Jan 11, 2013

Assets declaration from Political parties contesting in forthcoming General Election 2013 in Pakistan

Detail of Assets being hold by Politicians contesting in forth coming election in 2013 has been declared by Election Commission of Pakistan giving an absurd & ludicrous picture where anyone who has even little sense can term it a fake and unbelievable.

Name of political parties
Declared assets
4 Lac 35 thousands
3 Crore 35 thousands
1 Crore 78 thousands
5 Crore 19 Lac
14 Lac 21 thousands
1 Crore 5 Lac
20 Lac 73 thousands

PPP & PML-N are the two big political groups in the country and their assets and corruption ratio is well known across the country. There is serious observation among the masses that why ECP does not do cross-check and living in fool paradise that whatever the politicians’ show them, ECP believes blindly and even does not return the paper.

Does the govt. machinery have any ‘check and balance’ or the data base has been tampered. And this is the reason that people do hate with them and believe in change said by one of the senior citizen watching national TV breaking news about the announcement of ‘assets declaration’ from ECP.

In the given list PPP has been shown with much reduced figure, we know well about PPP and PML-N that they are the custodian of multiple palaces, chain of plots and apartments, agriculture lands & industries, vehicle, Gold, silver, jewels, multiple Bank accounts in Pakistan and Overseas and how brazenly and shamelessly the actual amount or value of assets have been kept hidden from the eyes of govt. of Pakistan and its people who elect them to rule the country and treating them a crusader who will care for the betterment and advancement of the down trodden people of the country.

Eventually the poor segments go poorer and rich goes richer, the vicious cycle of poverty remains spiral and it never stops, if we have corrupted leadership, disloyal and dishonest ruler then how the condition of people and economy can thrive and prosper in the country said by a group of students at national forum.

It remind us the NABs disclosure that every passing day (in the country) there is Rs.12.0 billion of amount are misappropriated in terms of stealing income tax, property tax, withholding tax, agricultural and industrial tax, Zakat on fertile and barren land and on other valuables are not paid as mandated in Quran and in our constitution.

What a mockery that we call ourselves a Muslim and vociferate that Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and we are governing the state on Islamic pattern with democratic set up.

It’s really economic terrorism where our leadership is not sincere and undermining with the state and its sovereignty perpetrating the crime and if aristocracy breaking the law, avoiding tax payments whereas salary classes is regularly paying taxes so how trust-building can flourish in the country said by the leaders of 3rd political forces emerging in the country.

Jan 7, 2013

Electoral Process & Democracy claim in Islaimic Republic of Pakistan

The rustic and filthy electoral process (under practice) needs to be corrected according to the given clauses of the constitution mentioned under the head of ‘Electoral Process’ in the book of law, so that candidates who intend to contest election in their constituency may precisely be evaluated, judged, assessed & weighted to elect a true and helpful candidate instead to get a Professionals who does not fulfill the basic mandated criteria or credibility required by electoral process.

The prime responsibility comes on the shoulder of Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) to check the legitimacy, competency, a general work and conduct report about the candidate from the given constituency that whether or not the candidate who is submitting his/ her election paper really lives in the same constituency & is well known among the inhabitants or the candidate has been imported from some other constituency or on fake name he/ she has filed the election paper & got the ticket to contest election under the patronage of pre-established political parties.

If there is such attempt by the irrelevant candidate who initially does not live and not known to the people for the given constituency then he/ she should be blacklisted and barred for ten years for not to participate in the election.
It also has been noticed that candidate bought the ticket and contested election & he/ she won the election but even in the whole tenure did not visit and met the inhabitants living there, not aware of the problem being faced, resulting the problem remains unresolved and went unnoticed despite having a representation in the Assembly.  

It also has been observed that the qualified candidate acquired or got envisaged budget for development works for the given constituency but even not a single fills spent for uplifting the deteriorated socio and economic condition of the area.
There are outnumbered constituencies in interior Sind & Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa and FATA though it has a representation in the Assemblies but the people complaints that they don’t know who their representative are? Because during 5 year’s tenure no one visited in their area / constituency. People are suffering; there is no Electricity, Gas, School, Govt. Medical centers, Drinking water, Sewerage system and Pucca (concrete) Road. People still use ‘well or tube well’, Muddy street, no Transport even, People dying because of non-availability of Govt. clinic which is at a distance of 100 kilo meters away said by one school teacher highlighted during interview by private TV channel.

