Dec 20, 2014

Massacre of 132 school children by Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Tuesday 16th Dec 2014 in Army Public School Peshawar & PML-N ban lifting on death-sentence execution - a serious demand by people of Pakistan to hang TALIBAN where more than 200 lives lost & 129 wounded.

After brutal killing of 132 innocent school children alone on the very first day of TTP attack - PML-N Govt. hastily called All Party Conference (APC) meeting to deliberate and formalize the strategy to uproot Taliban who has waged war against Pakistan since 8 years.

An open insurgency against Islamic Republic of Pakistan not only attacking on govt. establishments i.e. civil and military air bases, law enforcement agencies, its offices & training centers, barracks & army headquarters but attacking on shopping malls, school, religious places, churches, temples, mosques, hospitals & public area even though the operation ZARB-E-AZB is continuing but Pakistan still under series of horrific and frenzy attack from Taliban.

The recent assaults on Army Public school in Peshawar where more than 200 lives have been lost & 100 are still under medical treatment & some of them are in intensive care unit (ICU).

DAHSHAT GARD BAGH RAHAY HAIN IN KA KHATMA QAREEB HAY (Terrorists leaving their den & hideouts while their deaths are very close) said prime minister - a slide running on TV channels.

·         The people of Pakistan asking PML-N what does it mean?
·        And who is helping the terrorist to run away and
·         Why PML-N has sought 7 days as discussed in APC?
·         Is govt. itself involved in helping and facilitating TALIBAN to go somewhere from Pakistan temporarily?
·         Is govt. taking time on the name of 7 days break to pacify & extinguish the uncontrollable and towering rage that’s has been emerged across the country due to TALIBAN inhuman and violent attack?
·         Why govt. does not hang the convicted death sentenced criminals whilst the court has awarded death sentence?
·         Why there is delay in execution?
·         Why president of Pakistan does not reject appeal request submitted by pronounced death sentenced criminals?
·         Why the govt. gives safe passage to terrorist they either speeds away during transportation or breaks the jail and govt. as a dumbfounded does nothing?
·         Has the govt. surrendered before TTP & helpless?  

Prime Minster asking APC nominated committee to devise & outline strategy to submit summary report to the premier within 7 days to finalize the parameter that how to move handling TTP killed the innocent children, the future architect of the country, a great loss truly not for the parents but the nation too.

If in 18th months PML-N could not formulate & work out any strategy then what it will gain within 7 days….asked school teacher who survived in Peshawar school attack?

Instead to go aggressive & expedite severe punishment - seemingly looks that govt. plans to give a safe passage to terrorist, said a defense & political analyst as PML-N particularly has been in good book of TALIBAN.he stressed.

We are very much accustomed to see the unending result of the ‘Committees & Commissions’ held in the past which never ever brought any result rather remained misty and hazy so we don’t see any honest move from the govt. to get the nation substantial measures against TALIBAN.  

So nothing will happen & TAALIBAN will be killing our children again and again and the govt. except political rhetoric will be doing nothing, said a father sharing his apprehension.

We just see the condolence and sympathy messages, and funeral prayers but what happens next – the broil goes down like soap opera - this is owing to our govt. insincerity and dishonesty with the people of Pakistan - their agenda are not in favor of the country and countrymen, said a mother who lost his 14 year old son in barbaric attack.of TTP.

The killing us –they have soft corner and they don’t even denounced TALIBAN publicly, mother of martyred child alleged - No religion dictates to kill innocent and impeccable child who are blossoms, faultless and flawless.

TALIBAN asked the kids ‘what’s your father’ - Upon hearing the answer that kids father were an army officer then the innocent boys were killed getting a sharp knife inserted into their chest and you could imagine that other students who survived or rescued are still mentally disturbed - the horrible environment they countered have made them senseless.

The school management however are treating them through Psychologist – Neurologist are examining the rescued children - most are still talking less as they saw the murder scene of their classmate in front of their eyes, said the uncle holding back the tears whose nephew was studying in class VII and he was position holder.

Sharing the ordeal with one TV channel father of martyred child student of class VI, knowing from the rescued child that the terrorist reportedly dragged the lady principal, they shaved off her hair and propelled in the fire – she burnt alive. And some lady teacher instead to run away from the scene remained busy letting the child out of the class and lost her life.

