Aug 30, 2017

Karachi population in new census 2017 is shown reduced just 14.9 million instead in practicality it is 30.0 million

Image result for image of karachiPopulation census 2017 where Karachi population is shown less - has it been done deliberately - very serious reservation among political parties living in Karachi and even Sindh [as a whole] the population census has been contentious.
Results released for Karachi in the provisional census conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics [PBOS] show that Karachi’s population has increased to [14910352] 14.9 million people in 2017 as compared to 9.39 million in 1998 which is also wrong as according to District at a glance census 1998 the population of Karachi had been shown at 9856318 persons instead 9.39 million.
There is hullabaloo; rally & protest are seen before press club and provincial govt. has asked to recheck whether it conform the sheet prepared between Pakistan Army [PA] and Pakistan Bureau of statistics [PBOS]......figure mentioned for Karachi population is unimaginable .
This sixth census 2017 the federal govt.conducted & earlier in 1998 it was carried out - Now the figure given by PBOS for Karachi & Sindh as a whole is totally unbelievable in practicality.
For Karachi it is shown that in 19 years Karachi got its population increased just 4.9 million which is no sensible person can accept. 
If we see that how Karachi horizontally scaled from north to south and east to west - how many houses/ flat complexes built - expanded its infrastructure in terms of civic amenities – road networks - flyover underpass & bypass - re-division of govt. offices & opening more branches/ outlets such as Passport offices – NIC offices govt. Schools & Hospitals for general public services were the reason to respond the ‘’extended area’’ or expanded population of Karachi.
Opening more Police stations & SP/ DSP offices accordingly at different zones – commercial banks branches – shopping Malls/ markets – private & public sectors Retail/ Corporate offices etc. came into being for the reason of rising population.
PPP leader Nisar Khoro pointing to federal govt. that it deliberately reduces the strength of Sindh - reducing its actual number in order not to increase the province’s share in the National Finance Commission (NFC) award we ask federal govt. not to treat us unfairly, said Khoro.
MQM-P & PPP are at the same page calling All Party Conference to raise their concern and remedial thereof in order to attain a correct figure of population so that everyone may benefit from state owned enterprises.
MQM-P Farooq Sattar said if the correct counting is not made then how we can raise the issue being countered by Karachiites in terms of civic amenities of life –basic mandated infrastructure and well equipped facility for the inhabitants living in Karachi - how to groom the city if the number of dwellers is not known specifically - census results have done injustice to all ethnic communities living in the metropolis, uttered Farooq Sattar.
Farooq Sattar MQM-P said that Karachi's population in actual is around 30 million whereas according to the Census 2017 it is shown 10.4 million which is unrealistic & unacceptable.
Political analyst also termed the Census 2017 for Karachi a design to cripple the one particular ethnic that is URDU SPEAKING & other communities who migrated from Afghanistan – Bangladesh Mayanmar - and people came for employment from across the country Pakistan - not showing them is to keep them away of their rights and robbing their status undocumented is not justifiable or a right way of census.
The MQM-P leader further alleged that certain localities of Karachi even had not been included while doing census - we are going to the court for wrong census that shows an intention to reduce the majority resides in Karachi and the provisional result released by PBOS is not consistent what exactly the population of Karachi is.
Federal govt. however rejecting the reservations rose by the Sindh political parties said the process of conducting the census was transparent.
Thirty-three per cent of Sindh’s 47.9 million-strong population lives in the province’s two major cities, Karachi and Hyderabad.
While the provincial capital’s population grew by 59% in nineteen years, Hyderabad’s population only grew by 0.6 million during the same time.
Pakistan's total population has been recorded at 207.774 million the sixth Housing and Population Census began after 19 years on March 15.
The census was conducted in 16 districts of Punjab - eight districts of Sindh - 14 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - 15 districts of Balochistan - five districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and five districts of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Again, how possible it is that in 1998 census Karachi population were shown at 9, 856, 318 persons [detail mentioned in District at a glance census 98] whereas in 2017 it arrived at 14, 910, 352 persons during the span of 19 years.  Are people following family contraceptive method and do you believe in it? said a retired public office employee.

It means that in 1998 census Karachi had population about 1. 0 crore & in 2017 it increased up to 1-1/2 crore during – so just increased 50 lakhs in 19 years – How ridiculous it is?

It indicates that there might have happened some error administratively & technically while doing a physical exercise- going at the house and knocking the door of the residents asking how many people living there. How are you and what you do or what is your religion even had not been asked, said political analyst. As one of the Christian reported that while visiting in their area religion had not been asked to give an exact ratio of minority living in a city and he himself introduced that I am Christian. 

