Jan 21, 2018

Asked the male sobbing relative [for thorough investigation] who gave funeral bath to Naqeebullah Mehsud was killed by Rao Anwar SSP Malir in faked & staged encounter though, Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken Sumo tou - all the eyes relying on CJ exemplary punishment who lost their kith & kin in extra judicial killing by RAO ANWAR.

Rao Anwar SSP Malir role has been suspicious & he is known as Extra Judicial Killer!

A notorious police official who is involved about 400-500 people killings in 3 years. People seen requesting from media anchor to open the record of all so called judicial killing and check how he has been brutal to Karachiites [pathan, pushton, punjabi, sindhi, urdu speaking] those who migrated from their hometown and living in Karachi - Rao Anwar [SSP Malir] is habitual in Extra judicial killing.

Recent killing of Naqibullah Mahsould, a Waziristan guy, a concocted story, the investigative committee says in its finding and the name of Rao Anwar has been withdrawn from investigative team, he has been suspended along with 6 others accomplice & their names have been forwarded to ministry of interior to put them on ECL

Its normal trends from Rao Anwar to do judicial killing in fake encounters. In every alternate or with the gap of 1 to 2 months Rao Anwar conducts fake encounters with his team members and kills people in faked and staged encounters - the reason better known to Rao Anwar, media reported, in practicality it seems close to fictitiousness & malicious design.

A thorough investigation is required from majority of people gathered before TV Channel team.

Rao Anwar has been right hand of Asif Ali Zardari & thats the reason he kills to whom he wants, he has stakes with top brass whether in law enforcement agencies or with political parties where he is arrested and then after sometime he gets bail and reinstated...........no more fooling people asked.to give them justice..

And a general reporting at social media that to go inside Bilawal House he does not need any prior permission and thats the reason he gets multiple promotion in short span of time.

It looks no rule of law in the country, no one is safe & secured into the hand of such criminal polices officers where people like Rao Anwar has a license to kill.being SSP he is keeping all adjoining SHO under his pressure and uses them for crime as people told to media anchor.

His [Rao Anwar] team deployed nearby police stations, they do spying about the community & informs Rao Anwar that so and so person has money.

Mostly they are small traders running their business in Karachi i.e. PUSHTON, people from Gilgit, Biltistan & Waziristan who repatriated during army Zarb e Azb operation in Karachi to live here along with family..

Such migrated peopled are targeted & arrested on false allegation, they are trapped and huge amount [not hundred or thousands but lakhs] is asked to release them from police cell.

If desired payment is made otherwise they are killed giving name that terrorist was killed during search operation like NAQAEEBULLAH. Such den Rao Anwar is running in three to four police stations that is beyond his constituency, shared the victim family whose brother is missing since months...

Dozen of people were holding papers in their hand and sharing the tale of horror where their Son, Brother, Father and Cousins had been picked up by police mobile in civil dress. They do raid such houses and kidnap the people in odd hours who are still missing - no information at all said the sobbing brother..

Such individual is arrested and brought to the police station for threatening to give them money not hundred or thousand but in lakh to close the fictitious charges, said the grieved father whose son is missing since last year. .

There is need to reopen all judicial killing cases that Rao Anwar fabricated & killed more than hundreds [in two to three years] thats electronic and print media reported, shared the audience with media where live interviewing at open public forum seen continued.

Some Small Traders around SSP police station Rao Anwar reported that his team captured forcibly different shops & plots, they first occupy and then sell out, we went here and there to get our shops back but no avil

There were extreme hatred for Rao Anwar in the area & people like him lessened and lost the credibility of police department, demanding open inquiry to give them exemplary punishment so that no one may do ''judicial killing'' on the name of terrorism.. .

Again, the majority were of the view to reopen all such judicial killing that Rao Nwar conducted during past two to three years & killed innocents without any substantial reasons or on the name of terrorism in the country whereas in actuality they were not terrorists but to give BHATTA [MONEY EXTORTION] TO RAO ANWAR AND HIS TEAM.

