
Now a new disease has been erupted in KARACHI i.e. ''CHICKEN GONIA'' which is even not treatable. No vaccine has been manufactured for this disease, said the WHO team who visited govt hospital and shared their concern that if the city is not cleaned & garbage is not lifted or dumped - it will decompose and CHICKEN GONIA possibility to wrap speedily & more area which is closest to KARACHI can be prey of this viral .

Governor Sindh Mr. Zubair taking the benefit of WHO officials visits in Karachi said that KARACHI HAS BEEN RUINED IN TERMS OF CLEANSING - SEE WHO VOTED PML-N HOW THE DEVELOPMENT WORK CARRIED OUT IN THEIR AREA - SO NEXT TIME VOTE PML-N TO GET YOUR CITY CLEANED, media covered his televised statement..

But its not suitable for him [the Governor] to issue such statement while holding public office instead to ask CM Sindh to ensure and undertake ''city cleaning works or empower to elected local bodies'' who has already taken oath but they have not been authorized or approved fund which is still on hold by the Sindh govt. - so how the local govt [the mayor] will start its work - how it can be functional if their hands has been fastened but Governor did not do so rather enjoy and availed the given time - campaigning for PML-N, really sad.

Visited WHO official are very much concerned for the disease erupted in the city which is augmenting by every passing day - the patients who has been infected with this disease goes expire with in 10-15 days, Very Alarming and Sindh Govt. must open their eyes instead to live in slumber and think only for TARIQ ROAD..

Entire KARACHI an illuminated city now giving an outlook of a WAR-TORN area where nothing is in place - even not a single govt. department and institutions working well or satisfactorily
Water supplies - Electric supply - Road management - Govt. School and state owned Health center are dysfunctional.

The city has been bundled with heightening Garbage which is not being collected or dumped but has been left - wherever you go - you will witness with garbage heap - broken green belt - falling electricity poles - uneven roads - excavated trees - broken street lights or darkened streets.
Water hydrant mafia has robbed and encroached water supply - scale of water tankers moving on the roads thats are the main reason of road breakage - inundated sewerage water on the road - students going for school are unable to cross the roads - entire community is in serious vex and looking towards either Local govt. or Sindh govt to resolve their chronic ailment.

May 2, 2017

What is May-Day & Why we celebrate?

Either it is May-Day or Women-Day - we celebrate it with ecstasies. Whether it is Western world or Eastern we just feel happy to celebrate the events or treat such events as a festival.

Enjoy with govt. gazette holiday - do a barbecue - go for shopping or at the beach with the family - but in Karachi sizzling heat does not allow to come out of home.

So being confined at home enjoying with holiday and taking taste of some special cook - general phenomena among working class whose one day Holiday goes juicier when it falls in continuation with Saturday & Sunday that’s straightly gives you three days break....Wow.

Most of us even do not know - What is May Day - Why the country celebrates May-Day? 

It’s because we are busy at browsing – playing game – having mobile in hand and traveling with Internet surfing – a smart mobile phone – the madness that has tightened us and robbed our time - getting us glued with the unit and generally we finish our days with mobile phone or keeping the computer in our lap that is Laptop So May-Day goes off and we could not try to conceive what May-Day stands for?. 

Roaming here and there on mobile –but does not even try to know what is May Day - What happened to this date – Why the date is so specific – What message the day gives us and Why the national & International electronic & print media giving special coverage for the day, printing and telecasting special program showcasing the history related to this date.

May Day or Happy Women Day the one thing [in both] is common that is exploitation – victimization – treating unfairly – putting down by force or intimidation – bullying – crushing the self respect - degrading and killing self esteem – putting out one’s consciousness – not paying due rights and repressing - stamping down the emotions – desires - impulses & behavior that became the reason to revolutionize against Factory owners who oppressed their laborers or working class asked them to work and work with no fixed working hours – no leisure – no holiday –straight duties or even no impact on wages if they worked day and night.....the treatment rendered by the govt [then period of time] with their laborers.

Such rising inhumanity was the substantial reason that retaliated and changed the barbarian era - where the relationship between employee and employer were recognized & identified.

More than hundred thousand laborers were killed whose sacrifice wrote a history to accept the working class and laborers that working hours should be 8 hours instead to work 10-16 hours a day. Laborers clarified their position and convinced the employer that laborers are an integral part of the industries where their role were pivotal and vital in industry’s productivity.

The laborers and working class were human and they should have been treated humanely - rallies and protest engulfed the entire country - raised the voice against atrocity - cruelty & barbarity treating the laborers as animal from the employer or owner of manufacturing factory & that’s became the reason for May-Day.