So if the basic needs of the people are not taken care or accounted for then what is use of election, said by one resident collecting dried wood to fuel his oven?
The callousness & apathy of politicians that they have stronghold in multiple constituencies and they don’t allow anyone to contend against him/ her, they use power and kill the contender voice & even goes extreme, so monopoly prevails and none dare to fight election in such constituency eventually the plight of the people remains as it is.

The poor segment goes poorer and rich goes richer because of unchecked behavior of candidate. ECP does not check or evaluate the candidacy in terms of his living status, general view about candidacy, his work and conduct report from the inhabitants and recommendation for his representation, whether has been recommended or he himself filling the case.
In order to check honesty and loyalty of the candidate 'that the candidate is not professional but a genuine & belongs to the same constituency and inhabitants verify & recommend him to represent the area or to take care the remit where the candidate resides'.

And ECP to check thoroughly candidate’s educational qualification from HEC certified university (for a bachelor candidate); attestation form HEC to authenticate that degree holder is the genuine & not a fraudster or having a fake degree. His income-tax return for five years – Did he pay electricity and gas bill 5 years along with paid bill records - Detail of total assets, business and industry in the country and overseas – Did he pay property tax with payment record for five years – Did he pay other govt. levies came time to time till the time while submitting election paper.
The above are the measures & tools to evaluate & assess the perfectness of the candidacy along with report of the community who recommends to contest in election from the given constituency.

If such parameters are ensured by ECP then at least we will be on the way to bring a real crusader in the parliament who will be well aware of difficulties being faced by the people and he will be accountable before the constituency as well.
Regarding democracy – We talk too much that in Islamic Republic of Pakistan no doubt a democratic state and democracy is running but it has been meaningless when the election is contested on Tribes, Family, Group and Ancestral links base.

How it can be a ‘democracy’ if the same family ruling the country since decades with different names and faces but belongs to the same Group/ Tribes such tendency requires to be eradicated once for all.
And ECP must ensure that proper transparent election (in letter and spirit) takes place giving opportunity to Middle and Lower classes to come and contest election if the basic parameter they fulfill. No preference for Feudal, for Wadera Shahee, for Jagidar, for Malik, for Chowdry or for any Influential lords etc. to be entertained while issuing election tickets or screening the candidate's legitimacy.

As if the practice continues or state is governed by a limited group then they treat the country as their property, a threat to undermine the state and its sovereignty, gradually enact the laws, policy and procedure according to their own will and convenience. They push the country towards anarchy because of their dishonesty, disloyalty & involvement in massive corruption, destroying institutional image and corrupting the entire sensitive structure of the country.
Democracy as per its name implication meant that power to be transferred with electoral process. There is no Heir Apparent – It’s not a kingship or Monarchy where the crown is worn by the Royal Family - Democracy does not endorse such action. Even Favoritism, Nepotism and selling Election Ticket, Horse Trading, and Polarization all such ‘Blunders are the root causes to be ceased immediately and if anyone found in such heinous crime to be blacklisted for 10 years from electoral process.

Otherwise more 66 years the people of Pakistan will be crushed under the feet of ruthless 'Professional political leaders' who are not a true helper or prone to serve the masses but goes into the parliament with the only motive to loot national treasury and shifting national money in overseas account as we are witnessing currently.

The country has been emptied, we have been squared in rampant corruption, indebtedness figure has big jaw i.e. Rs.2000 trillion where every new born child goes borrower of more than 100,000/- per head said by one of the NGO.

It’s crying need of the day to cleanse electoral process and open the door of candidacy from middle and lower classes so that monopoly and tribes-ruling approach in the Parliament may stop immediately.

Jan 3, 2013

Emergence of 3rd Political Party in Pakistan to wipe out PPP & PML-N a revolution to get rid of scoundrels said by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

The emergence of 3rd major political party in the country going to be active very soon, the recent centralization of all scattered political factions (at one platform) those were running their offices with different names now forging a grand alliance and very soon will appear a big political group in the country to fight with the existing strong hold of PPP & PML-N group said by one of the political leader during debate on private TV channel.
According to new political strategy, the affiliated group clarified that people of the country trusted PPP & PML-N and brought them into the assembly to resolve the chronic economic ailment and other impending national issues but except growing frustration & massive mismanagement in the country people got nothing but engulfed with multiple economic & socio economic problems.