The school children aged in between 5-16 years was targeted by the terrorist; it was very painful incident, tears rolling into the eyes of everyone seeing the outnumbered small coffins.

The intelligentsia and civil society are of the view that constituting a 'Committee or Commission' in Pakistan never procured anything – it is a fantasy & fancy word of postponement or deferment as the premier has asked APC team to prepare strategy seems ridiculous.

Massacre by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Army Public School not only made everyone moaning and groaning but international print and electronic media too captioned the inhuman and brutal carnage of TTP asking govt. of Pakistan to hang them till death in order to cleanse the society from the evil plans of terrorist.

At this an awful and appalling tragedy overseas countries condolence and condemnation messages are continuing at diplomatic level to the govt. of Pakistan & sharing sympathies with the family of martyred children where 132 lives alone were children on the very first day of attack such indiscriminate and brutal slaughtering (massacre of children) specifically is the second in world history, said a political analyst.

People flew into rage across the country, demonstrated rallies and procession, mourning with candle lights, raising slogan against the govt. and demanding PML-N to hang TALIBAN with no second opinion - take severe action that has been disastrous for the county and its people since decades.

The operation ZARB-E-AZB started on 15th June 2014 as per DG ISPR mentioned in his press conference to have been killed 910 Terrorist during operation while Terrorist killed our 132 children in one day, said a sobbing father in a fit of rage while collecting body of his son from the school.

Terrorist targeted children - did not hostage – and we rescued the children from TTP siege, collected 100 bodies of children alone from auditorium. The operation however against the militants would continue until every one of them was finished, DG ISPR asserted.

We have been witnessing such type of statement, condolence and sympathy, cent percent assurance to the aggrieved or deceased family - from politicians & even from Pakistan Army have been to cleanse Taliban factor from the country but no avail.

Nothing will happen in Pakistan unless our leadership respects and thinks about us, said a crying mother who had dead body of her son studying in class V. The terrorist must know how a child is raised – what sort of sacrifice a mother or a parent does? 

TTP has been fighting to topple the government and enforce their harsher brand of Islam across the country. They have killed thousands of civilians, soldiers, policemen and government officials in the bloody insurgency. 

They (TTP) want to subordinate Pakistan under their domain and enforce their so called Islamic chemistry with the help of their touts & pets living in Pakistan & even sitting in National and Provincial assemblies who always support TTP, feed them & having a close coordination – more precisely govt. is afraid of TTP - there is no intention to remove otherwise what’s expediency with the govt? 

The stronghold of Islamist or Islamic activism – collection of Maulvies – Maulanas & Mullas - the radicals want to push back Pakistan to TTP’s so called Islam & Talbanization - what audacity it  is?
But why Pakistan an Independent state should follow their instruction - TTP thriving because of our Maulvies & Islamic activist, sitting in assemblies patronizing TTP, aiding, collaborating, assisting, supporting & facilitating TALIBAN so they are equally responsible for the terrorism in which we have been confined, said Islamic scholar - so whoever is tout of TTP also deserves to be hanged along with them. As per law whoever murders or provides the instrument to murder both fall in the same category.

The govt. either sitting in Treasury benches or in Opposition always seems discussing and classifying the TALIBAN factor - terming the terrorist ‘a good Taliban or Bad Taliban’ – ‘Punjabi Taliban, Afghani Taliban’ & ‘Pakistani Taliban’ instead to deal them with iron hand, asked by mother who was roaming to and fro searching her son body in madness. 

She further told media that if there had been such killing of prime minster and president’s son then they would have felt the pain. The cruel, heartless, sadistic, barbaric & coldblooded Taliban did not even spared the school children brutally killed them along with school staff.

There were 7 suicide bombers camouflaging in law enforcement uniforms entered in the school & opened fire on the students attending training session in school’s auditorium, said DG ISPR.

Premier & ruling elites are well aware but they avoid any drastic action against TTP because of sick motive for the country otherwise there is no obstacle for the premier to eliminate TTP from the soil of the country.

Upon us this bloody war has been imposed - who is supplying arsenal & war heads to fight against Pakistan - from where the flow of arms and ammunition is continued - why don’t we plug the flow or leakage – why our intelligence and ISPR seems unable to unleash the elements & tracking the influx. 