And we in the commemoration of laborers sacrifices celebrate May-Day on every 1st day of May - that reminds us that the laborers or working class lost their lives but they gave the nation a time-table - dynamic service rules and regulation for the generation [to come] to safeguard in terms of working hours – weekly holiday – lunch break – well defined service structure & wage payment break up with conducive working environment.

And other facility such as employee insurance, annual leave, medical facility and other benefits approved later that gradually incorporated in laborers service profile over the time.

Though in the beginning the tussle was limited to ''8 hours working time' instead to work with unlimited hours'' with no extra benefit'' 
Again, open usurpation and depravity from the basic rights of laborers & their working condition – uncultured and uncivilized attitude of employers - excessive maltreatment as the rights of Laborers’ had not been respected. The time of working hours were not fixed - payment to Laborers had not been given exactly the time they spent & there were no holidays – treating the laborers like a slave rather intimidating and bullying them to do slavery before the Masters.
Factory owner and rich landowners subjugated the laborers and peasants working in the factory or working at land.
The protest from laborers emerged as an uprising against the employers who were abusing their authority and were involved in unlawful exaction – the moves converted into turmoil across the country against the rich class & in the capitalist society where laborers rights were being bulldozed.
The origin of MAY-DAY was the United States of America. In the late nineteenth century - the working class were in constant struggle to gain the 8-hour work day - Unhealthy & Unhygienic working conditions were severe and it was quite common to work 10 to 16 hour days in unsafe conditions death and injury were common at many work places as early as the 1860's.

Working class agitated to shorten & soften the workday without a cut in pay but it wasn't until the late 1880's that organized labor to garner enough strength to declare the 8-hour workday. Though this proclamation was without consent of employers yet was a basic demand to reduce working hours.
The miffed workers united and made a countrywide strike that’s caused most of the factory to stalemate its operation. The agitators however felt that Socialism would be more congenial than Capitalism.

So they supported and diverted towards the ideology of Socialism where working class would be having ‘’control over the production and distribution of all goods and services’’ than Capitalism - where workers had witnessed that Capitalism benefited only their bosses - trading workers' lives for profit and ignoring the laborers or working class that gave them a paradigm shift to move Socialism.    
Thousands of men, women and children were dying every year in the workplace with life expectancy as low as their early twenties in some industries and little hope but death of rising out of their destitution.
Socialism however offered another option - a variety of socialist organizations sprung up throughout [later half of the 19th century] ranging from political parties with no distinctive difference in terms of laborers support.
In fact many socialists were elected into governmental office by their constituency. But again, many of these socialists were ham-strung by the political process which was so evident controlled by big business and the bi-partisan political machinery.
Tens of thousands of socialists broke ranks from their parties, rebuffed the entire political process which was seen as nothing more than protection for the wealthy and created ‘anarchist groups throughout the country’.
Then thousands of working people embraced the ideals of anarchism which sought to put an end to all hierarchical structures (including government) emphasized worker controlled industry and valued direct action over the bureaucratic political process.
It is inaccurate to say that labor unions were "taken over" by anarchists and socialists but rather anarchists and socialist made up the labor unions.
At its national convention in Chicago held in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (FOTLU) which later became the American Federation of Labors proclaimed that "eight hours shall constitute a legal day's labor from and after May 1, 1886.

The following year, the FOTLU, backed by many Knights of Labor locals, reiterated their proclamation stating that it would be supported by strikes and demonstrations.

At first, most radicals and anarchists regarded this demand as too reformist - failing to strike "at the root of the evil."

''A year before the Hay market Massacre, Samuel Fielden pointed out in the anarchist newspaper. The Alarm, that "whether a man works eight hours a day or ten hours a day, he is still a slave."

Despite the misgivings of many of the anarchists, an estimated quarter million workers in the Chicago area became directly involved in the crusade to implement the eight hour work day including the Trades and Labor Assembly, the Socialistic Labor Party and local Knights of Labor.

As more and more of the workforce mobilized against the employers - these radicals conceded to fight for the 8-hour day realizing that "the tide of opinion and determination of most wage-workers was set in this direction - With the involvement of the anarchists, there seemed to be an infusion of greater issues than the 8-hour day.

There grew a sense of a greater social revolution beyond the more immediate gains of shortened hours, but a drastic change in the economic structure of capitalism.

In a proclamation printed just before May 1, 1886, one publisher appealed to working people with this plea:
·         Workingmen to Arms - War to the Palace, Peace to the Cottage, and Death to Luxurious idleness 

·         The wage system is the only cause of the World's misery. It is supported by the rich classes - and to destroy it - they must be either made to work or DIE.

