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Oct 1, 2012

Why Karachi has converted into a ‘rioter state’

Karachi is burning and it is not only Govt. responsibility to ensure peace in the city but coalition govt. (who is also part of the govt.) needs to come forward and think that how normalcy can bring back in the city - How peace & law & order situation restore back as well.

Why lives and property in Karachi are not safe. Why everyone seems afraid and feels insecure when comes out from home. Why there is no guarantee to return home if you are out.

Why the status of every govt. institutions seem paralyzed if the person goes for his/her complaints like in Electricity department, Water and sewerage, SUI gas, Property tax, Passport and ID cards center, PTC and in other govt. units those are known as ‘services-industries’ but they seems incompetent & un-attentive in extending support to the consumers/ subscriber or user of the services. Why there is no accountability?

The increasing amount of mismanagement, violence and target killings have made the people terrified and intimated. It looks like a city of vandalism, money extortionist, highwayman, kidnapping for ransom, street criminals, pick pocketters, mobile snatcher, roaming with unlicensed arms in market &public place, giving impression that we are living in uncivilized era. The average killing in a day touches between 8-10 people which are bigger than the death rate of other city in Pakistan.

Why the law and order situation worsening day by day, it looks no rule in the city. Govt. functionaries operating in Karachi seems complete failure. All the efforts at govt. level have gone incapacitated and the city management seems moving toward anarchy and chaos in the city.

In coalition group there are ANP (Awami national Party), MQM (Muthahida Qaumi movement) & PML-Q group, with a team of 4, Govt. is running, so it becomes combined & collective efforts for all parties to come to the round table and figure out the ways and means to restore peace, safety and security to lives and property in Karachi.

All leaders should do home-work with open minded and accommodative behavior, not alleging to anyone, think about the city and its dwellers their needs etc. understand the factors and reasons which has defaced the city how such social evils, irregularity and mismanagement (which have penetrated) can be eliminated & people can live peaceably. How the lives can be normal & runs smoothly without breakdown of mandatory services. Can employees of govt. functionaries do their duties honestly, with dedication as they are paid?

Karachi was known a hub of commercial center now is known as a ‘state of rioters’ where there is no rule, there is target killing, collision among different factions, if one party kills the worker of one party the victim party continues revenge until gets it score.

A rampant lawlessness, there are anti-terrorism court and judicial enquiry are also conducted but no progress, for few days it clams but again triggers for multiple reasons, money extortion, Bhatta mafia, Islamic phobia.

More recently on 21st Sept 2012 govt. declared holiday “a love day with Muhammad” (peace be upon him) against an anti Islam film produced in United States but what happened in Karachi.

In Karachi alone 18 people were killed out of 24, a total of 134 peoples including six policemen were wounded. Miscreants set fire 7 bank branches, 6 private buildings, 7 restaurants, (including international food chains and 3 polices stations the report says.

The armed mobs ransacked six shops, besides 1 arm store & 5 wine shops were also damaged and plundered valuables. Banks ATM machines were broken and money therein was looted, about 100 vehicles were torched.

Why such a heavy loss only occurred in Karachi alone - Are we the only lover of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) or the beloved are not living in other city of the country.

A constant violence, arson, procession and rallies are staged from different factions on weekly basis, strike calls from CNG supplier, from transporters, from business tycoon, from lawyers, from different cast & political groups are given, schools goes closed, shutter are downed, people in the morning waiting for bus or any vehicles, goes back home because of no transport on the road and as such corporate business such as stock exchange, banking transaction, shipping business and other routine economic activity goes closure such one day closure cost Karachi more than 1 billion.