Aug 20, 2017

Justice is a deterrent & guarantees a common man to live without intimidation

Image result for image of justiceJustice should be equal for all – the right to equal protection of the laws is the core demand that’s we must show in letter and spirit if any issue is brought before us….if we have been nominated to act as a Judge……here the stem to mention how we act in a normal life.

We should not consider cast, creed, culture, affiliation and belief. 

It’s a case from one man against another - from one woman against another so before the judge who is hearing the case should be unbiased and impartial and that’s Justice asks us to guarantee justice.

Judgment involved in determination of rights & assignment of rewards and punishments - we should ensure Justice at every moment whether we are at home, in office, among family and friend, at any events or at any professional gathering - dominance of Justice should always be ON & UP.

Justice should prevail and It should be conspicuous to everyone whatever is the situation as we will be accountable before Al Mighty Allah who is the owner of this universe - who is our Creator and on the Day of Resurrection He will inquire what we did in the world if cases & situation came us - did we do Justice or not?

Justice should not be classified as we see in our normal life though we talk & debate vigorously & rigorously with more ardor & fervor but in practicality it is zero.

When there is need of justice we go oblivious & intrigue & support illegality & criminality which of course negates the essence of Justice or we claim to be honest, sincere and loyal not only with the country but justice lives in us and it walks abreast so Justice has been part of our soul we cannot detach it so long as we live in this materialistic world we will have to counter and do justice.

Justice as mentioned should be equal for all without adversity, ranks & status and it division.  

There should not be one kind of justice for the elite - Another kind for Feudal lords and Industrialists and yet another kind of justice for the Commoner.

This is not justice but a joke and it is known a chronic ailment of the country that needs to bury and of course it is marring, usurping & depriving off the constitutional rights of people living in Pakistan where the state becomes guardian to protect its people and treat them equally.
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