The new alliance further added that PPP & PML-N stuffed their pockets, plundered national wealth & shifted national money to their overseas account. Now the time has come to get rid of such scoundrels said by one of the stalwart of new forged political group.
There is a serious news that PPP & PML-N have a ‘patch up’ to rule the country and get the people more worsened and pushed the country to the “brink of anarchy declaring a complete failure state” because they are not loyal & honest with the country or its people. We have very gloomy and groaning economic picture of the country said by Imran khan & Tahir-ul-Qadri at their public meetings.

PPP – PML-N both are involved in huge corruption cases and whenever they came in power they did not do any significant changes in the country’s economic portfolio for betterment & advancement of the masses but undermined the state and involved in economic terrorism said by one of the member of the clustered group.
PPP has a giant list of properties situated in the country and outside the country, similarly PML-N also has a giant list of properties - Do they pay taxes to Govt. of Pakistan - Has it been noticed by Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) while accepting their nomination paper to contest in election. Upon whose money they built these properties said by one stalwart of Islamic group alliance with MQM

The general trends before the new forged association is to emancipate the coterie (PPP – PML-N) and forming a new political party in the country to wipe out corruption, class system, lawlessness and dictation from foreign masters instead to make our own strategy. We did not notice any prominent micro and macro-economic reform in the country but more deterioration on every economic front PTI report said.
The cost of necessities of life has been inaccessible & unaffordable by a common man due to astronomical soaring prices, resulting street crimes and security threats are increasing every day. Its natural phenomenon that if the cost of one Roti goes Rs.6-7/=, normal vegetable being sold in between Rs.80 -140/= per kg, Cow meat Rs.400-500/= per kg, Goat meat is ranging Rs.650- 700/= per kg, potato and tomato running in between Rs.80-110/=per kg respectively PTI said.

However amongst serious disappointment the appearance of PTI (Imran khan) and its subsequent public meetings, people got a beacon, a ray of new hope for radical changes the status quo who assured the masses for his ‘Sonami’ call that it will come and wipe out the corrupted politicians who have devoured national money.
PTI (Imran khan) mentioned that in the name of infrastructure building a huge sum is acquired by the overseas lending agencies and pocketing by greedy politicians, resulting loan amounts are multiplied due to compound interest & it falls eventually on the shoulder of a normal man.

The rampant mismanagement, regular power outage & abruptness in CNG supplies, people getting only 3 days out of 7 days in a week (4 days without CNG) & in some province there is straight breakdown of CNG for a week, serious lawlessness in Sind, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtonkhawa & Fata have made the life miserable, people abuse the political leadership and there is intense hatred said by 3rd political force came into being MQM Altaf Hussain said in his telephonic talk from London. 
The emergence of Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri & mammoth crowd (about 2.0 million) at Lahore, in his public address on 23rd Dec 2012 & MQM spontaneous support sending its fifty top leaders to attend Tahir-ul-Qadri meeting has changed the national politics overnight.

Recent affiliation of outnumbered Islamic group with MQM at provincial level, getting MQM more stable in political arena as MQM had no political strength in Punjab but as soon as MQM announced its political affiliation & supported Tahir -ul-Qadri, substantiated further said by one of the participant in TV debate on private TV channel.
Now PML-Q who is a coalition partner of PPP also has announced its political affiliation with Tahir-ul-Qadri and as such the chemistry of 3rd political force comes at Tahir-ul-Qadri + MQM + All Islamic groups + PML-Q + PTI certainly will be a major coalition partners in forging 3rd political force in the country to overturn PPP & PML-N said by a group of political analyst monitoring the development.

PTI & MQM contended that the ‘agenda brought by Tahir-ul-Qardi’ is similar to our agenda maintained in TV debate after MQM public meeting held in Karachi with Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri on 1st Jan 2013.
Among multiple question from TV anchor one of the question came under discussion that who is financing Dr. Tahair-ul-Qadri. The debater revealed that it is being financed by PPP (Mr. Zardari President of Pakistan) and there is cohesion with the govt. that’s why PPP Deputy Prime Minster along with other stalwart met with Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri at his residence in Karachi.