Jan 12, 2018

Add a chapter in academic text book to let children know how children is abused & how they can rescue themselves


To add a lesson in Text Book for AWARENESS & to TEACH our ‘’Children’’ about Sexual Harassment at Primary and Secondary level.

Let Children know that how to restrain & resist to rescue if they fall into sexual harassment or if someone harass him/ her for any reason.

Its crying need of the day to teach & tell our children about the Sexual harassment, Molestation, Kidnapping, Physical assault and all Bullying practices that are looming in Pakistan.

Our children are at high risk who confronts such abuse while going School, at Tuition center, In Mosque/ Madrasa, in Small Shops to buy Household items, among Family members, Friends & In-laws, Neighbor and Strangers who trap the children, showing unnecessary love, alluring Toffee/ Biscuit and Ice cream, tempting for good ride, showing money to buy something that child wants etc are the tactics to entice the Children - these are impending factors that inclining our young children or they are being exposed on daily basis.

If anything happens with the child he/ she must share with the Parents or a responsible adult, Class teacher if something happens in school bus while coming/ going back from school or if any complaint about School watchman etc.

In any case children must be cleared & briefed well that whatever happens them must be brought into the knowledge of Mother – Father – Grandfather – Grandmother or who is elder in the Family.

Parents much coach their children - parents must give time to their children, must sit and play together – encouraging, motivating and helping to develop confidence among the children - Growing children mind is like a slate so what you write it is written & accepted so if the child brings anything to you- you must listen absorbingly and taking such info seriously to save your children from such abuse.

Tell if anyone touches your children, anyone kisses him/ her, touches their private parts, or body, gives anything or follows the child – all such info child must share with the parents – it’s a basic teaching [in addition to course study] parents must work on war-foot basis as entire state of Pakistan now has been enveloped & vulnerable with child abuse.

Children abduction, rape and strangling has been ''call of every provinces'' so every province must be serious and they must add value to educate children through electronic & print media – in the house – in school & in school Text books – a regular tableau at primary and secondary level to arrange in order to give a sense among children that how the child is abused and how child can save himself/ herself if they fall prey.

The chapter in academic book must show with picturesque description enabling the child to conceive well. 

Jan 6, 2018

Institutions are not working that’s constrained Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to intervene.

If Institutions had been working and performing their onerous responsibilities with honesty & sincerity CJ would not have to travel in Sindh & Punjab

Checking the extreme worse situation prevailing in the province where mighty corruption, illegal & unauthorized, unhygienic & contaminated practices are at peak, and Concerned departments are silent spectators - Under its nose such business are grooming.

Of course are the partner in such criminality which is offensive, disgusting and nauseating where disabled & dysfunctional Institutional role are vivid.

Is it not shameful for Cattle protective dept in Lahore that is in slumber where unnatural chewing method is continuing - lusted with inordinate desire of more milk the animals are injected.

Lastly CJ SC of Pakistan raided such den & instructed the authority to seize such injections & medicine & closure of such producing units to stop all evil practices which is against Wildlife credentials.

Such premature milk chewing that mixed with unhygienic ingredients are harmful & detrimental to human lives too. He further added that people being constrained are taking canned milk & other milk-packed which is also mixing of chemicals - not pure even - are destroying not elder health but children growth is being compromised.

CJ visit in Lahore brought in his notice lot of irregularities where he found heightening crimes in the following institutions;

Illegal construction of Marriage halls & Banquets where among 126 Halls only 08 were found legal and licensed

Scale of illegal construction of Flats/ Complexes & plots allotment were found unregistered & missing records

Govt. Hospitals worsened situation 

Exorbitant admission and monthly tuition fees in School, Colleges and Medical University

Inaccessible cleaned drinking water where intoxicated factory refuses & human faces found

Situation of multiple Restaurants are using dead animals fleshes

Spending billion on PML-N ads instead to do people welfare works

Instead to accept serious mismanagement grooming in Lahore – Ms Maryam says in her Tweet

چیف جسٹس سے التماس ہے کہ کچھ توجہ سندھ اور خیبر پختونخواہ کے اسپتالوں پر بھی دیں جہاں سے لوگ علاج کے 
لیئے پنجاب کے اسپتالوں میں آتے ہیں۔

As far as Sindh, CJ already had visited before raiding Lahore where he however had detailed talks with CM Sindh, Director Karachi Development Authority, Managing Director of Karachi water & Sewerage Board & Mustafa Kamal Ex Mayor of Karachi about Water Issue with Karachiites & Sind region.

