Nov 28, 2012

The local Govt. of Karachi metropolis should impose ban on usage of loudspeaker

The Religious speeches (which are continuing these days) while living in a congested environment where the distance in between your apartment or house is hardly 10 – 12 feet from the house which is either opposite to you or situated adjacent to your house.

It goes very annoying and really a persistent nuisance for the dwellers living in the same vicinity or in the same community.
Even you can’t talk to your family because of using loudspeaker with full volume by the Maulvi/ Imam of specific sects who instead to do at designated place it is being carried out at community level in the houses & apartments.
I understand the owner of the house who is conducting such religious gathering at his/ her house should think that a regular use of loudspeaker will be harmful for their neighbor.

Owner who do daily arrangement for celebrating specific festival should care that around the house other people are also living, instead to listen to the preacher the people go panicky considering unethical attitude and not sensing and feeling the problem of older family members where there are some sick, kids & heart patients are also there how such heavy & hard voice will be getting him/ her more stressed and can cause brain hemorrhage.
The voice from loudspeaker impacts heavily with window glasses then anybody can understand how badly it affects to the brain of a patient who are facing such strikes on daily basis these days.

We being a Muslims are well aware that Islam teaches us to care for your neighbor and then your relative, the right of a neighbor has been defined in Holy Quran.
So I understand those who are doing such regular ‘sitting in their houses’ and using loudspeaker (with full volume) must avoid otherwise such unrealistic and ruthless trends if continued will lead to reverse the situation.
Further, Islam considers the rights of the neighbor to be extremely important. The Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) continued to urge the Prophet, to treat neighbors with kindness until he thought that the Sharee'ah would assign him a share of his neighbor's inheritance.

The Prophet,said: “Jibreel kept on recommending me to treat neighbors kindly and politely so I thought that Allaah would order [me] to make them [my] heirs.

The Quran recommends treating neighbors kindly - Allaah The Almighty Says (what means):

Worship Allaah and associate nothing with Him and

to parents do good and

to relatives, orphans,

the needy,

the near neighbor

the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side…Quran 4:36

Look how the Prophet, exhorted Muslims to be good to their neighbors and to honor them when he said: “… and whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, should serve his neighbor generously.”

The narration of Muslim states: “Should be good to his neighbor.”
I hope the Govt. of karachi metropolis will immediately issue a formal order to stop the usage of loudspeaker
There is arabic proverb that choosing your residence,” that it is according to the value and merit of the neighbor that the price of the residence should be estimated. A good neighbor is a source of happiness. 

Nov 26, 2012

Karachi is burning

Karachi a metropolis city with a population of 20 million is identified as a heart & center of Pakistan losing its grip on national economy due to persistent deteriorating law and order, kidnapping and ransom, sectarian & political target killing, bomb explosion, packed dead bodies in gunnysack, regular power & gas outage pushing the city towards anarchy and chaos.

A face of complete failure state where govt. owned machineries though have taken multiple security steps but seemingly looking helpless before terrorist and rising terrorism.
Hot debate in every walk of lives at govt. level, TV channels & Newspapers are continuing in order to cope with rampant lawlessness in Karachi but no prominent response has been noticed so far. The deterrent safety and security measures taken by the govt. have been futile rather gone ineffective.
Daily killing averaging 15 -20 bodies, transport strike due to regular break in CNG supply, strike calls from business lobby to close shops, boom and zoom of Bhatta mafia (money extortion), indiscriminate firing in heavy rush hour at business centers, intensified killing among different political factions, police encounters, bomb explosion either slamming with explosive laden car, bomb plantation at different places and suicide bomber chasing have been common in Karachi.
A very frightening, worrying and upsetting situation for the parents sending their kids in schools, clouded fearfulness among families for their breadwinner going for works, a traumatized situation have enveloped the city said by a mother who could not drop her kids and came back home stating an indiscriminate firing on the road connecting with school building.
Karachi being recognized as ‘illuminated city’ now has lost its vibrancy & serene, giving a desert look like curfew & war-torn area.
Mercenaries roaming with heavy loaded guns, reflecting uncivilized and uncultured environment where barbarians speak and control the land with guns - No management, a complete anarchy and chaos.
The local govt. seems helpless before the terrorist- Anything can happen - And anyone can die a father mourning on the dead body of his 3 sons lost their lives (in group) on target killing in Karachi.
A recent political debates at private TV channel that how to reign the terrorism in Karachi, majority of them were of the view to call army to do ‘operation cleanup’ where Karachi alone has lost 4000 human lives in target killings & bomb explosions since PPP assumed office in 2008 said TV anchor.