One of the TV anchor in the middle of mounting anger said that what message we are given by the govt. one side it goes against while other side of the coin it is sending its stalwart to see Dr.Tahir-Ul-Qadri – What does it mean? Said TV anchor
Referring Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri insistence to cleanse the electoral process and implement the constitution of Pakistan (basic agenda of Dr. Qadri) asking Govt. and Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) to check the given clause of the constitution that how the candidacy for nominated election constituency for a candidate can be assessed, judged, weighted and calculated his/ her competency and eligibility for the election he emphasized.

And ECP as such can appraise and determine candidate’s honesty/ loyalty and leniency to serve the people in the given constituency said by Dr. Qadri.
The basic trauma in our politics is the lacking of ownership in our electoral process ECP does not notice or the authority delegated him is lesser & insufficient to take any disciplinary action against habitual candidates who treats election as a profession not to serve the people being the main motto of electoral process.

The callousness of habitual politicians or better if we say professional criminal who don’t even visit in their constituency, they contest election and arrive in assembly, in the name of that constituency they get budget but the amount even not a single fill is invested & the problems with that constituency remains unsettled so what is the use of election if elected representative does not solve the inhabitants problems clarified by Dr.Qadri
The basic curse in electoral process is the tribes, family and Groups system that keeps the same faces in power, they don’t allow anyone in their area as a contender. Such approach should no more be survived and ECP should ensure through legitimate action (given in the constitution) to discourage & cease such moves of feudal lords Dr. Qadri busted.

Pakistan is meant for 180 million of people not for limited group who influences; the rustic and filthy behavior has marred electoral process in the country. However there are tools and benchmarks by utilizing ECP can check the legitimacy of the candidates while submitting paper to contest in election
a)   Trends to contest in election by limited group of people & family where the election are contested on tribes basis should not be encouraged but black listed so that leadership from middle & lower class can come to the parliament. The 66 years history shows that the same faces have been intruding to the parliament, we need a candidate who has pain for others not professionals  
b)   checking Tax return apple to apple &

c)   property screening, detail of property in the country and overseas

d)   examining yearly bank statement (debit and credit transaction)

e)   breakup of every single Business and Assets being hold by the contestant who is submitting the paper

f)    their educational qualification by HEC recognized university & attestation by HEC

g)   detail of nationality

h)   competency for the post he/ she is submitting the paper

i)     ownership in terms of honesty and loyalty, general impression in the area about the candidate where he/ she is living and attitude with the inhabitants, work and conduct report from the people of the same constituency  

j)    how more he/ she is patriotic with the nation and nationals a general feeling and past performance about him/ her conduct for their constituency and present practice that how more he/ she proved a supportive hand to resolve people’s problems

k)   did he/ she visit even a single time or just filling the paper to get ticket to contest in election – what people say about him/ her – do the people of the constituency even know him/ her or not?

l)     does he aware of the problem being encountered by the inhabitants, how more he is close with the issues of given constituency & what is general opinion about the candidate intend to contest election – has he/ she been proposed by the constituent? Or he himself proposes to contest without any recommendation from the constituent?

m) a general survey report about his/ her response after winning the election – how more he/ she proved him/ herself a crusader to serve the people and did development works for the betterment of the inhabitants. If candidate is old then what’s report from the general public about him/her regarding his past performance in the constituency.

n)   is he paying all govt. taxes other govt. duties levied time to time by Govt. of Pakistan, need to submit documentary evidences?

o)   Does he/ she pay electricity/ gas bills – check 3 years record to confirm his/ her honesty?

p)   if he/ she did any development or infrastructure support works for the given constituency for which handsome amount was given him/ her – did it spend & does inhabitants acknowledge or not and the facility is usable.  

q)   did he pressurize the people to elect him/ her and used any illegal ways and means to discourage other candidates against him if proved black list him for ten years?