CJ met them in Supreme Court Karachi Registry asking them check the contaminated and infested water – illegal allotment of plots & stretched construction of Marriage Halls/ Banquets.

Encroachments and its demolition where 20,000 illegal constructions had been asked to demolish in Karachi alone and report submission.

It’s praiseworthy where CJ took aggressive action, physically checked and ordered on the spot to fix the problem followed with report submission.

Again, if the Institutions would have worked sincerely then CJ had not required visiting in Sindh & Lahore to check the anomalies & malpractices in the departments that were on peak for its redressing. 

If our department works then the backlog piled up in the courts can be handled timely instead keeping judiciary in public sectors administrative works - no doubt falls under jurisprudence of provincial administration

Jan 4, 2018

The disqualified premier Nawaz Shareef must not threat to the Institutions

Why Disqualified Premier Nawaz Shareef has warned & threatened the country in his recent press conference and before too that he will disclose the secrets which he has in his heart or mind?

He is raising finger & pointing [inimically] to the institutions in the country, not specific that he [NS] will unearth & unmask the secrets what he has?

He might be having secretes as he has been premier of the country for 3 times and certainly being an executive of the state he will be having some even and odd information but it does not mean that he will use such information as a threat & blackmailing tool for the country if he has been brought to the justice.

He being custodian of the country & having position of the Prime Ministry becomes liable if he discloses anything or he shares any secrecy of the state either with any foe or friendly states.

If he does so he will fall under high treason clutch – such betrayal & treachery from the country will not be taken light but punishable under the constitutional law of the state. So he should mind it while talking immaturely & insensibly with utterance into the presence of national & international media that he will disclose the secrets, said a retired army during TV talk shows.

Does he have anything about Judiciary & Pakistan Army as these two institutions are still at safer side which NS due to his sick political practices could not corrupt & saturate otherwise almost public Institutions’ in the country have been politicized that lost its credibility - bought their heads and personnel and made the institutions’ dysfunctional, said by Supreme court of Pakistan while giving its verdicts on Panama matters on July 28th 2017

And if there are any secrets that according to NS are vulnerable & unfavorable for the country then he must come with evidences’, said by DG ISPR in his recent press conference while replying Donald Trump Tweets.

He [NS] should be called in GHQ to know the secrets which he is repeating since the day of his disqualification to reveal if his case is not withdrawn?

Even though he has been in the govt. of Pakistan since decades in different capacity and if by any reasons he is disqualified or ousted from his premiership he should not think negatively about the country as fidelity, integrity, honesty, loyalty and sincerity are the basic norm & mandatory agreement for the prime minister of Pakistan when he takes oath.

He swears solemnly that he will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan & will discharge his duties, and perform his functions, honestly to the best of his ability, faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law and always in the interest of the sovereignty, solidarity, well- being and prosperity of Pakistan.

That he will not allow his personal interest to influence his official conduct or his official decisions, preserving, protecting & defending the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

That, in all circumstances he will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favor, affection or ill- will

That he will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under his consideration or shall become known to him as Prime Minister except as may be required for the due discharge of his duties as Prime Minister.

Now NS is under trial & involve in mounting corruption cases, misuse of power, having scale of personal business across the globe, misappropriating national treasury, facing NAB courts - whereas he has already gone through investigative judges in Supreme Court of Pakistan & JIT

S0 threatening by him [NS] does not suit but taking the country to the brink of chaos & anarchy.