Sep 18, 2014

VIP Culture has no room now in Pakistan – people will refuse & crush when it comes across, said by PTI & PAT chairman – young generation were living in darkness now they know their rights & contribution in the country

VIP or VVIP culture In Islamic Republic of Pakistan should no more be thriving and flourishing.
See the photograph of UK Premier who is travelling in a tube, standing with newspaper in hand, propping with the wall of tube compartment - does it not refer the sign of austerity?
The nation has rejected aggressively such illegal, illogical & unethical attitude of submissiveness that may have been the part of old monarchial system but not admissible in democracy, said angry passengers in Islamabad bound flight PK 370 (scheduled to leave from Karachi) where late boarding of two sitting minsters caused the flight delayed for 2-1/2 hours on 15th instant.
We are proud and salute to the passengers who booted the ministers off the plane for late boarding that’s caused the 250 passengers on board panicky, said media anchor.

Instances are there where we go fed up & a terrible nuisance when our vehicles are stopped in the middle of the road and we are detained in jam packed traffic due to movement of govt. officials i.e. governors, minsters, judges & top ranking bureaucrats, said CEO, Karachi businessman travelling with the same plane.
The obsolete culture of protocol to block the traffic is unacceptable - creates panic, people on the road have multiple business, someone need to rush airport to get the flight - someone to attend business meetings - students to attend university and college - even the ambulance gets stuck due to closure of traffic.

In ambulance someone needs immediate lifesaving support and in some cases the life is lost because of not reaching hospital timely - these are the realities and govt. should cease such unethical protocol practices, said a retired professor of Karachi University going Islamabad.

The time has changed our life style - our needs and requisition - every things has grown up with unprecedented moves – the life has been diverted to a new horizon which has been enriched with technology oriented pace.

Every single minute we get changes & surprises that’s asked us to follow to do a re-strategy - failing which you have to incur the loss so why should we wait for politicians though they are also doing their duties but they must understand and should be bound to follow the rules and regulations which is mandatory for us, said lecturer of Allama Iqbal open university travelling in the same flight.
This is not the era of 50s 60s & 70s where the needs, object and resources were limited and we had to do our job utilizing the only available resources – there was no option in our hands but now there is no excuse.

If one resource goes unproved jump for another and so on with the aim to get the job done timely and as such employer and employee both are accounted for, said a retired govt. employee going to see his ailing daughter in Islamabad.

Modern technology or technology oriented result has been the criteria of us whatever the disciplines and subjects – the work has been impregnated with technology and things are on our fingertips – so race is there that how to move faster and faster – everyone has his/ her own schedule so delay a single minute costs them.
Thus the politicians should view leniently all these - instead to be in zoom that we are the politicians and we can get and can do everything – no - this is not the case, said a student studying in Islamabad federal govt. school with his radiant face

It’s a 21st century where generation has recognized his contribution in development of the country – importance of vote and its utility - we will teach them if they don’t amend their attitude, said a young angry doctor lives in Islamabad.
The minsters had been thrown off the flight by irate passengers who taught the ministers a good lesson for not to recur such stupidity next time.

The symptoms & approach which has been emerged among the nation & will get its route very rapidly, said political analyst.

Pakistan is a country of 200 million people upon whom such slavish adherence had been imposed since independence now the generation & people of the country have realized and felt that it’s a curse to obey & honor the unnecessary protocol binding.
It’s a humiliation to bypass the people who are already in the queue and minsters come and get their immigration stamped – are the people or class of the people standing since hours seems them stupid and valueless – are they not citizen of Pakistan then why this sick treatment, said a finance manager works in oil company in Islamabad.

And I am a lawyer I have to see my clients early to prepare myself for tomorrow hearing, said the lawyer who was travelling in the same flight.
The people are detained in the middle of the road either we are going to office or coming back or with family - the whole traffic comes to standstill just on the plea that minister is passing – for hours you get your vehicle stuck in sizzling heat – unable to go right & left – even in some cases along with kids we stuck in a car like a bird who has been caged, said business tycoon came Karachi to attend business meeting.

Holding and suspending the whole business activity just for the politicians and bureaucrats passing through the public roads or travelling by airplane and do late boarding - underestimate, despise and disdain the people its not a good practice, said a debater in TV Talk show.
Politicians are the public servants - through the votes they come in power – they arrive in assemblies but instead to resolve people problem – they create problem and get the masses in mental agonies by their attitude and performance, said a housewife.
The stories came in limelight through a video clip that sparked on social media where passengers on board ejected and barred two ministers due to their late boarding.