For evaluating honesty and loyalty of the candidate the above benchmark can be used as a ‘parameter or measurement’ to appraise the candidate contesting in election said by Dr.Qadri.
Dr.Qadri has given dead line of 10th Jan 2013 asking ECP & Govt. to correct the electoral process mandated in the constitution otherwise 180 million of people of Pakistan will do a long march to Islamabad on 14th Jan 2013 and before the parliamentary house an open public session will be conducted and people will not move until the electoral process constitutionally is implemented to screen the candidates for upcoming election of 2013 demanded by Dr.Qadri

Why don’t we give opportunity to middle class & allow the person who is competent and have a caliber to contest election – Why election always moves around specific figure those are declared corrupt and have looted the country.
From national money they are running their industries; maintain overseas account on whose cost? Do they understand that people of the country are blind or we don’t have power to turn them down? We will do this now and it’s a revolution, a big change will entail on 14th Jan 2013 “a decision day” Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri emphasized.

He iterated the people of 180 million of Pakistan wants to get rid of criminal, scoundrels, plunderer who has emptied Pakistan ‘foreign exchange reserve’ and made us indebted with huge sum. We want national money back to our national treasury. We are identified and represented as a beggar before international forum. In the name of country’s development the money is borrowed but not invested who will catch them – “We will do” uttered by Dr.Qadri addressing in MQM public meeting held in Karachi on 1st Jan 2013.
Election commission claims that election will be fair, free and transparent. Is it free, fair, impartial and transparent that you keep giving election tickets on the basis of family tribes, ancestral belongs, tickets are given, to a son if father has died, to daughter if parents has died, to husband if wife has died, to mother, to younger brother if elder brother ruling the country, to son if father is governing the state, to son-in-law if father-in-law is in power. Why there is racial, class and cultural prejudice while issuing electoral tickets for a given constituency to the candidate belongs to “Jagidar Family - Wadera Shahhee - Malik & Chuhdary or who has string of feudal lords”.

What’s going-on? Is it democracy or Kingship? Does our state which is identified as ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ is not a democratic state then why there is a trend to transfer the power like a Royal family where the crown is only worn by the family member.
Democracy does not interpret ‘inheritance’ to transfer power, power is transferred through free and fair electoral process where the candidacy can come amongst 180 million people of the country, anybody can contest election, if you have caliber, competent and ability to run the state, come forward and kill the family & tribes concept he asserted.

MQM strongly endorsed the agenda brought by Tahir-ul-Qadri, Altaf Hussain in his telephonic public address from London said that Tahir-ul-Qadri is my elder brother and we support him in letter and spirit.
A general criticism from PTI - MQM & Dr.Qadri that PML-N & PPP are not paying Electricity and Gas bills for their residence, Industries being run by them, Public institutions, Prime minister & President house MNA/MPA hostels, Members of Parliaments & Senate members sitting in National and Provincial assemblies are not depositing residence and factories electricity & Gas bills

They don’t pay taxes either for their salaries or for their factories, a very serious crime, and an obvious tax evasion; a great loss to GDP, the related institutions seems unable to recover tax from these culprits
Nevertheless the dead line given by Dr.Qadri to correct all electoral lapses by 10th Jan 2013 otherwise a big crowd from all over the country shall march to Islamabad on 14th Jan 2013 a notice delivered by him in grand public gathering in Lahore on 23rd Dec 2012.

Dr.Qadri further cleared that when such a huge crowd will move for Islamabad there will be no ‘arms and ammunition’ in the procession, the people will be equipped with their travelling expense and we will not return unless we get a constitutional change for Electoral process. The trends of fake degrees, territorial & family preferences will be removed from electoral process and this policy to be adopted henceforth he asked.  
We are identified a Nuclear state across the globe and have ability to curb over the curse of heavy load shedding but because of govt. mismanagement the industries across the country have been closed, the money from the country has been flight. In Sialkot alone 7000 factories have closed their product due to power failure a press report in national news paper

Why doesn’t the ruling govt. thrive hard to provide provision of daily life commodities at low price besides ensuring provision of free education, health and justice to all masses? All the expenses could easily be met by eradicating corruption in the country Dr.Qadri said

The amenities of current and former Presidents, Prime ministers, Chief Ministers, Ministers and Governors in the form of privileges would be withdrawn as the poor nation must not be burdened with unnecessary expenditures he added.

The unnecessary benefits/facilities to Rulers and Officers, including large bungalows, air conditioners, costly vehicles and plots in Islamabad should be immediately withdrawn MQM Altaf Hussain asked.