If these were the case then minority has genuine reason that their total strength in the country has not been recognized an that impacting their due share in the country.

So Census 2017 has lacuna and immense reservation & angriness among political parties in Sindh where blunder is seen & needs correction to identify the actual population of every community living in the country.

Even total population does not cover minority – other area of Pakistan seem missing like Giigit - Biltistan & Azad Kashmir where major portion of minority has not been incorporated.

About Karachi is one of Pakistan's most secular and socially liberal city that embraces everyone whoever comes under its wing or travels from other part of the country.

It is most linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse city in Pakistan with an estimated population ranging above 30 million its greater metropolitan region.
Karachi is considered to be the 2nd largest after Jakarta within the Muslim majority and is the world 10th most populous urban agglomeration. Karachi is one of the world's fastest growing city and has communities representing almost every ethnic group in Pakistan  
We find here people of every language being spoken across the country Pakistan – under one window operation where we can see people not only from Pakistan but from other countries that migrated repatriated & settled in Karachi.
Karachi also homes over 2 million Bangladesh immigrants, 1.5 million Afghan refugees and up to 400,000 Rohingyas from Mayanmar are living in Karachi.

Karachi alone generating 70% revenue for the country – people all over the provinces comes here and gets employment – first they come alone and when they are settled they bring their family - its ocean of people that feeds every one without any discrimination.

The city management has been deficient because of its heightening inhabitants therefore authority must notice the high rise buildings all over Karachi metropolis - how real estate groomed its business in Karachi......does it not show that Karachi population increased

How the existing infrastructure are dysfunctional due to rising population not enough to meet growing needs of people & that's the reason correct population figure is mandatory to calculate the city expense and earning ratio.

The attitude of waste management & unmanageable encroachment mafia where the city of light has been converted into slum area this is due to unplanned constructions’ of houses/ flats coupled with other anomalies related with normal living condition in Karachi and that's signalling the rising population.  

Karachi is now Pakistan's premier industrial and financial center. The city has a formal economy estimated to be worth  $ 113 billion as of 2014 - Karachi collects over a third of Pakistan's tax revenue and generates approximately 20% Pakistan's GDP……….however in 2017 it has a rising figure. 

Approximately 30% of Pakistani industrial output is from Karachi, while Karachi's ports handle approximately 95% of Pakistan's foreign trade.

Approximately 90% of the multinational corporations operating in Pakistan are headquartered in Karachi - up to 70% of Karachi workforce is employed in the informal economy which is typically not included in GDP calculations.

Karachi is the largest city, main seaport and the financial capital of Pakistan. 

Karachi is one of the world's largest city in terms of population, 13th largest urban agglomeration (2006) - the 4th largest metropolitan area in the world - and the 2nd largest city within the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It is Pakistan premier center of banking, industry, and trade.

Karachi homes to Pakistan's largest corporations, including those that are involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment, the arts, fashion, advertising, publishing, software development and medical research etc.

The city is a major hub of higher education in South Asia and the wider Islamic world. Karachi is ranked as a Beta world city.

However the census 2017 ..........shows the breakdown that Punjab leads in terms of populace with 110 million - Sindh 47.8 million - Khyber Pakhtonkhwa 30.5 million - Balochistan 12.3 million - Fata 2.4 million and Islamabad Capital Territory 2 million….here Gilgit – Biltistan and Azad Kashmir has not been shown………..a biq question mark too for debate..

According to provisional summary of census 2017 conducted by PBOS the population of Pakistan has surged to 207.77 million having experienced a 57 percent increased since last census in 1998 needs a revision to show the exact population of PAKISTAN

It’s very disappointing that still we are living in Stone Age and believe in ''conventional style of enumeration'' by doing physical visits and knocking the door of an individual instead to adapt technology to make census more efficient and professional.

When we will be matured and sincere to impregnate our population census criteria through electronically operated apparatus that’s may available at finger tips instead to open the long ledger book and knocking the door in urban and rural area for data collection…..a procedure to be followed as European world following for its census.

For God sake please equip our Economic Administrative set up with computer oriented technology – we have expertise – hire it adapt it and adopt it  instead seem busy in corruption and corruption mechanism and throwing the country at the back burner for not flourishing advance technology, said Economic doctor delivered speech at open public forum.

Aug 20, 2017

Justice is a deterrent & guarantees a common man to live without intimidation

Image result for image of justiceJustice should be equal for all – the right to equal protection of the laws is the core demand that’s we must show in letter and spirit if any issue is brought before us….if we have been nominated to act as a Judge……here the stem to mention how we act in a normal life.

We should not consider cast, creed, culture, affiliation and belief. 

It’s a case from one man against another - from one woman against another so before the judge who is hearing the case should be unbiased and impartial and that’s Justice asks us to guarantee justice.

