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Oct 2, 2012

A house wife is a good Project Manager

Housewife - they seemed to always be frosting a cake back then, didn't they?  sfm Role of a house-wife is more impressive and she is a good project manager than a role of working woman. She has ability to handle the situation more efficiently and with result orientation going through with detail needed.
In my opinion a house wife is smarter than a working woman who is only doing her office job and not sharing the house hold works such as nursing the kids & sharing in cooking as these are done by Nani and by Cook.
While a house wife is involved in every aspect though she is not attending office but she is caring the entire family needs, her husband and his suiting and preparing him to go office and when he comes back, she gets him food on the table, prepares cooking as he prefers, goes outside to get household items.

She also prepares kids to send him/ her school, drops the child, bring back the child, cook as well, and do phoning to the rest of the family to understand what’s up among the family (her own parents & husband parents) as well.
Taking care for over all cleaning & utilities payment, handling expenses of house, how to run and control expenses in a month in a given salary of her husband.

She also cares for washing & ironing for both kids and husband. She also goes kid’s school at parent’s day; keep a close eye on kid’s activity and their numerous wants.
And a house-wife responsibility multiplies further if she is living with husband’s family (a joint family) where everyone of the house depends on her and she does for everyone, keeps everyone happy so that among the family tussle and misunderstanding may not take place, maintains a consistency in between her & her husband’s family.

Really it’s a tough task and husband realizes it though it is not sensed by other family members.
In my opinion a house wife is more care-taker than a working woman. It does not mean that house wife is not literate she is qualified but she is not working in office, handling and tackling all issues pertaining for a house & family living under the roof.

So house-wife is a good project manager handles the family more adequately and convincing way that’s why other member of the family loves her.

She enables her husband and schedules his family activity in week holidays which is generally not noticed by the husband but this is she who gets him remind and get the things done very decently and efficiently without making hue and cry and getting anyone angry or any complaints from any corner.
House wife is a best helping hand for her husband, for kids nursing, if any member of the family gets sick, injured she takes to the hospital and get them treated timely in the absence of her husband.

I unequivocally believe that she is characterized by professional aptitude, time management skills driven by values such as motivation to accept responsibility and she does it honestly with fairness and flexibility are the quality we look in a project manager.

Oct 1, 2012

Hihab is mandatory for Muslims women

Hijab - Niqab or Doupatta is mandatory from Holy Quran for a Muslim female

Hijab is the beauty of a woman and Islamic religion endorses & emphasizes which is similar to Niqab or Doupatta which keeps your figure hidden and it is a ‘divine-instruction”- A woman is permitted to show her face and hands because covering them would be a hardship on her especially if she must go out for her lawful business. For instance, if her husband needs her help to support in the business or if a widow may have to work to support her children. Had covering the face and hands been made obligatory it would have hardship and distress for such women. Al Qurtabi says

Do you think that why a woman has been asked to open her face and hands so that you can be recognized or other can acquaint or identify you conveniently?

In Quran Allah says: That they should draw their head –covering over their bosoms (24:31)
It is obligatory for the Muslims woman to cover her head, breast and neck completely so that nothing of them can be seen by onlookers. In addition Allah further says; And not displays their adornment except to their husband or their fathers (24:31).

The given verses of Quran categorically prohibits women for not to show their concealed adornment such as the ears, hair, neck, breast or ankles to men who are ‘na-mehram’ or outside the ‘mahrem relationship’. They can expose ‘na-mahrem’ only the face and hands (of that which is apparent”).

Therefore HIJAB is the only solution or injected rules in the Holy Quran needs to be followed by a female Muslim women.