In order to eliminate institutional corruption from Pakistan we propose that where ever corruption persists in any of the institutions or departments in the country, both the political as well as administrative heads must be removed from such institutions or departments. And if a person is caught committing heinous act we will prosecute and will execute him he added.

The establishment believes that a group of clean politicians can emerge as a strong political force in the coming election as both the PPP and PML-N have disappointed the people, a source said.
We are getting together considering Pakistan's current condition. The new party will consist of only clean and untainted politicians who will work for the betterment of the country. We have waged a war against corruption and corrupt elements, and our objective is more or less the same said by Altaf Husain.

Considering the development of every passing moment & the surprises being noticed from all us, we have a thick cloud of frustration, mismanagement and growing dismay. People have been fed up from a constant corruption report appearing in national media either TV channels or in Newspapers and callousness of politicians that they are not caring it at all; busy in plundering national wealth with both hands said by a seasoned professor.
Daily vehicles arson, strike calls from business tycoon and multiple political factions in the country, indiscriminate firing, kidnapping and ransom, money extortion, Bhatta mafia, money extortion, rising street crimes, target killing, bomb explosion, suicide bombing, CNG strikes, regular lengthy power breakdown across the country, disconnections of mobile services, closure of you-tube despite induction of more security contingent in the city/ provinces and assassination of political leaders in mercury light have been unresolvable issue of the current govt. said by a debater at private TV channel

Heavy security lapses or attack of Taliban claims openly that ‘Yes we have killed and we will do’ while another side govt. inefficiency in terms safety and security, non-availability of modern electronic equipment to track the calls or tracing the location seems complete incompetency at govt. side.
It refers bomb explosion in MQM public meeting held in 1st Jan 2013 in Karachi along with Dr. Qadri. The bomb had been planted in parking area when the people returned after end of the meeting. It killed 5 people and more than dozen wounded however after a while Taliban accepted the responsibility, this is the first time that in MQM meeting any bomb explosion took place said by national TV.

As per National Accountability Bureau (NAB) reports that massive corruption continuing by PPP govt. is close to 12 Billion Rupees per day instead 7 Billion quoted by Transparency International & further says that Punjab has 65% of its involvement said by NABS chairman.
For a normal person announcement from NAB has no effect, the people believe in result and action, why the petition has not been submitted by NAB in Supreme Court to start prosecution and execution asked by group of student discussing at national forum.

However as per the ultimatum given Dr.Qadri to implement the clause of constitution pertaining to electoral process in order to appraise the candidacy, ownership of the candidates with the constituency, the tools & bench mark stated above and clause mentioned in our constitution, enabling the candidates form lower and middle class to come into the parliament instead to get the same tribes, family and group intruding in the Assemblies since 66 years and looting national wealth. We want to get rid of these professionals who are not serving the people but undermining the state & its sovereignty said by Dr.Qadri.
Therefore if the electoral process is not followed in letter and spirit by 10th Jan 2013 then on 14th Jan 2013 – 180 million people of Pakistan will reach Islamabad, the long march is also supported by MQM, PML-Q and other Islamic group who emerged as 3rd political force in the country to revolt the PPP & PML-N leadership.

Nevertheless as per political observer as soon as Dr.Qadri arrives with enormous crowd of people in Islamabad, sensing the eruption of people’s volcano, the President of Pakistan Mr. Zardari will dissolve the National Assembly reasoning the law and order situation in the country and he will appoint a ‘care-taker government’ to conduct free, fair and impartial election, considering the constitutional clauses implementation asked by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri but Mr.Zardari will remain as President till completion of electoral process in the country.
But it will not be acceptable to Dr.Qadri so possibility to join new political force in the care taker govt. said by political analyst.

Political observer also highlights that because the people has a bad impression about PPP and PML-N and every mistakes being thrown into the court of PPP (as it is in power) even if the political and economic errors done by PML-N. So it will be some sort of favoritism and leniency towards PPP if the assembly is dissolved and new election date is announced under caretaker govt. such action by PPP can be a trump card to get emotional support from the masses but PML-N will not have a sweeping stake said by political observer.
Army at this juncture will remain passive but will closely be monitoring the whole episode and it will support to the move of fresh candidates to hold a peaceful election in the country observed by political analyst.