Judgment involved in determination of rights & assignment of rewards and punishments - we should ensure Justice at every moment whether we are at home, in office, among family and friend, at any events or at any professional gathering - dominance of Justice should always be ON & UP.

Justice should prevail and It should be conspicuous to everyone whatever is the situation as we will be accountable before Al Mighty Allah who is the owner of this universe - who is our Creator and on the Day of Resurrection He will inquire what we did in the world if cases & situation came us - did we do Justice or not?

Justice should not be classified as we see in our normal life though we talk & debate vigorously & rigorously with more ardor & fervor but in practicality it is zero.

When there is need of justice we go oblivious & intrigue & support illegality & criminality which of course negates the essence of Justice or we claim to be honest, sincere and loyal not only with the country but justice lives in us and it walks abreast so Justice has been part of our soul we cannot detach it so long as we live in this materialistic world we will have to counter and do justice.

Justice as mentioned should be equal for all without adversity, ranks & status and it division.  

There should not be one kind of justice for the elite - Another kind for Feudal lords and Industrialists and yet another kind of justice for the Commoner.

This is not justice but a joke and it is known a chronic ailment of the country that needs to bury and of course it is marring, usurping & depriving off the constitutional rights of people living in Pakistan where the state becomes guardian to protect its people and treat them equally.

Aug 10, 2017

General complaints about ESTABLISHMENT from political leadership

That they are not allowed to run the country - particularly the premier is sent back to pavilion without completing their prescribed tenure i.e. 5 years on different allegation.

It’s not like that - the politician or elected rep must understand that it is Establishment who enables & ensures the rep. to work or discharge their political responsibility with dedication, loyalty & honestly.

That’s the Basic demand of the Establishment which the leader does not do or cogitate rather creates problem in the county by not doing their part - keeping the masses unhappy and dissatisfied from multiple corners – avoids to perform and deliver to the masses as they attracted them [people] during election campaign.

People or voters goes angry if political leaders - their pathetic behavior, slackness and obliviousness, and unnoticed attitude gets people worry & frustrated if usurpation continues they come on the street and raise slogan against the govt.- such uproar propels the country towards law and order situation.

Regular power outage, industry closures, unemployment, skyrocketing living cost, dysfunctional of state owned outlets, poor infrastructure, inaccessibility of basic needs of life i.e. water, electricity, gas, inadequate transport, miserable education and hospital condition, delay in justice, non existence of the court in the vicinity rather traveling from 500 miles.

Dysfunctional Baitul Mal though exists but not serving to deserving rather the allocated funds are stolen, not fulfilling civic amenities etc. are the reasons that convert the county into chaos

In addition there are mismanagement and unbridled corruption issue those are evident as we have been noticing since 1970 that whenever the premier went home their ouster in a nutshell were the mismanagement and massive corruption that disqualified the premier or dissolved the assembly.

But for Establishment we can see that in 2007 - It is Musharraf who called the political leaders, enabled them to come and sign off NRO so that General election in 2008 could be conducted and he did it and handed over the polity to the elected rep. it was facilitated by Establishment so how it can be anti civil govt. Its mere an allegation or misunderstanding and nothing more.

So Establishment always enabled the civil govt. to flourish its business in the country and even keeps its citizen safe and sound at every extent.

And we cannot rule out the services that Establishment has been rendering – for maintaining law and order situation and apart from extending enormous services if there is a flood, if there is earthquake, if there is any epidemic, if there is any attack from anti state elements.

Whatever the crisis comes to the civil structure it is Establishment who comes forward and enables civil govt. to play its due role and run the polity smoothly.

Aug 3, 2017

National Politics in strict grip of ''Allegation & counter Allegation & Media hypes

have plagued & nauseated the Nation - its a regular headache really!

Now Hanif Abbasi & Aysha Gula Lai a descendant from PTI have taken the stage and coughing a lot - the target for both is Imran Khan [IK] PTI Chairman

Hanif Abbasi is mean-spirited, pigheaded & characterized by malice & before him if PML-N is disqualified then why not his task to betray & disgrace Imran Khan.

He has alleged a lot on PTI - case is still under proceeding in Supreme court of Pakistan which has been postponed till further notice that there is no proof for money laundering for IK and money given by a wife to her husband is purely a personal matter - does not fall into the remit of court to debate, said the Chief Justice..

But Hanif Abbasi's thorny, uncivilized & uncultured remarks out of parliament no doubt venomous and stinky against IK - avoiding of accepting that his leader Nawaz Shareef [NS] has been disqualified due to lie and fake documents NS provided to Supreme court of Pakistan - & for putting forged documents & telling lie before the honorable judges of Supreme court of Pakistan he has been removed for no more holding public office, court verdict said.