Lal Masjid in Islamabad running by TTP diehard Maulana Abdul Aziz so called cleric, avoided condemning Peshawar brutal attack - Maulana Abdul Aziz (a burqa cladding guy who was speeding away during 2007 Lal Masjid operation in Musharraf era) refused to show sorry & sad feeling & utterly said, “It is inappropriate to condemn one incident and remain silent on the other”.
Such inappropriate word from the mouth of Abdul Aziz sparked the situation that turned into strong agitation before Lal Masjid. The mob asking Abdul Aziz to apologize and eventually Islamabad administration intervened though an FIR has been lodged by civil society yet asking Govt. to evacuate the TTP hold Lal Masjid and arrest Abdul Aziz because of his subversive activities and open involvement in state terrorism.
Lala Masjid Islamabad has been converted into strong & effective terrorists den where on the name of Madrasa the rioters, suicide bombers & fighters are trained where outnumbered male and female terrorists are produced.
An unbelievable security threat in the heart of Islamabad, a capital city of Pakistan - Govt. must open its eyes towards arms and ammunition storage depot inside in Lal Masjid, asked a protestor gathered at Lal Masjid.
Role of govt. however against Taliban has been shady, shifty and dodgy. The govt. has been a silent spectator avoiding of any punitive action or awarding them capital punishment - placing itself in dilemma – dividing its loyalties.

If we go in past Nawaz Sharif himself had been fostering ‘Punjabi Taliban’ in Punjab and even then politicians raised finger that why Sind, Baluchistan & KPK were under consecutive bomb explosion why not Punjab or Lahore.

Everyday market, school, churches, mosques, temple & public places had been under severe security threat, heavy explosions & suicide bombers attack striking the explosive laden vehicles but only Lahore had no causalities….why?

If we turn the page and look PPP govt. (2008-2013) the ratio of Taliban explosion & Terrorism had been regular in Sind, Baluchistan and KPK but not in Punjab.

And it is Nawaz Sharif govt. that created a ‘reconciliation team to negotiate with TTP. The motive behind the committee was to bring Taliban and its nominated member for table talk.

Nevertheless 6th Feb 2014 Press reports – Govt. of Pakistan formed its Negotiation team to talk with Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) aiming to resolve the militants’ bloody seven-year insurgency.
From govt. four members had been nominated
·         Irfan Siddiqui Special assistant to the prime minister and coordinator of the committee
·         Rustam Shah Mohmand a former Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan
·         Peshawar based journalist Rahimullah Yousufzai and
·         Retired Major Amir Khan
From TTP following hardliner were in negotiation team with govt, members
·         Maulana Samiul Haq Pro-Taliban - Pakistani religious cleric and member of Taliban's negotiating committee.
·         Maulana Abdul Aziz (Lal Masjid cleric who is running Jama Hafsa under the guidance of TTP) &
·         Professor Mohammad Ibrahim (a hard liner of Jamat Islami)

Though the two sides gathered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House Islamabad for a preliminary meeting to chart a “roadmap” for future discussions amid deep skepticism over whether the dialogue could yield a lasting peace deal.
The talks however could not prove fruitful rather ended in fiasco on different reasons and most importantly that during the talks with TTP the militancy were continued referring the massacre of 22 Army Generals and killing of Polio workers in North Waziristan.
Such dubious role of TTP compelled army to stop negotiation due to constant attack on Pakistan army & its establishments. The critics said that such peace initiatives in the past failed and only emboldened the militants.
The closeness with the nominated negotiating team from TTP attested by Shahidullah Shahid said that Mualana Samiul Haq and his two colleagues (Maulana Abdul Aziz & Professor Mohammad Ibrahim a diehard of Jamat Islami had their blessing to go ahead with the negotiations.
Such a blunt support from Shahidullah Shahid – does it not sufficient for the govt. & Pakistan Army to arrest them and inquire the whereabouts of TTP, their den and hideouts ensuring operation cleanup once for all, said a senior Journalist.

Dec 11, 2014

Man always needs woman – a universal reality that you can’t deny.

Does not matter in which age you are? But support of woman indeed has been a primary need – though faces are changed by the time and relationship as well but it is a woman who backs the man to go – glow and grow.

The assistance from woman never ends but continues till the man lasts. If we do in-depth studies that how more the proportion of contribution of a woman has been associating in man’s life we see it’s an unending process.

