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Oct 2, 2012

A house wife is a good Project Manager

Housewife - they seemed to always be frosting a cake back then, didn't they?  sfm Role of a house-wife is more impressive and she is a good project manager than a role of working woman. She has ability to handle the situation more efficiently and with result orientation going through with detail needed.
In my opinion a house wife is smarter than a working woman who is only doing her office job and not sharing the house hold works such as nursing the kids & sharing in cooking as these are done by Nani and by Cook.
While a house wife is involved in every aspect though she is not attending office but she is caring the entire family needs, her husband and his suiting and preparing him to go office and when he comes back, she gets him food on the table, prepares cooking as he prefers, goes outside to get household items.

She also prepares kids to send him/ her school, drops the child, bring back the child, cook as well, and do phoning to the rest of the family to understand what’s up among the family (her own parents & husband parents) as well.
Taking care for over all cleaning & utilities payment, handling expenses of house, how to run and control expenses in a month in a given salary of her husband.

She also cares for washing & ironing for both kids and husband. She also goes kid’s school at parent’s day; keep a close eye on kid’s activity and their numerous wants.
And a house-wife responsibility multiplies further if she is living with husband’s family (a joint family) where everyone of the house depends on her and she does for everyone, keeps everyone happy so that among the family tussle and misunderstanding may not take place, maintains a consistency in between her & her husband’s family.

Really it’s a tough task and husband realizes it though it is not sensed by other family members.
In my opinion a house wife is more care-taker than a working woman. It does not mean that house wife is not literate she is qualified but she is not working in office, handling and tackling all issues pertaining for a house & family living under the roof.

So house-wife is a good project manager handles the family more adequately and convincing way that’s why other member of the family loves her.

She enables her husband and schedules his family activity in week holidays which is generally not noticed by the husband but this is she who gets him remind and get the things done very decently and efficiently without making hue and cry and getting anyone angry or any complaints from any corner.
House wife is a best helping hand for her husband, for kids nursing, if any member of the family gets sick, injured she takes to the hospital and get them treated timely in the absence of her husband.

I unequivocally believe that she is characterized by professional aptitude, time management skills driven by values such as motivation to accept responsibility and she does it honestly with fairness and flexibility are the quality we look in a project manager.

Oct 1, 2012

Increasing Street Crimes & Beauty Parlor For Sex Business

In a society where we live are full with such scrambles - among us someone asked that why Beauty parlor, Massage center & Spa have converted in prostitution & why there are increasing trends in Street crimes - what are the reasons and how it can be minimized if not stopped?

I was watching a report through private TV channel where the anchor covered most of the beauty parlor situated in different locality of the city. During raid in the center the girl working in beauty parlor along with the team leader (running the center) shared their tale of horror that why they do prostitution and what is the reason that’s compelled them to involve in sex business.

During interview with the lady (owner) and girls caught red-handed explained that they are unable to pull their lives because of meager & limited source of income.
Some reported that they have to feed their family members, to pay school fee, house rent and medical bill getting treatment of sick member of the family which disables them to meet their daily routine business.

Some said that she has been divorced and has a son who is being nursed and fed by her.
Some said that after death of her husband, she was forced to leave the house and there was no one on the earth to support her only place she found that’s why she is here.

Some said that I tried to get employment but one of her friend says that in employment Boss needs to be happy that’s why I preferred to join the den instead to prefer for job she said.

Some said that her husband pressurizing her to do the sex as he was not working anywhere rather was a curse for her that’s why she left her husband and joined the parlor at least the money is in her hand instead to grab by her husband.
Besides If we see the rising crimes rate in the city, street crimes i.e. snatching mobile phone, pick pocketing, looting the family at gun point in mercury light, increasing begging rate at every shopping mall, children entertainment park, medical Center, restaurant, hotels, bakery, at traffic signals, juices centers, grocery stores even you are buying vegetable or meat, the beggars come to you and stretch their hands for alms and they don’t go unless you pay, they chase and you will not be relieved unless you give them money or buy them food.

Further we also have noticed that ‘extreme dishonesty or telling lies’ are very common everywhere, the product you buy are presented with false orientation and seller either at shopping mall or in a local market they want to impress you giving a wrong products wrapping or polishing it with grandiose name and mentioning sophisticated quality and even they get you assured by swearing that the product being sold are cent percent true and it is overseas product which is more effective & durable.
So what’s the motive to deceive and cheating the buyer, is just to sell the product on huge sum, making fool to buyers and earn more money in a short time when asked why they do this. They said necessities of life have been very tough in such a dearth days how we can live with patience or comfortably unless we tell lies.

We have to feed our family and children if we don’t hide or paint a rosy picture then you will not buy the product from me said the shopkeeper who keeps overseas items mixing with local brands, he admitted that he had been economical with truth.