Infuriated passengers on board forced Rahman Malik Senator PPP & Dr. Ramesh Kumar Wakwani MNA of PML-N reportedly arrived late more than two hours after the scheduled boarding time.
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Wakwani sitting MNA of PML-N though had taken his seat but the furious passenger also de-seated & took him off the aircraft because he just got-in before Rehman Malik appearance.

The conversation however made in between the ministers & passengers are as follows

a)    We have taken it for too long.68 years - are we going to take it for another 68 years? One of the passenger discussed with other mate

b)    When Rahman Malik approaching the aircraft through the passenger tube the disgruntled passengers asked him to apologize to passengers.

Malik sahib, sorry – you should go back – you should be ashamed to these passengers – you should be ashamed of yourself
250 passengers have suffered because of you. It is your fault, sir, passenger said.
Malik sahib - you are not a minister any more – and even if you are, we don't care.

c)    The outraged passengers can be heard grumbling, "So-called VIPs" and "My foot VIPs" as they waited for the two delayed politicians aboard the aircraft.

And two legislators left the aircraft amid chants and slogans
It’s a good sign that people of Pakistan has recognized themselves - have a courage to speak – they can speak up now and it’s because of the PAT & PTI who are sitting in Islamabad since 37 days under open sky, enduring not only the weather vagaries but coming across with multiples problems, said Imran khan PTI chairman.
We have given a sense of identity to the middle class and lower middle classes that you are a voters - you have legitimate right to live in the country –country is yours - not for anyone and it is you - through your votes the leaders go in the assembly to attend and addressed your grievances - caring for your needs - your social & economical rights - your legal and ethical status – your due-share in the country but its irony of fate that leaders are not performing well and delivering the masses, said Dr. Tahiir ul Qadri., PAT chairman.

There are two more instances took place within a week – the 1st incident happened on 15th Sep 2014 at Karachi airport.
The second at Sukkur.-
Sep 17th 2014 - The visit of Sind Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to Sukkur where a donkey-cart boy had been beaten brutally by police for not removing his cart quickly from the road - from where the CM had to pass.

It took little late to receive the ‘move signal by donkey though passed by the cart boy” - as donkey was a donkey not a politician, said by a protestor who were protesting against the police inhumanly beating the poor donkey-cart boy, media covered the story.
Sind CM visit in Sukkur escorted with 28 vehicles - among them were heavy contingent of police and his supporters – all roads connected to the main road where CM had to pass - had been blocked since 6 hours –the life had gone to a stand-still - commotion among police, passerby & vehicle owners seen sparking.

Why this VIP culture? How a country like us can afford such hefty expenses of 28 vehicle just meant for one visit of CM?
The 3rd instance – When premier wife and his daughter were travelling in aircraft – mother and daughter had a business class tickets and house-maid had economy class.
Daughter (Maryam) insisted with airhostess to get her maid in business class along with the vacant seat – when scuffle could not subside – the airhostess brought the aircraft pilot to the scene - where pilot categorically said them he not to fly the plane if you don’t get her back to the economy class for which she has a ticket.

When Rehman Malik shared his story of aircraft at the assembly floor that how passengers handled him due to his late boarding - MNA Mahmood Khan Achakzai told the assembly with conceitedness, vanity & in bullying way that “I will see how the passenger does not allow me to get in – I will stop the plane and will arrive late & will see who stops me” said Mahmood Khan Achakzai.
This tone and language used by Mahmood Khan Achakzai from any point of view is not sensible - how overweening he is - challenging the people (his voters) that he can do anything - really a vandalism at the assembly floor and speaker even did not ask him to speak gently.

Such VIP culture - the zoom and boom of politician should not be supported. Democratic govt. like UK - US and in other European countries where on the movement of minsters, premier they don’t block the roads.
The don’t take any special treatment at airport – the premier goes in queue – waits for his/ her turn and get the seat – why we don’t follow such sweet and swift way instead to believe in bull fighting.

Such awareness truly has been evolved in our ranks and people now feels the merits and demerits about State leader’s performance that - are they really working for the country or spoiling the country?
The time has taken its course – subject of politics and its route in the country are discussed openly among every walks of life, literate and illiterate, among middle and lower classes, among businessmen of different categories.

Sep 16, 2014

Say a big NO to coal-power plant constructing in the city

People heath will be deteriorated as long as the coals are used as a source of electricity generation.

There are other options instead to use coal for producing electricity more specifically the ‘monsoon floods’ comes every year in Pakistan followed with heavy torrential rains that submerges & devastate the crops, animals, makes millions homeless, thousands dies, millions acre of lands goes inundated with water, live and properties are ruined and it takes months to recover, a big question mark that why we don’t build dams?
So flood-water can be used as a tool to meet power crisis in the country, we can reserve flood in reservoir & by building multiple dams in every provinces and cities facilitating to produce electricity, for irrigation, to meet the needs when there is drought & famine to irrigate the plants, vegetables & crops.

