Oct 25, 2017

The Operation Cleanup Across The Board For ‘’ECONOMIC TERRORISM’’ in Islamic Republic of Pakistan 2017

Though it had been framed in 2012-13 but lately it became functional with all its zoom & pressures.

Now working aggressively with the only objective & outlines to address & cleanse Economic Terrorism that had weakened ‘’National Economy’’ rather pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

The rattled economy were moving to and fro on bail-out package [which is continuing] such abruptness however came into notice of Pakistan Army who at one occasion [recently] mentioned through its DG ISPR that National Economy & National Security runs parallel we can’t detach it.

It is concomitant –interdependent or interrelated with each other – it’s a one coin with two sides so requite strength and stability is the core essential aspect that we must take care for national economy so that desired progression and prosperity may achieve.

However ‘’Operation cleanup’’ is continuing in the country - has extended its parameter to nab and nail all Corrupt Political leaders, Media Houses Executives, Business Tycoons, Real estate Businessmen, Money Changers, Stock Market Players, Land grabbers, Media personnel-anchor, Public services executives, Financial Center Executives, Loan approving and writing-off authorities, Building control authority, Illegal allotment of lands, Owners of high rising flats-complexes etc. are in queue to face ‘’NAB CLUTCH’’ those who earned or increased their wealth with wrong means or their assets are beyond means & limit will appear before National Accountability Bureau [NAB]...as manifested by Judiciary & NAB.

The heightening corruption in every state owned institutions [in the country] undoubtedly had made the institutions worthless - its credibility had been suspicious & compromised and even the given mandates of the Institutions were not conforming to the task the institutions were discharging - extreme mismanagement and lawlessness had been common practices by the stakeholders running or playing their part in the Institutions, a general complaints about the department and its employees.

In short rising irregularity, usurpation, bribes & delaying tactics for every single job had been the call of the day. Realizing all these hidden crimes [in white collar jobs] alerted the Judiciary and Pakistan Army to take drastic action against the criminals who were spoiling the institutions image and were busy in rampant unbridled crimes.

Operation cleanup is being carried indiscriminately it is not specific for any political forces or Institutions or any department but for all wherever Corruption is!

The screening process is unbiased, impartial and legitimate – all corrupt political forces now has come into the net of Economic Terrorism where assets are examined & whoever found involved in abusing authority [while holding public office] will be prosecuted through NAB.

Again, the scale of properties being hold by Corrupt Politician is accountable before NAB team and whoever found guilty will face the consequences. 

Now MNAs, MPAs, CMs, Premier are under investigation and it is continued across the board – every province will be brought into scrutiny process.

And they will be prosecuted and executed - their properties will be confiscated whether it is in Pakistan or in Overseas - all will be sold out by the NAB team and the sale proceed will be used to pay off NATIONAL DEBIT & other liabilities accrued payable by the country……………an open credential of Economic Terrorism to make Pakistan Corruption free.........a message we will be giving our generation to live here instead to go overseas love your homeland.