Jun 13, 2017

Joint Investigative Team's apprehension about Govt Departmental Head & their working strategy pertains to Panama papers.

The abruptness, incoherent & serious mismanagement in the documentation brought before JIT, noticed by the team working under instruction of Supreme court of Pakistan to find out the ‘’money trail’’ on the part of Premier Nawaz Sharif (NS) and his family.

Going back, we are aware that Supreme Court of Pakistan had issued orders to constitute a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the Panama Papers evidence and asking NS & his sons Hassan and Hussain to appear before the team.
Whereas Supreme Court in its initial verdict had mentioned the inefficiency & irrelevancy of NAB Chairman & FIA who failed to assist the court during investigation to curb white collar crimes facilitating the formulation of the JIT. The apex court however constituted JIT assigning the task to investigate the money trail issued by the Prime Minister
Again, Investigation on Panama papers that had been leaked from M/s Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm where NS daughter and two sons had been shown holding offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands and used them to buy properties in London.
NS however denied any wrongdoing but the Supreme Court agreed to investigate his family’s offshore wealth late last year when Opposition leader Imran Khan & others had threatened to go for street protests if the premier money laundering is not investigated. 
However the current forensic investigation under JIT unveiled that during investigation when the team called on the concerned govt. department officers for panama matters - most of the Govt. Departmental Heads found them distrusting during cross questions & under influence of ruling elites where method and procedure or SOP had not been maintained and serious tampered documents also came under investigation.

Such act of special consideration or doing transaction under pressure - no doubt damaged the standing procedure of the department and gave a serious monetary loss to the nation, media reported.

Tax evasion from FBR (federal board of revenue) & NAB (national accountability bureau) - National Banks - Commercial Banks & State Bank of Pakistan itself became vulnerable of ruling elite's threat which of course should not have been as every single govt. entity in the country were accountable for the business they did.

Political pressure or impression of any sort cripples the institutional mandates and weakens the country - Politicians are seasonal but the institution lasts forever - so working criteria should not be compromised or override at any stage or at any extent, said by a seasoned govt. official.

However JIT informed to the Supreme Court asking more time to complete its ongoing investigation but the Court in return replied JIT to close the case in given time frame and tampering in evidences would be taken seriously, said the court.

Media further reported referring JIT that even the paper are missing -no proper records found in place - if we run the govt. institution in such haphazard how the sense of fidelity and integrity a basic call seems to survive in any department.

Here the word ''missing paper'' reminds me the era of Mr. Fasihuddin the then Chairman of NAB in PPP tenure whenever supreme court used to ask Fasihuddin to submit proper reference against the heightening corruption of Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) PPP Ex president (2008-2013) instead to move the case figuratively & start court proceeding - He (Fasihuddin) sharply would travel from Islamabad to Karachi taking dictation from AAZ [living in Clifton Karachi] that what to do and what not to do?

Fasihuddin in his capacity of course betrayed the country - he cheated with his job, sincerity and loyalty with the institution - dismantled each and everything & gave the national treasury a heavy loss. provided a safe passage by committed such a heinous crime. 

However, in one of the court hearing pertaining the fraud of AAZ when judiciary asked Fasihuddin to produce the paper - Fasihuddin [without ashamed] said that there were 300 pages missing in the file [press reported].

What would you name for this forgery - serious negligence perpetrated by NAB Ex Chairman Fasihuddin - Instead to try AAZ - Fasihuddin should have been awarded an exemplary punishment so that the Nation would not get another Fasihuddin?

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