Jul 31, 2017

Corruption has been the main reason for Nawaz Shareef [NS] for his ouster

Whenever he assumed office either as Finance Minster, Chief Minister or Prime Minister of Pakistan in every-tenure corruption mushroomed by day and night and emerged as a stigma to remove him from public office.

Besides, NS also has been keeping ‘’dogfight with the establishment’’ which of course did not go in his favor but he himself endured its consequences that stirred among top brass of military personnel.  

And one thing always remained interrogative and in high spirit in electronic and print media about NS ''business connectivity'' while holding public office a ‘’conflict of interest’’ overwhelmed on his [NS] business that’s cannot be ruled out 

but he never ever cared and kept his business empire to flourish and progress well that kept the masses apprehensive that he is holding position of premiership and also running parallel his personal business [of course there is] possibility to abuse his power and authority that conferred him through constitution.

NS never completed 5 years - the charges of his toppling had been ''mismanagement and heightening corruption''  a conspicuous reasoning [though he has been refuting for even a single fills] but either dissolving of assembly or toppling him for having ''tug of war with establishment'' that's he did in 1999 with Musharraf Chief of Army Staff [COAS].

In his 3 times premiership he could not sense that how the polity to run despite his entry after 70s - he did not learn anything and always kept confidence on his cronies and coteries who instead to advise him for a better management pumped him to grow and don't care the surrounds. 

He [NS] grew his political apparatus among falterer, sycophant and boot licker.   

1st time 1990 - NS came in power & assumed office as premiership but when his business grew - suspicion of corruption surfaced from his party

He was therefore dismissed by Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1993 - The Supreme Court eventually deemed his dismissal unconstitutional but NS resigned under pressure from Pakistan’s powerful military.

2nd time 1997 - NS was elected again but after two years the tussle grew with then military ruler COAS General Pervez Musharraf to whom NS fired when Musharraf was on the air & coming back Karachi from Srilanka but troops loyal to Musharraf seized Karachi airport and overthrew NS.

NS was found guilty of hijacking the plane and terrorism where he was sentenced to life in prison - after spending seven years in exile in a deal brokered by Saudi Royal family

NS returned to Pakistan in 2007 where through NRO or Reconciliation move by General Pervez Musharraf he contested General election in 2007 but could not qualify and PPP Zardari came in office

3rd time 2013 - following a General election conducted in May – NS again was elected as Prime minister but he met with strong opposition from Imran Khan PTI chairman and faced large protests in 2014 where Imran continued his Sit-In for 126 days asking NS to resign for serious election rigging in 2013 general election.

In 2016 following his name divulged in Panama papers - having 16 offshore companies and 04 costly flats in UK.

NS was tried on ''corruption charges'' & Supreme court of Pakistan however disqualified him for having assets beyond it means..

Hiding the source of money [generated] and trail of money from Pakistan to oversees which NS and his children could not produce the documents or relevant papers to Supreme court of Pakistan probing panama leakage, he however failed to satisfy the court and constituted JIT that kept the investigation from Sharif family continued for 60 days on advise of the court. 

In sort Supreme Court in its verdict asked NAB to prepare references against NS, his two sons and daughter, Son in law and Ishaq Dar Finance minister seen involved in money laundering and asking NAB to conclude within 6 months where a Judge has also been appointed to watch and monitor the NAB proceeding, said the verdict from Supreme Court of Pakistan.

And having scale of properties in UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan which JIT in is findings submitted to Supreme court said that ‘’assets beyond income’’ .

It’s a business that relegated Nawaz Shareef and always banished him to complete his 5 years terms of his public office – as two things simultaneously cannot be run while holding public office………..a candid definition in the constitution but NS did it he disgraced himself or lost his premiership.

Jul 24, 2017

How the Big Shots [in Pakistan] go ill with series of diseases when they are arrested for criminal charges?

Image result for image of zafar hijaziIt’s a general trend and a culture [has been developed] among the corrupt leadership & employee of civil services that whenever they are caught for the interrogation by the Judiciary - they pose that they are very much ill not normal but critical like heart attack chances, blocked arteries, kidney failure, high blood pressure, heavy sugar etc.