A heightening shortfall of power crisis can be coped over by constructing dams if
we use flood waters.

But it is irony of fate that it has been politicized - the corrupt politicians are misguiding the dwellers in the province portraying a crippled pictures that if dam is built your ownership and rights will be encroached by other province. The poor voters just shrug their head whatever the politicians say.

Such a nasty practices are continued in the country and that is the reason still we could not build the dams after 70s. Every year thousand dies and we do politics on death. We are letting the people to die and die just to keep the politics alive, really hypocrite.

But producing electricity by using ‘coals’ is a serious threat to the people flock living in a given constituency, physically it impacts to the human organs, it directly hits to the breathing tube and affects lungs.

If continues the people folk is propelled to lose his energy, power, strength & will that affects in a very short span and man moves towards death, so its detrimental for human health.

Its confirmed conspiracy by the current govt. of PML-N against its people accepting a good chunk of kickback, compromising the life of its own people.
Even the Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan which is enriched with good quality of coals and has incredible reserves but the govt. is prompting to import from ‘China’ with the only aim to earn hefty commission compromising the life of countrymen who trusts in the leadership.
But what a callousness and obliviousness that govt. is stick to install the power producing plant running through coals a good source of income & commission within short time.
Colas emits a thick cloud of smoke filled with heavy carbons, flying particles in the air, affecting kids, children, youngster, youth and elder of every age.
Very soon they get infected and infested, the breathing tube is chocked and damage the lungs resulting people loses their strength & comes close to death. Not only the area where the plant is erected but the adjoining areas wherever the air moves impacts the residents - a lot of medical complication comes ahead.
So we should not recommend to use coal for producing electricity but will prefer to build dam to generate power that will be more feasible, environmentally safe and secure from health perspective not only men but animal as well - such moves leniently will be commendable among every walk of lives if the govt. construct dams to curb the rising power crisis in the country.
Think about people of Pakistan who mandated you, care them & not to throw into the hell, said a senior citizen.

Sep 10, 2014

PML-N Nawaz Sharif’s U-turn & PML-N negotiating team moves to close the recounting of votes in selected constituencies really gets us so riled up, said Imran Khan (IK) PTI chairman.