·         One pound of DYNAMITE is better than a bushel of BALLOTS!

·         MAKE YOUR DEMAND FOR EIGHT HOURS with weapons in your hands to meet the capitalistic bloodhounds, police, and militia in proper manner.
Not surprisingly the entire city was prepared for mass bloodshed, reminiscent of the railroad strike a decade earlier when police and soldiers gunned down hundreds of striking workers.
On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May-Day celebration in history.
In Chicago, the demand for the 8-hour day agitators, 40,000 went out on strike with the anarchists in the forefront of the public's eye with their fiery speeches and revolutionary ideology of direct action.
Anarchists and anarchism became respected and embraced by the working people and despised by the capitalists.
More and more workers continued to walk off their jobs until the numbers swelled to nearly 100,000, yet peace prevailed. It was not until two days later.
May 3, 1886, that violence broke out at the McCormick Reaper Works between police and strikers - during a speech near the McCormick plant - some two hundred demonstrators joined the steelworkers on the picket line - beatings with police clubs escalated into rock throwing by the strikers which the police responded with gunfire. At least two strikers were killed and an unknown number were wounded.
Full of rage, a public meeting was called by some of the anarchists for the following day in Hay market Square to discuss the police brutality.
But due to bad weather condition and short notice only about 3000 of tens of thousands of people showed up from the day before – this affair included families with children and the mayor of Chicago himself.
Later, the mayor would testify that the crowd remained calm and orderly and that speaker August Spies made "no suggestion for immediate use of force or violence toward any person..."
As the speech wound down - two detectives rushed to the main body of police reporting that a speaker was using inflammatory language inciting the police to march on the speakers' wagon.
As the police began to disperse the already thinning crowd - a bomb was thrown into the police ranks. No one knows who threw the bomb but speculations varied from blaming any one of the anarchists - to an agent provocateur working for the police.
Enraged, the police fired into the crowd. The exact number of civilians killed or wounded was never determined but an estimated seven or eight civilians died, and up to forty were wounded.
One officer died immediately and another seven died in the following weeks. Later evidence indicated that only one of the police deaths could be attributed to the bomb and that all the other police fatalities had or could have had been due to their own indiscriminate gun fire. Aside from the bomb thrower, who was never identified, it was the police, not the anarchists, who perpetrated the violence.
Eight anarchists were arrested and convicted of murder, though only three were even present at Hay market and those three were in full view of all when the bombing occurred.
The jury in their trial was comprised of business leaders in a gross mockery of justice similar to the Sacco-Vanzetti case thirty years later - or the trials of AIM and Black Panther members in the seventies.
The entire world watched as these eight organizers were convicted, not for their actions, of which all of were innocent, but for their political and social beliefs.
On November 11, 1887, after many failed appeals, Parsons, Spies, Engel and Fisher were hung to death. Louis Lingg, in his final protest of the state's claim of authority and punishment, took his own life the night before with an explosive device in his mouth.
The remaining organizers, Fielden, Neebe and Schwab, were pardoned six years later by Governor Altgeld who publicly lambasted the judge on a travesty of justice.
Immediately after the Hay market Massacre, big business and government conducted what some say was the very first "Red Scare" in this country.
Spun by mainstream media, anarchism became synonymous with bomb throwing and socialism became un-American. The common image of an anarchist became a bearded, eastern European immigrant with a bomb in one hand and a dagger in the other.
Today we see tens of thousands of activists embracing the ideals of the Hay market Martyrs and those who established May-Day as an International Workers' Day.
Ironically, May Day is an official holiday in 66 countries and unofficially celebrated in many more but rarely is it recognized in this country where it began.
Over one hundred years have passed since that first May-Day.
In the earlier part of the 20th century, the US government tried to curb the celebration and further wipe it from the public's memory by establishing "Law and Order Day" on May 1.
We can draw many parallels between the events of 1886 and today. Truly, history has a lot to teach us about the roots of our radicalism.
When we remember that people were shot we could have the 8-hour day if we acknowledge that homes with families were burnt to the ground so we could have Saturday as part of the weekend.
When we recall 8-year old victims of industrial accidents who marched in the streets protesting working conditions and child labor was beaten down by the police and company thugs.
We understand that our current condition cannot be taken for granted - people fought for the rights and dignities we enjoy today - and there is still a lot more to fight for.
The sacrifices of so many people can’t be forgotten or we'll end up fighting for those same gains all over again. This is why we celebrate May Day.