Now as per medical board analysis Zafar Hijazi [ZH] Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
Cardiologist diagnosed and declared him heart patient - advised for two weeks rest - Urologist examined & determined Kidneys failure & three weeks rest Gastroenterologist checked & diagnosed liver problem & five weeks rest and if ZH had been taken to Gynecologist surely he would have been advised for nine months for positive pregnancy test, said a political analyst.
ZH was taken in custody by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) when he was in Supreme Court seeking further extension of his previous interim bail but instead to renew - the court refused and asked FIA to arrest him.

According to FIR, Zafar Hijazi was booked under sections 466 (forgery) and 471 using forged documents as genuine of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) read with Section 5(2)47 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The Supreme Court had taken action on the report submitted by JIT while probing Nawaz Shareef [NS] family’s wealth break up that had been unearthed and unmasked in Panama leaks.

The Panama papers a trumpeter that jolted & whistled across the globe where Executive from different countries [of the world] found involved in stashing their wealth out of their country.

The stem of hiving up or squirrel away their wealth in the countries other than the depositor’s own country were to hide not from their people but from Income Tax department to avoid of tax payment [tax evasion technique] & investing that wealth into more profitable business without coming into the net of their govt. functionaries.

Basically a cheat & fraud from the polity… a conflict of interest if you are holding public office and doing business, said a seasoned politician

The JIT report alleged that ZH [SECP chairman] had tampered the records related to M/s Chaudhry Sugar Mills pertaining to Nawaz Shareef the premier of Pakistan.

FIA however during its investigation also found ZH guilty for modifying, changing & altering the records of M/s Chaudhry Sugar Mills – confirming the allegation that had been leveled by JIT in its 28 pages report submitted to the apex court endorsing JIT allegation.

ZH arrest comes just over a week after the investigating team tasked by the Supreme Court probing the graft claims – said that documents naming Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam as a trustee for several of the family's high-end London properties were also “falsified”.

Here to highlight that impersonating illness from the arrested criminals are common – even some time they are shifted to ICU/ CCU establishing impression among public that they are victim, innocent and impeccable they did not do anything wrong but the govt. doing wrong with them.

So whenever they are presented before the court for ''remand'' the judge to consider the illness of the accused.

Here is another example of Dr. Asim Hussain, a former Federal Minister who was indicted by Accountability Court in corruption cases over Rs 460 Billion.

Dr Asim a close aide to former president Asif Ali Zardari along with his accomplices facing charges of misusing his authority for getting plots allotted fraudulently and encroaching upon state land for expansion of Dr Ziauddin Hospital/Trust - money laundering - illegal gains – kickbacks - commission through fertilizer cartel for illegal curtailment of gas for exploitative price hike and defrauding people in the name of charity hospital…….series of criminal charges against Dr. Asim.
The National Accounta­bility Bureau had filed the reference against Dr Asim former Petroleum Minister - alleging that he deprived the state of Rs 462.5 Billion between 2010 and 2013.  And Rs 450 Billion through the Fertilizer scam – Rs 9.5 Billion through land fraud and Rs 3 Billion through money laundering.
But Dr Asim still shown under medical treatment - date is followed with new dates – a tradition to linger on the cases that is being stretched since years.

So how the justice will prevail if the corrupt officials [the big shots] are not tried in the court of law and on medial ground they get bail and even leave the country to get treatment in big hospital.

Rangers had arrested Dr Asim in August 2015 and placed him under three-month preventive detention for inquiry upon receiving “credible information” about his involvement in using embezzled funds to finance terrorism.

He was later handed over to police and then NAB but what happened next – nothing – Sindh High Court has granted bail Dr Asim Hussain on medical grounds in two corruption references worth Rs 479 billion.

We are not certain about the fate of Zafar Hijazi Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan whether will he go through the court proceeding or he also will be granted bail on medical ground and later bail for the crime he committed i.e. tampering the documents saving his master Nawaz Shareef even the crime he committed.

If the situation persists there is no guarantee to eradicate corruption from Pakistan but just a hue and cry and its ending in fiasco.

Jul 19, 2017

Divorce the legal dissolution of marriage not appreciable it’s a curse & suicidal

Husband gives you DIVORCE or you ask husband to give you DIVORCE in either case this devastates you – your home - your children & family.

A complete disaster & and upside down within no time – so avoid & love your soul-mate – don’t betray – trust each other and live peacefully - life is yours enjoy it from the core of your heart.

Maintain good marital life with smiling face - start your day with good mood keeping you energetic & enliven [whole the day] when you feel the presence of your spouse in your breath.