Though among representative (ruling & coalition party) some were of the view to handover Karachi to army yet other were opposing and were not in favor of ‘army operation’ but asking Govt. to call coalition parties at the round table. One of the participant asked PML-N (being a second big party) to play role as an arbitrator and bring the coalition partners at one table for amicable settlement. In the past although such debates of course were conducted but ended in fiasco.
One of the debater mentioned that in Karachi there are 400,000 unlicensed latest rifles, freely being used and these are unregistered, no record that how it came in the city and how went Into the hands of its custodians and if political activist of any group is red handed, their leaders get them released so if such situation prevails then how you can eradicate the crimes.

The city cannot be left on the mercy of mercenaries said by one of the participant so govt. should be serious to enact a law to confiscate the illegal arms under circulation in Karachi said by one of the participant and ended the debate.
Now in order to clean Karachi with illegal arms, the need of operation-clean-up has been compulsory, there are proposal that how the strategy to be outlined.

a)   Constitute plan for ‘operation clean up’ with Rangers support under the supervision of army, where army will not be involved directly but will monitor the activity.

b)   The Rangers along with local govt. authority will raid the entire area of Karachi metropolis i.e. South-East-West and North.

c)   The raid will not be supported or to be influenced by any political parties, any request to release the culprit will blacklist the politicians for ten years from their political pay roll.

d)   First to erect CCTV camera with video footage recoding (and archiving) to ensure fool proof security system at all ‘entry & exit point from where the arms and ammunition are transported in Karachi either by Road, by Ship & by Air cargo.
Also take into consideration the desert area, sprawling for miles having no boundary & giving a free passage and access to the criminal entering in Karachi jurisdiction from up country.
e)   Install the scanner for screening (illegal arms) at entry/exit point to cross the vehicle through the scanner. It’s better to hire expertise to install latest equipment for screening the vehicle and cargo inspection system (VACIS) 
However there is Gamma-ray Radiographic Imaging technology which provides
clear radiographic images (much like x-ray images) of containers, showing the
outlines and density of the contents. With its very low radiation dose, the VACIS
scan is much safer than comparable x-ray systems to detect contraband hidden
within the cargo. The principle of operation of VACIS is similar to that of a line-scan x-ray system.
A handheld isotope identification system also can perform a gamma-ray spectroscopic analysis near the suspect region of the container, if there are any explosive, arms and ammunition inside the container the system will trigger alarm.  

f)    Depute well equipped guards at every entry/ exit point with handy scanners to scan physically individual entering/ leaving the city at entry/ exit point.

g)   The monitoring system should be centralized in the city inside in a big control room where all the terminals deployed at entry/ exit points to be monitored by the trained armed personnel sitting in control room.  

h)   A very close coordination in terms of telecommunication and surveillance monitoring to be maintained between the security offices at entry/ exit point & the control room  

i)     Communication through mobile phone/ wireless phone & landlines for all suspicious calls and conversation should not go untapped and through ‘call tracking system’ every threat calls pertaining to national security should be raided immediately, the tracking system will identify the country, city and town and then unit/ taluka to locate the people, we are living in 21st century and nothing is impossible but just need a concrete policy to do.  

j)    Book the culprit - trial them and hang them with the motive to clean the city with terrorist  

k)   Unarmed the city, definitely your close monitoring the entry/ exit point will disable the free circulation of arms and ammunition in karachi. 