And it’s a 27th day of AZADI MARCH - the designated negotiating team has finished its 13th round of talks with PTI yet we don’t see any substantial and meaningful role of govt. or any conspicuous outcome except rolling the ball.
As per the spokesperson of PTI & govt. there are two core issues to be re-negotiated and PM will consult parliamentarians to accede to finalize the draft.
PM and his cabinets pigheaded and ornery attitude can cause the economic disaster, the team should cogitate that people of Pakistan has woken up and everyone knows that 2013 election was illegal, fake and forgery except the people sitting in the assembly avoids to accept the truth.
They initially live on unlawful means – in every govt. since 70s they have been sticking with the power (govt.) either with ruling elites or sittings in opposition benches - the flow of money, plots, jobs, vehicles, permits and licenses, special favoritism etc. have been the blessing from PML-N & PPP so how they will go against Prime Minister, said by IK.
While recounted the results of 14 constituencies as per PML-N earlier commitment it revealed that there were 60-100k votes had been polled illegally – unearthing the facts and major breakthrough for the claims of enormous election rigging in 2013 when came to public through print and electronic media it jolted PML-N and others sitting in the parliament such as Khawaja Saad Rafique who has been a controversial federal minister rigged his constituency – one of the crony of PML-N coughs venom when talking.
PML-N govt. still seem us reluctant to conclude the demands which PTI escalated with the govt. constituted team to break the deadlock but it is govt. hypocrisy - trivializing & deliberately lingering the matter.
Giving impression that demands of PTI 5 or 5.5 have been sorted out - really a lie as usual PM & his team have been sharing with media.
We honored the govt. rep. and shared our demands since the day when govt. woke up the very first day - after ten days of our sit-in started from Aug 14th and since then we are among different nominated officials and now the strength of negotiating team even has been squeezed to two rep - its fine we have no issue but we trust in result oriented move, said IK
Our stance is very clear that we will not leave Islamabad or end AZADI MARCH until the election rigging chemistry is sorted out once for all followed with e-voting system for a permanent & immutable solution - as stated govt. should punish who manipulated the election and declaring the election null and void.
Adaptability technology oriented device to poll the votes enabling and empowering our voters to comprehend the importance of their mandates and its utility - such feeling will make them stronger to safeguard their rights – recognizing and identifying their ailments in which people have been confined since decades by the so called leader who buys votes giving them peanut and for five years gets them slave to scream, said TUQ PAT chairman.
We PTI & PAT leadership of AZADI MARCH & INQILAB MARCH (respectively) has given wake-up call to people of Pakistan - we have triggered the alarm - for the last 27 days we are teaching the nation to recognize and identify the importance of votes which makes you the leader elected and send him/ her in the assembly to address your problems – but if they steal your votes then how they will get you free from vicious cycle, said IK
We have imbued & inculcated people to realize 'the right to vote' - the trust which you give to the contesting candidate of your choices - who wins the election through your votes and enters in the assembly - becomes responsible to serve you and get you rid of obstacles cropping into the way of your progression and prosperity in your constituency, said TUQ.
Aam Aadmi (masses) have woken up from slumber – it’s a team of middle class, lower middle class and lower class who are in sit-in since 14th Aug 2014 under open sky – facing weather vagaries and trouble of every sort - now they have understood that who have been crushing them under their feet – who have been usurping and encroaching their  rights - ostracizing them – who pushed them towards abject poverty – who is exploiting them and their children – who in the name of development plan in the area – doing nothing just making money, stressed IK.
It is only PML-N & PPP who have been sitting upon your head like a cobra and eating your brain so that you cannot improve & prosper in your own country - you cannot come as a deterrent but live like a slave, said IK
These power greedy are in the govt. since 1970 – and this is the reason that nobody in the assembly had courage to raise your issues - it’s a 27th days and even not a single agenda of PTI & PAT came under discussion in the parliament.
The ordeal of protesters sitting on the road in open sky, in chess style - for drawing attention of the govt. to listen their plight, depravity, mental agonies and frustrations – no food – no justice – the girl is gang-raped but FIR does not lodge despite victims family visits in the police stations – the girl ultimately immolates herself.
Is it democracy where life and properties of a common man is not secured – what type of democracy and supremacy of the law & dignity of the parliament being boasted in the assembly?
Constitution is a printed material unless it is truly enforced and abode - parliament is a four sided concrete walls unless any legislation is passed under its ceiling - the main thing what you do for people when you arrive in the parliament, said a senior analyst.
Really very alarming - did our forefather made Pakistan for this where our own people are being disgraced and ruler are busy in ecstasies.
Why the marchers have left their comforts and sleeping on the ground - ignoring their houses and families – in the mob among them are kids, breast feeders, children of multiple ages, youngster and youths, boys and girls, women and men, middle aged & elders are enduring the sizzling heat, torrential rains - soaking and drying in the same clothes with the only aim and motto to achieve a welfare state so that everyone may grow and enjoy living in the country safe & secured under the dome of Pakistan.
It’s a new phenomenon that’s took place in Pakistan history where the people are sitting since 27 days & countering torrential rains in monsoon and before this countered the heavy Celsius of mercury.
It’s a natural hype of people anger who have fed up from the heightening corruption, tax evasion and misuse of authority – have propelled people into the hell - they are starving to death, killing their children due to scarcity of food, no jobs - eventually moving for social crimes to live.
So who is responsible of course the govt. sitting in the assembly and not doing any legislation for making a welfare state caring the needs of people, said TUQ.
In the assembly the Minsters either in Treasury benches & in Opposition & Senators of PML-N & PPP even not a single day they discussed or passed any resolution to listen the MARCHERS the protestors of AZADI MARCH AND INQILAB MARCH.
In the joint session of parliament they are spitting venom, coughing hot & spicy & lengthy speeches, flaring their nostrils terming the protesters a terrorist, gypsies, beggars, raiders & invaders asking Speaker of the assembly to take drastic and punitive action against PTI & PAT workers/ supporters to throw them out of Islamabad sitting outside the parliament, said Mehmood Khan Achakzai - Maulana Fazl-ur Rehman & Sherpaao, controversial figure in Baluchistan.
Despising and abhorring the marchers & claimant of democracy - how weirdly the essence of democracy is spoiled - do our leaders sitting in the parliament really knows what democracy is and what are their prime responsibility to serve the people?
Following are the extract taken from Constitutional Book of Islamic Republic of Pakistan where Article 37 and 38 guarantees and identifies the duties of state:
Article # 37 Promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils - The State shall
Promote, with special care, the educational and economic interests of backward classes or areas - Remove illiteracy & provide free & compulsory secondary education within Minimum possible period - Make technical and professional education generally available & higher education equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. 

Ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice - Make provision for securing just and humane conditions of work - Ensuring that children and women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their age or sex and for maternity benefits for women in employment. 

Enable the people of different areas, through education, training, agricultural & industrial development & other methods to participate fully in all forms of national activities, including employment in the service of Pakistan. 

Decentralize the Government administration so as to facilitate expeditious disposal of its business to meet the convenience and requirements of the public.
Article # 38 Promotion of social and economic wellbeing of the people - The State Shall
Secure the wellbeing of the people, irrespective of sex, caste creed or race by raising  their standard of living by preventing the concentration of wealth and means of production and distribution in the  hands of a few to the detriment of general interest  and by ensuring equitable adjustment of rights between employers and employees and landlords and tenants  

Provide for all citizens, within the available resources of the country, facilities for work and adequate livelihood with reasonable rest and Leisure.  

Provide  for  all  persons  employed  in  the  service  of  Pakistan  or Otherwise, social security by compulsory social insurance or other Means.  

Provide basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, housing, Education and medical relief, for all such citizens, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race, as are permanently or temporarily unable to earn their livelihood on account of infirmity, sickness or unemployment. 

Reduce disparity in the income and earnings of individuals, including persons in the various classes of the service of Pakistan eliminate riba as early as possible and ensure that the shares of the Provinces in all Federal services, including autonomous bodies and corporations established by, or under the control of, the Federal Government, shall be secured and any omission in the allocation of the shares of the Provinces in the past shall be rectified.
The power greedy minsters and cronies in the assembly - how will go against the premier because they are getting their due shares – does not matter whether they are federal minsters, senators or sitting in opposition benches or in treasury.

Among them were Maulana Fazl ur Rehman – Mehmood Khan Achakzai – Khan Sherpaoo Asfand Yar Wali - Hasil Buzangoo – Zahid Hamid – khurshid Ahmed Shah – Saad Rafique Ahsan Iqbal – Pervez Rasheed – Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan etc.

If we check the biography of these ministers sitting in the assembly they have a lead from their father & forefather – a particular family & tribes dominating the country since ages and still they want to rule the country.
They don’t allow the young and new generation to come ahead and give space for a truly democrats not selected but elected through transparent with electronically handled apparatus of voting machine, said TUQ & IK.
In short they have their designated chair in the assembly - to remain five years and enjoy with heavy perk and benefits discarding the people out right.

Association in the assembly it’s a decades long faces holding hereditary position & ranks transferred from older to younger whether dies or goes deficient – it’s not an elected faces but a selected - and same tribes and family are ruling in the country - certainly contradicts the stem of democracy for what they claims in the parliament.
If free-fair-transparent and legitimate election is conducted then we can get rid of robbers, looters and plunderers sucking our blood, undermining the state and its sovereignty since 68 years - earning money and depositing in their personal account maintaining in overseas banks, stressed by IK & TUQ

Before leadership of PAT & PTI premier Nawaz Sharif is a habitual & congenital liar who concocts story, misleads, misguides - gives people wrong and false information gets the people astray, referring Chinese president visits maligning with PTI & PAT sit-in & asking help to end impasse between govt. & PTI/ PAT from COAS and later denied, said IK & TUQ.
No one in the assembly called upon or passed any resolution to look into the demands of PTI & PAT

a)    Alleged rigging in election 2013

b)    Investigation into the incident of Lahore Model Town where 14 PAT workers had been killed 90 injured

c)    Now though FIR has been lodged after 2-1/2 months yet no inquiry has been instituted

d)    Changes in the political structure of the country

e)    Impasse between the govt. PAT & PTI no serious talks noticed warranting to resolve politically through peaceful means

f)     Govt. seems busy in praising the unanimous resolve to safeguard the constitution & parliamentary democracy but avoiding to resolve political dispute raised by PTI & PAT

g)    Deliberate attempts of Punjab govt. not to make public the report of the one-man judicial tribunal on the model town incident.

h)    PTI demand to recount in certain constituencies but govt. refused to reopen even a single constituency to determine whether rigging had been taken place in 2013 polls.

i)     PTI demand for formation of judicial commission with the power to investigate, prosecute and pass binding judgment but govt. refusal to form such commission empowering them to determine rigging and manipulation in individual constituency which will supersede the provision of Article 225 govt. maintains.
The stalemate however continuing between govt. and PTI where two core issues still needs to be attended & standoff between Jirga Opposition and PAT are still in negotiation terms.
Let’s hope for the best in favor of the party and the country as well and the marchers sitting since 27 days - may go back their homes with happiness and assurance that their demands will be implemented truly.