PML-N policy ''if I can not play then no one can play'' .........really very notorious, immature & insanity to disgrace his political opponent on just political animosity. for God sake leave all such nasty game & let the political stability ensure in the country, said a professor

who was looking upset saying whenever she opens the TV she gets media hyped and these immature politicians not talking for the country but for their own scuffle, doing mud slinging & making the environment more cloudy with their thick bad remarks.......this is just allegation and counter allegation.
She [the professor] further added to shut the mouth of sick Hanif Abbasi who also had been accused of selling contraband material his case if not had finalized should be reopened for court hearing so that justice may prevail he must be brought to the task.

Hanif Abbasi [HA] also had lost his own constituency naturally he might have the problem for the residents, he might be the boss of gangster who traumatized & due to his vandalism no one liked him and did not vote, said a seasoned politician.

HA is equalizing the crimes with Nawaz shareef which reflects insanity - he must have ability to distinguish the extent of crimes of NS.
PTI chairman did not enhance his assets as NS did how his scale of business not only groomed in Pakistan but established 16 Offshore companies - keeping an unending string of business in Qatar - Saudi Arabia - UAE - UK - India & purchases of 4 luxurious Flats in Mayfare UK a costly & well renowned area for wealthy person.

How the prime minister of developing country can have scale of business while holding public office - NS has been abusing power conferred him by the position he had.

It was a practice of NS to maintain overseas business into the name of his Sons & daughter - its an old practice for the corrupt who steals national wealth & avoids taxes they do investment in offshore companies and thats Panama leaks said .

NS since 1988 has been in power so his corruption is not old but mushroomed well instead to give people of Pakistan a welfare state he earned a lot and kept the masses poorest from poor and he became richer from rich

And for Aysha Gulai Lai his press conference at TV channels is continued & political rival getting it more fueled as the dirty politics we see in the country opponents enjoys if such opportunity comes them

Aug 1, 2017

Why Nawaz Shareef & his party Ministers do not accept Nawaz Shareef disqualification yet

Though we have Democracy in Pakistan but ours is quite different than the Democracy being run in other country. If by any reason Prime Minister commits corruption or is involved in any crime the entire cabinet does not compromise or tries to protect their premier but openly goes against the premier. Not only debate in the Parliament but outside of parliament too goes flaring across the country.

Every member in the treasury & Opposition unites & compel the premier to resign or leave the public office

Members of the parliament comes at one page, they prefer the honesty, loyalty & credibility of the premier once stained does not have right to live in office

Before them Prime minister is a person upon whom the nation trusts & upon whom the Institution believes accepting his/ her faith & loyalty with the country.

So any lie or hiding any assets, or running personal business while holding public office falls under parameter of mandatory accountability & prime minister is liable to respond members of the parliament.

The matter does not move to Judiciary but members of the parliament decide the fate of the premier under one window operation i.e under the roof of the parliament - a thorny debate and postmortem is carried out in the presence of treasury and opposition benches to get premier realize that he/ she committed crimes and by doing so he has been incompetent, illegitimate and discredited with the parliament to keep his position continue with the state.

The decision of the legislators become final & more question or any approach to Supreme court of the country...the member who voted and elect the premier the same voter get the primer down to the parliament No one makes hue & cry but accept the majority decision.

It refers the case of David Cameron UK Prime Minster - His name appeared in Panama leaks - the assets shown in offshore company had no link originally with the premier but it was David Cameron father where Cameron had share before assuming public office as Cameron justifies in the Parliament before the members. .

But the parliamentarian did not leave him to go but gave a tough time to respond every single question put them by the Treasury & opposition benches.

And eventually David Cameron had to go as there were a clear saying of "conflict of interest" where he breached the constitution if running or involved directly or indirectly in personal business.

But this definition is not understandable or seems tough to accept to Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef whose minsters support them for their personal gain & not in the interest of the country & Institutions.

They brings false excuses that system will derail or the Democracy will meet the impending threats etc whereas in broad spectrum there is nothing but just self-will, obstinacy & outrageousness to avoid of reality that premier has perpetrated the crime and thats all.

The premier party-men stage rallies, protest & cough day & night abusing the Opposition & Institution instead to convince NS for his fault or the constitutional clause he broke by saying lie, he was a liar, hid his scale of business across Middle east & Far east.

How NS business groomed are not visible to his cabinet member.- Are they deliberately avoiding of his fault or diverting people attention by traumatizing the environment...........truly awful

Supreme court of Pakistan though has disqualified Nawaz Shareef but his party-men still do not believe and their venomous coughing is continue at public place against the judiciary and Institution.