It’s true that survival has become a big question mark? Life of a normal people seems very difficult considering astronomical cost of living in a normal way not with luxurious.
Overall there is complete dishonesty while selling goods and services, cheating-mechanism has mushroomed & buyers are misguided & duped by not showing them correct products rather with sugar coated words with the only aim to earn money.

Further, govt. utility charges & cost of three time foods have gone inaccessible for a normal man who earns Rs.15k in a month - his/ her survival in such dearth’s days is not possible, following are the minimum prices in a normal grocery, vegetable & meat shops;
Rice minimum rate Rs.100 per kg/=
Flour Rs.40/=per kg
Cooking oil Rs.230/=per kg
Lentils rate Rs.140/=
Chana Kaabli Rs.190/= per kg
Sugar Rs.60/= per kg
Tea dust Rs.600/= per kg
Surf Rs.215/= per kg
Dry un-minced spices ranging Rs.3000-5500/= per kg
Meat prices for cow Rs.500-550/= per kg
Buffalo Rs.400/= per kg
Mutton Rs.600/= per kg
Chicken broiler Rs.200/= per kg
Vegetable (seasonal) average rate Rs.100-140/= per kg.
Fruits Rs.100-240/= per kg

The average earning in Pakistan ranging from Rs.10k - 12k per month. If anyone who does not have their home they also pay house rent minimum rent Rs.5000 (one room with kitchen in down town). If a person has new-born baby they either depend on mother feeding or cow & Buffalo milk (which ranges Rs.120-140/= per liter).

But what are the remedies how we can get ourselves free from such embarrassment or stringent economic condition where people survival has been very critical asked by a group of people purchasing groceries.

In Pakistan culture generally husband is the only bread-earner or one man works and the whole family eats not like Indian where husband and wife both work (a general tendency). If anyone comes on visits visa or wife comes to see husband on visit in Middle East she hunts jobs and drops application for employment whereas Pakistani family does not think even said by a customer who has been in Middle East.

Majority of Pakistani feels shame and reluctant to send their wife for job and that's the reason that the man is overwhelmed due to his orthodox views and devout Islamist.
However due to leading trends in education somehow such conventional approach has been reduced woman and other member of the family are also supporting the family and living respectably.

Graduate ladies are joining different industries and very helpful for the family, if someone does not get job they are running privately tuition center which is a good source of earning at home. Some have joined stitching centers or garment industry which is more productive in urban and rural areas.
In banking sector women are very prominent; they also have a dominant role in media TV channels & newspapers working with sincerity comparatively more responsibly than men.

Nevertheless, if we look other states in the world, there is such category of people living in the country and govt. provides them complete support to pull their lives, enable them to live with harmony.

Govt. issues social security card, health-card, ration card etc. which is utilized by the dwellers. In addition to the tax payers who avail the benefits given by the govt in western countries even govt. helps them in habitation which is no doubt a major support for those who does not have home to live. Even unemployment allowance is also given in western world which is we don't have in Pakistan. 
Middle eastern and Western world - there are Malls and Departmental stores where a normal people can buy the things on subsidy rate, they can travel everywhere in the city by govt. transport. The owners of the mall & departmental stores are supported by Govt. adhering rule and regulation imposed by the govt. no waive in terms of compliance to the directives of the government, failing which license is cancelled, the heavy sum is fined and culprit is penalized as well.

Consumer's protection ministry is there which entails regular check up in eateries, groceries and shopping centers with the only motive to support its people living in the country.

And the govt. in turn earns the tax money from the people and such tax recoveries are spent for the betterment and advancement of the people living in the country, a very neat and clean society which should have been our part of life we don't see in Pakistan.
Therefore if our govt. ensures and expands such outlets and facility as the tax already being paid by the salaried person, even the average businessmen, middle class & salaried persons are paying property tax, city govt. tax, electricity, gas & water bill not alike Ministries, govt. offices, president & prime minister houses, minster’s home and industry bills (across the country) are still unpaid but no one has strength to get it recovered despite repeated claims by concerned Electricity department and their breakup published into the newspapers but no avail.

If the ruling elite is serious and really wants to help the masses they will have to come forward to extend maximum support in terms of opening a subsidized Malls & outlets for easy access of the people, such unimpeded action certainly will alleviate & relieve them from mental uneasiness.

The govt. department should facilitate them good services, short-cut earning as the sellers are deceiving the buyers may reduce, false presentation of sale-able items to be intact instead to imitate & law should enforce to discourage such move & that's the reason that leading street crime can are multiplying but it can be controlled by enforcing strict law & its adherence, propensity to do crimes or involve in illicit activity may ceased permanently if we are really serious and loves our voters who elects their leaders to get them relieved from mental agony and dreams for a peaceful life.
It all depends if our political leadership is sincere and honest & take immediate action to get the prices down at an affordable extent & establish subsidized departmental stores & multiple outlets for the convenience of the masses - support your countrymen as you are the servant of the people and you (govt) take oath to work for the people which is the definition of a democratically running state like Pakistan.