Jan 12, 2018

Add a chapter in academic text book to let children know how children is abused & how they can rescue themselves


To add a lesson in Text Book for AWARENESS & to TEACH our ‘’Children’’ about Sexual Harassment at Primary and Secondary level.

Let Children know that how to restrain & resist to rescue if they fall into sexual harassment or if someone harass him/ her for any reason.

Its crying need of the day to teach & tell our children about the Sexual harassment, Molestation, Kidnapping, Physical assault and all Bullying practices that are looming in Pakistan.

Our children are at high risk who confronts such abuse while going School, at Tuition center, In Mosque/ Madrasa, in Small Shops to buy Household items, among Family members, Friends & In-laws, Neighbor and Strangers who trap the children, showing unnecessary love, alluring Toffee/ Biscuit and Ice cream, tempting for good ride, showing money to buy something that child wants etc are the tactics to entice the Children - these are impending factors that inclining our young children or they are being exposed on daily basis.

If anything happens with the child he/ she must share with the Parents or a responsible adult, Class teacher if something happens in school bus while coming/ going back from school or if any complaint about School watchman etc.

In any case children must be cleared & briefed well that whatever happens them must be brought into the knowledge of Mother – Father – Grandfather – Grandmother or who is elder in the Family.

Parents much coach their children - parents must give time to their children, must sit and play together – encouraging, motivating and helping to develop confidence among the children - Growing children mind is like a slate so what you write it is written & accepted so if the child brings anything to you- you must listen absorbingly and taking such info seriously to save your children from such abuse.

Tell if anyone touches your children, anyone kisses him/ her, touches their private parts, or body, gives anything or follows the child – all such info child must share with the parents – it’s a basic teaching [in addition to course study] parents must work on war-foot basis as entire state of Pakistan now has been enveloped & vulnerable with child abuse.

Children abduction, rape and strangling has been ''call of every provinces'' so every province must be serious and they must add value to educate children through electronic & print media – in the house – in school & in school Text books – a regular tableau at primary and secondary level to arrange in order to give a sense among children that how the child is abused and how child can save himself/ herself if they fall prey.

The chapter in academic book must show with picturesque description enabling the child to conceive well. 
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