l)     No more licenses to be issued till further notice form the govt. to any general public. 

m) The raids to be carried out unbiased and impartially – the raid should not be specific but for all groups running their political offices in the city or their electoral area. No one is allowed to keep arms in their office or in comfort without any license or any substantial reason thereof.  

n)   All the license should be maintained through a data base in the computer system whatever issued earlier, all un-entered arms needs to be confiscated and if mandatory then after enlistment into the system to be reissued.
Here we can see the recent successive bomb blasts during Muharram-ul-Haram the holiest month celebrated by minority Shiite Muslims who mourns the month to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, the Sunni-Shia schism over Muhammad's rightful heir dates back to that time a history of 7th century.
Shiite Muslims celebrate from 1st Muharram to 10th Muharram in their Imam Bargah and take out procession in the city which concludes on 10th day of Muharram known as Ashura.
Even though the govt. sensing the impending security threat in the country, deployed thousands of additional police across the country to beef up security for the holy day to avert sectarian clashes or attacks on Ashura procession. Mobile phone service also had been suspended in all the major cities to prevent the bombings which the govt. security says terrorists use cellular phones as remote detonators.
The terrorist even did not spare the mourners and targeted them in Imam Bargah and planted bombs on their way of procession. I mention here some shameless or coward attack of terrorist on the mourners of Shiite Muslims in Karachi and other city.
Karachi Orangi Town –2 killed and 7 wounded, two bombs exploded outside Shia mosque in Orangi Town, the first appeared to be a suicide attack, and the bomb was planted in a motorcycle ripped off near Imambargah Hyder-i-Karrar said senior police official Javed Odho.
Karachi Gulshan-e-Iqbal - 2 killed and 23 injured, bomb blast targeted mourners near Imam Bargah Karachi's Abbas Town when the congregation was underway in the Imam Bargah Mustapha a remote control device was used to detonate the bomb.
Karachi Hyderi Market – 7 killed & 23 injured the responsibility is claimed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi's; Shuja Haider group was involved in the attack. Around five to eight kilograms of explosive material was used, Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) special unit claimed. The explosive material contained around 500-800 ball bearing the FIA unit added. Police claimed that LeJ's members Mohammad Shaqib Farooqi, Murtaza alias Shakil, Arab Miskeen, Murad Shah and several others were involved. 
Dera Ismail Khan  (province Kyber Pakhtunkhawa) – 8 killed and 83 wounded, a bomb exploded on a Shiite Muslim procession when the Shiites marking their holiest day Ashura. Shafeerulla Khan, a senior government official in regional capital Peshawar told AFP. A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban soon claimed responsibility for the bombing and threatened more attacks. It was a suicide attack and we claim responsibility for it," Ehsanullah Ehsan told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location. He repeated that the Taliban had dispatched more suicide bombers across the country for attacks against the Shia community.
Rawalpindi explosion – 23 killed & 40 wounded at a Shiite procession in the garrison city of Rawalpindi when a suicide bomber detonated explosives strapped to his body at a procession near the Qasr-e-Shabbir Mosque. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed a suicide attack that killed 23 people at a Shiite procession.
Peshawar explosion – 7 people were killed and 83 injured in the bomb blast", Shafeerulla Khan, a senior government official in regional capital Peshawar told AFP. It was a suicide attack and we claim responsibility for it," Ehsanullah Ehsan told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location.
The interior minister Rehman Malik however reassures the nation that "Such nefarious acts cannot deter the people and the government in their fight against the scourge of militancy," he said in a statement.

