Nov 24, 2017

Daily procession & Road blocks has been miserable for the dwellers in Karachi

Daily procession - Daily Rallies & Frequent Agitations in a Cosmopolitan city of Pakistan have made people's life dreaded, horrendous & miserable. Its not a matter of a day or week but extends to month

Resulting normal routine business goes upside down & complete chocked up due to heavy traffic jam or cordoning the agitators through scale of barricades that govt. puts around..

Some says its a fashion & legible applicability in democratic set up where people have right to raise their voices for any irregularities they counter...

Taking out rallies is not the essence of democracy but negates the beauty of democracy where people freedom gos obstructed by some handful people thats make the dwellers helpless.

The swollen agitators create law & order situation in the city that extends from a week to month & spreads further across the provinces

Therefore its prime responsibility of Local Administration to disperse people gathering taking out rallies/ procession in the name of Religion that incite & ignite the situation and makes it more worsen where the controlling perspective goes unmanageable instead to use state machinery to disperse the mob.

It does not reflect or interprets ''democracy move'' but creates uncertainty in the cosmopolitan cities where daily routine business of people goes obstructed that goes dead slow due to severe traffic jam that stops the life-moves.

Normal procession other than ''Religious Gathering'' seems okay as its a general practice & phenomenon to raise voice if people are facing any cruelty, oppression, suppression & subdued practices where people's rights are usurped, they are deprived off the legitimate supports - raising voice for injustice should be appreciated

The recent DHARNA OR SIT-IN in Islamabad, Karachi & Faisalabad from a religious party i.e. Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan [TLP] who had entered in Islamabad 20 days before now has high jacked Islamabad making it paralyzed blocking the arteries of the twin cities. Govt is failure now they are asking help from army to handle the situation.

So Sit-in when started in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan should have been handled at the very first day instead lapse of weeks by local authority for not to thickening it.

Nov 7, 2017

Still hunting for true leadership in Pakistan

Since inception Pakistan has been scarce with honest, sincere & loyal political leadership otherwise we are enriched with a lot in term of mineral assets, blessed with four-seasons, very fertile-lands, bunch of Scholars, Scientists, well talented in communication & computer technologies & most importantly well organized & immediate problem shooter on ad hoc basis in addition the aggressive role for permanent solution.
The problem that we did not get a civilian political leader to run the State sincerely or did not give time to such leader to keep the reign continue & 
encountering consecutive WAR THREATS from our foe who did not accept our independence and remained busy to victimize us - to split us at different fronts but our People and Soldiers took revenge for perceived wrong very meaningfully and recessed them back.

Due to wrong decision from Political and then Military leadership we lost one wing i.e. East Pakistan and since then offensive against us is continued but we are attacking back and still defeating them with military precision and a militarily significant scale.

this is the only state that is in WAR since 1947 - though we fought the WAR 1965 1971 & the KARGIL yet it does not end but the WAR ON TERROR has been imposed on us and we are fighting - the imported WAR where we have been ally and partner of US coalition to fight with TALIBAN

We are fighting Afghanistan WAR which purely pertains to Afghan - Afghan govt must make strategy to counter TALIBAN factor but its failure of Afghan Govt that 70% of Afghan territory is in hold of TALIBAN that is continuing since 2001 after 9/11 attack in US.

So our military exercise is continued as we are in WAR - our soldiers are not in Barrack but in the WAR FIELD - its good exercise so when the Arch rival thinks to attack

we have proven, well tested & charged Soldiers to retaliate spontaneously with heavy keep the military excise continue from dawn to dusk.