But if you insists for DIVORCE - undoubtedly It’s not a good panacea but adds more frustration & doomed to disappointment - pushes you in isolation - if you understand that DIVORCE is the only remedy for the crisis that has been engulfed you………….no this will not be the correct solution.

You should realize that if you smile – others also smiles but if you weep there is no one to share you - so why to weep and not to smile?

A general trend [around us] that a ‘’divorced woman and divorced man’’ & precisely the divorced woman is not given due respect in the society or at any social & family gathering - You are discarded & ignored and even your own family avoids to see you and in some cases they ostracize you from family circles then you ask yourself what is my fault?

So wait and think in depth instead to go extreme - Life is very charming - pleasing and delighting – feel its distinctive aroma that keeps you fragmented when you are on board and walk together or sit together with your husband and vice versa.

So how you can think to be separated or terminate your sweetened relationship. It is nonsensical of course.

Be calm and think in a different way - see the pros and cons of the prevailing situation instead to decide in haphazard or go for quick resolution which is of course will not be suitable but harmful….. so hold on.

If the relationship has been strained - think hundred times - that how you both [husband & wife] can pacify and sort it out amicably - and with more coolness of mind and your postures [must depict] that you are in solution mood not fighting.

Go in your bed room instead to sit on the round table - mind it - that child sitting before you is the chemistry of yours - he is very keenly watching you – your temper – angriness - and raised voice certainly will imprint on his/ her little mind that can be worst if special care is not taken while talking each other.

So don’t utter in a loud voice – do not abuse and use foul language – don’t beat or use hand or any object because you have seated for solution not for fighting but remedy.

And you are talking to your spouse [husband/ wife] life partner where both had agreed to care each other – nurse each other – help each other - so why the tense in between - Keep in mind – be sincere that how a sweet home can be saved & preserved from distortion and dissolution.

Be conciliatory - compromising and flexible – such trends indeed keeps you always happy and positive to get you understood the ongoing episode rationally & in practicality keeps you integrated where you become one.

Mind it - relationship of husband and wife is very sacred and its ‘’divine-will’’ every religion and faith agrees that get you conjoined [with each other] so don’t break up such a spectacular association just for trivia or small matter.

Ups and down – even and odd – favorable & unfavorable environment is the routine symptom that exists in every home – little quarrel - passage at arms & TU TU – MAI - MAI [raising finger on each other] is a normal thing that emerges in everyone’s life but it does not mean to end…..no and never.

Also to be noted that rigidity – arrogance – stubbornness – aggressiveness - quarrelsomeness & contentiousness falls under unyielding attitude - so you both must avoid and seek eternal solution for not to repeat.

The best thing is to recognize & understand each other -accommodate & listen - and that’s good to keep this relationship wheel continue for long lasting & durable so long as the gift of life - Al Mighty Allah has blessed the couple.

If one goes high - the other should come down - and life runs like this……..said a seasoned couple who are in their above 70s.

The world is very beautiful - its dynamic is vivid upon all of us - see the world and its adornment that how beautiful it is and accessible so enjoy by living together.

We are equally responsible if anything goes wrong or any misunderstanding [if] develops - It should be our combined and collective efforts to settle the rift suitably and sensing that we have a kid with us or even no kid - relationship at any stage should not be stained and strained.

If we go extreme and take any serious action to tear the marital life – Its affects & outcome will be very severe & strike with future of the kid that will not be congenial or conducive…if we are honest and capable to cogitate rather both should cerebrate to arrive at best solution.

Again, why to destroy the ‘’respectable alliance’’ that came into being in trust & only trust - following a piece of paper that is called ‘’matrimonial deed’’ which asks us to live together - caring each other serving each other & nursing each other if one or two fall ill.

A solemn affirmation while signing off the matrimonial deed or taking oath - raising hands as the Priests asks to do or in Muslim community when Maulvi obtains your acceptance loudly that ‘’did you accept Ms X to marry with you’’ the Groom says Yes I do - similarly the same question is put before bride ‘’ did you accept Mr. X to marry with you the bride replies Yes I do and that is told loudly three times among the presence of both family.

Husband and wife are hooked up through wedlock - so legally – socially - economically & morally it becomes responsibility of both to oblige the deed [signed] and live with conviction to respect each other

In a contemporary society DIVORCE is a remorse and deep regret when the couple goes extreme and later they feel sorry that what they did so instead to feel ashamed or repent later do not break your marital life.