The people would like to know that if the militant either Pakistani Taliban or Lashkar-e-Jhangwi very categorically are announcing their involvement in all such killing then why govt. is reluctant to take any action. Do they have active and operational “Tracking system” a device in place to find out the militant den? Latest equipment indeed required to be imported and planted in all big cities of Pakistan to cleanse the militancy from the country.
Closure of mobile telephones, land lines, wireless phone, suspension of you-tube, banning other network access & declaring public holiday (by closing private & public offices) to avoid of major killing in the country are not the appreciative or do-able solution to stop militant from their nefarious game.
Get the solution from technical perspective as administratively so far the govt. has failed to secure the lives and property of its citizen said by one senior citizen who was mourning on the dead body of his child lost in Karachi bomb blast.
Again, in order to cleanse Karachi with massive lawlessness where 4000 lives have been lost in target killing since PPP assumed office in 2008 needs to figure out the ‘Operation cleanup strategy’ to get the illumination of this city back.

Nov 24, 2012

Role of women in 21st Century

In my previous blog I highlighted the contribution of a house wife and made my comparison with the environment, limited resources and the facility of then era available 50 years before than the resources we have in today’s world.

Everything we have on our fingertip and we can see the world within no time because of ultra-modern technologies have shortened and reduced the time and space management, within in no-time we can travel across the world through globally connected system network.

How then housewives had been managing household chores smoothly comparing with working women who were little responsive being associated with her job in terms of domestic responsibility caring kids & husband, fulfilling the needs of other member of the same family.

My earlier blog initially pointed the combined-family concept what generally we noticed in south Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia,  Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines etc. where one man had been the only wage-earner (a husband) and the house-wife had been nourishing & feeding the entire family.
My daughter-in-law who read the blogs told me why you don’t write the Role of 21st century women and that’s will be more comparative than housewife role you pointed in your blog she said.

Now the concept of joint family almost has been vanished and most of us are living independently. It does not mean that we are not supporting our elders we do but keeping them separately and of course accomplished support are undertaken for all bigger and shorter requirement.

If we compare the women in 21st century with the role played 50 years before, we get explosion - A big bang about the “Role of women in 21st century” who are playing a vital & very distinctive role almost at every front

We can see the banking industry, education, central superior services, armed forces and civil services, from district management group to the level to foreign services, I.T industry, medical, telecommunication, aviation, stakes in strategic services, manufacturing industry and that leading role not only at entry level but up to CEO position being enjoyed by the womenfolk who are running the institutions with more value added services.

And women participation not only in corporate world but at home they have been playing a candid role. From educational perspective the ratio of education among women is greater than the ratio of men. It refers some TV interviews where we noticed that men are less degree holder than women; a post graduate woman has been wedding with a graduate or intermediate guy. The trends of education among womenfolk are higher than men folk. The impact we see when educational institution announces their result where among the position holders are women not men.

Now we get the women involvement in infrastructure support services such as civil, electrical & mechanical engineering. Their influences in construction filed doing architectural classic and modern design for skyscrapers cannot be ruled out.

Women of today’s world now have entered in country’s politics, they are contesting election and have acquired seats in National and Provincial Assemblies and most of them even has occupied Premiership across the globe.

Advertising & mass communication (video, audio, film, theatre & Journalism) also have been acquired by womenfolk because of their beauty, voice and persistency towards their performance.

The 21st century women are not only instrumental towards employment portfolio but they have been a good wife, a good mother and a good sister while maintaining their house, their family in a more conducive and prosperous way.

In today’s world where the life & standard of living have been very costly and competitive the wage earner or one person breadwinner has been futile so being a life partner or spouse of her husband she comes ahead and supports the family, such coherence & living with mutual understanding makes the life more stronger and happier, acting as a counselor in family matters enable husband and wife get them in one string.  

The women of this age not only support the family but also they become a source of revenue generating elements, their emblem in GDP contribution & dynamic role in strengthening national economy are conspicuous.

Women of 21st century are now entrepreneurs; they are running garment outlets, cosmetic centers, fast food, baby and baba house, lady and kids stitching shops even in developed and developing countries. There is Women chamber of commerce who is encouraging the working women to run their own outlets for small businesses through One Window System. The businesswomen pledged to play their pivotal role with their male colleagues for boosting and strengthening the national economy.