Aug 3, 2017

National Politics in strict grip of ''Allegation & counter Allegation & Media hypes

have plagued & nauseated the Nation - its a regular headache really!

Now Hanif Abbasi & Aysha Gula Lai a descendant from PTI have taken the stage and coughing a lot - the target for both is Imran Khan [IK] PTI Chairman

Hanif Abbasi is mean-spirited, pigheaded & characterized by malice & before him if PML-N is disqualified then why not his task to betray & disgrace Imran Khan.

He has alleged a lot on PTI - case is still under proceeding in Supreme court of Pakistan which has been postponed till further notice that there is no proof for money laundering for IK and money given by a wife to her husband is purely a personal matter - does not fall into the remit of court to debate, said the Chief Justice..

But Hanif Abbasi's thorny, uncivilized & uncultured remarks out of parliament no doubt venomous and stinky against IK - avoiding of accepting that his leader Nawaz Shareef [NS] has been disqualified due to lie and fake documents NS provided to Supreme court of Pakistan - & for putting forged documents & telling lie before the honorable judges of Supreme court of Pakistan he has been removed for no more holding public office, court verdict said.

PML-N policy ''if I can not play then no one can play'' .........really very notorious, immature & insanity to disgrace his political opponent on just political animosity. for God sake leave all such nasty game & let the political stability ensure in the country, said a professor

who was looking upset saying whenever she opens the TV she gets media hyped and these immature politicians not talking for the country but for their own scuffle, doing mud slinging & making the environment more cloudy with their thick bad remarks.......this is just allegation and counter allegation.
She [the professor] further added to shut the mouth of sick Hanif Abbasi who also had been accused of selling contraband material his case if not had finalized should be reopened for court hearing so that justice may prevail he must be brought to the task.

Hanif Abbasi [HA] also had lost his own constituency naturally he might have the problem for the residents, he might be the boss of gangster who traumatized & due to his vandalism no one liked him and did not vote, said a seasoned politician.

HA is equalizing the crimes with Nawaz shareef which reflects insanity - he must have ability to distinguish the extent of crimes of NS.
PTI chairman did not enhance his assets as NS did how his scale of business not only groomed in Pakistan but established 16 Offshore companies - keeping an unending string of business in Qatar - Saudi Arabia - UAE - UK - India & purchases of 4 luxurious Flats in Mayfare UK a costly & well renowned area for wealthy person.

How the prime minister of developing country can have scale of business while holding public office - NS has been abusing power conferred him by the position he had.

It was a practice of NS to maintain overseas business into the name of his Sons & daughter - its an old practice for the corrupt who steals national wealth & avoids taxes they do investment in offshore companies and thats Panama leaks said .

NS since 1988 has been in power so his corruption is not old but mushroomed well instead to give people of Pakistan a welfare state he earned a lot and kept the masses poorest from poor and he became richer from rich

And for Aysha Gulai Lai his press conference at TV channels is continued & political rival getting it more fueled as the dirty politics we see in the country opponents enjoys if such opportunity comes them

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