Nobody is perfect in practical world - we are human being and we do error & mistakes - Its human nature and it is in our instinct - there is no altruistic instinct [selflessness] but selfishness is inherent aptitude that’s we have

So be realistic instead obsess with irrationality or hype the situation but listen and accommodate to avoid of any separation – the best way of reconciliation.

Couple [husband & wife] also must note that Parents arrange marriage for their Son and Daughter after hectic efforts in order to find a good boy [groom] and a good girl [bride] - hunting here and there - weighing to-be-coupled traits with different angle so that the relationship may not strain & they may live happily without mental stress and anxiety.

In my ending note I will say that do not take DIVORCE or give DIVORCE…….Don’t kill your marital life but live gracefully & embellish your life with more charm & attraction for others who may feel envious towards this pioneering relationship.

Jul 4, 2017

Sindh Govt has withdrawn NAB Sindh from the clutch of Federal supervision....a freehand to Sindh without accountability

A Freehand to Sindh govt who has exempted & freed NAB from the clutch of Federal Govt’s subordination & supervision through passing a Bill approved in Sindh Assembly in its favor.

Though there is Opposition but Treasury does not care and do what seem them favorable and convenient because of its numeric strength in the assembly... the PPP govt. in Sindh.

No doubt giving more opportunity to Sindh govt. to do more corruption,  more mismanagement & more irregularities will come ahead - and eventually if such trend goes continue the time is not far when the control of Federal govt. over state owned institutions[ in the provinces] will mere be a name and nothing but a complete disaster in the country where the govt. entity operating in the provinces will be meaningless.

Withdrawing power from NAB Sindh and handing it over to Anti Corruption Establishment [ACE] which is truly not an Independent entity [like NAB] but reporting Sindh govt. & functional under the influence of Sind gradually will go incapacitated when the Master in Sindh-Regulatory will ask them to do according to the wish.

Objective behind transition of power or repealing the clause conferred to NAB in Sind - by doing so those who are in line to face accountability from NAB are very much afraid that’s why they prefer to go for amendment in the law saving them from National Accountability bureau. 

There are 200-250 inquiries are pending with NAB - of them 30-35 are politicians and dozens are Bureaucrats and Big fish belong to the Ruling party working under the domain of Sindh govt.- So they want a safe passage and prefer to make active ACE which is not feasible, said by MQM leader who walked out of assembly.

Cases of Dr. Asim and Sherjeel Memon and names involved in Fishing industry – KDA – KMC – Karachi Building Authority –Land acquisition department - Agricultural - Trade and Finance ministry – Road & Highways Industrial ministry etc are in line to face NAB

A phenomenon - If there is no father to ask his son and daughter what you do - where you go and from where you have enough money in your hand - and where you spent the money what you had? The offspring will be out of control.

Similarly the role of Federal govt. who at least has a ‘’watch’’ over the Institutions working in the Provinces to monitor their transactions break up of allocated budgets and NAB being an independent institution has constitutional right to raid and nail in any suspected departments performing under the guidance of Federal govt.

But freeing NAB from Federal dominance to Province there will be no harness and province being whole sole responsible will do without reluctance what goes good in their favor.

Check and Balance is mandatory to run [smoothly] any institutions but if it runs without any supervision it comes upside down with in no time.


More corruption of course will emerge - more loots - more plundering in provincial budget - more crimes - more breaching of law - more loop wholes - more tampering in documents - more forged & fabricated entries - more ghost and dummy transactions etc will be the ecstasies & Sindh MPAs & MNAs will not be accounted before any authority. 

Therefore rein on Sindh govt. is compulsory- if not- then will lead to money laundering and more fund transfer from allocated budget to their personal account as the GREEDY AND CORRUPT POLITICAL LEADERSHIPS in Sindh and that’s the reason they are on the way to machination & working on mechanism that how to get rid of federal grip and enjoy with unmonitored institutions running in Sindh, said a senior citizen

NAB in Sindh with no harness and accountability from Federal will loose its credibility- the job description & scope of work will be handled & manipulated by Sindh govt MPAs as they like and considers them suitable without fear [of any cross check].

Unequivocally such freedom will destroy the legitimacy & importance of public Institutions if province is all in all - attracting more embezzlement & misappropriation - resulting general public will face more trauma of public outlets those are already dysfunctional & in miserable states in the provinces & the provincial govt. does not care.