It starts from man's birth till his death and even though if man meets accident or expires - the survived child is taken care by a fostered or adopted mother (which is a woman) & the child is groomed with the package of survival insight, survival strategy & survival kit - a swift and warm supports remains active to get the child grow till he arrives at the stage to stand on his own foot.

A general perception in a contemporary society that man always seeks support from woman – when he is baby-boy he is looked after, cared and nursed by a woman who is either his mother or some lady from his family – in the hospital he is cared by a lady doctor and hospital-female-nurse who cares for his bedding & feeding and not only caring for his dirty nappies but nappy rashes is also taken care. If the child is breastfed of course mother takes his son in her lap or by any reason if mother does not exists or incompetent medically then this service is hired by another woman.

And it is very candid in the Holy book Quran when ‘Adam’ was created by the universe Creator (God) - Adam was living well but to kill Adam lonesome the ‘Eve’ was born and they were asked to live in paradise, so concept of couple came into being - Undoubtedly they were living in paradise very calmly and peacefully so man with woman are an integral part of the life - woman assistance cannot be detached or separated from man.

When male child starts crawling across the floor the lady holding up in her arms either his mother or a female nurse who ensures nutritious diet enabling the boy to grow stronger & healthy – behind him certainly a woman who backs him till arrives at school going age.

It’s a woman who is identified as mother prepares him ready for school - before school van arrives gets his school bags and tiffin ready – and takes her down to the bus stop and ensures his boarding in school van and when mother gets call form school that her child is on the way to home, it is mother who goes down and collect the child - and if mother has own transport then she drops the child at the school and collect him back when school is over so support form woman always seems intact.

It’s a woman who is his mother she checks his school diary and enables the child to complete his home work and when there is a parents day it is mother who attends it –An unforgettable character remains with the child is a woman that’s why we say that woman is behind in the triumph of a man.

It’s a woman (a mother) who pushes the child to prepare for exam & gets him ready for job interview, encourages & motivates the grown child to move dynamically to arrive at zenith. .

And the grown child is married - a woman comes in his life is known as wife - a life partner & she is a woman - takes care for her husband who takes oath to live with him - caring her husband for his health - fulfilling his economic & social needs.

So being a wife (a woman) she spends her most of the time securing & protecting husband home besides his daily, weekly and monthly schedules - she does everything for his convenience and mental easiness & facilitates man to perform his official and home duties efficiently & fashionably & the woman is a wife whose responsibilities further multiplied and shifted from husband to his child and moves on.

We can say unequivocally and without reluctance that presence of a woman in man’s life is imperative and reality can’t be ignored.

When man enters in practical life - support of a woman does not end or squeeze but spirals & grows more and more as long as man's living and working parameters expands gradually.

In his office life he feels pleasure to appoint office secretary which is a woman - If he is travelling he wants to keep woman with him during travelling either on official visit or personal trips - he insists and prefers to sit with a lady so that lengthy tour may not bore him.

At home he gets his diary prepared by his wife and in office it is jotted down by a female secretary who is a woman - when man attending any party whether business or in family-gathering he needs to mingle with woman - it’s a man nature to have a chit chat with woman that gets him radiant and serene.

If any employment interview is taken by a woman – man feels very cozy and never lose his emotion but ends the interview with good note.

So presence of woman in man’s life emboldens him to conquer the field as per his wishes – he loves smiling woman always so there is no need to any pain killer but just a lovely smile either from his wife or from a woman who has a stake in man’s business.

Dec 3, 2014

Don’t be problem oriented but solution – your strong determination – Willpower –Drive and Perseverance get you strengthened your resolve

Problem indicates that you are alive but in vexation, however it gives you a jerk or gets annoyed & irritated when the things work adversely and unfavorably - pushes you to fall with intensity and gets you entangled & entwined with no escape.

And you don’t see any immediate solution even though prompt to escalate & cascade with your near and dear but instead to have it resolved goes more worsened, complicated & gets ensnared & entrapped with imminent situation.

So the solutions here to go to the route cause, reread & reconsider, rethink & reevaluate, reassess & reappraise, reweigh and realign the whole episode very leniently, peacefully and calmly with the only ambition to attain result or the goal associated with the issue.

Not keeping yourself rolling among the issues but seeing the pros and cons and coming out without spoiling. Your approach to weigh the problem & expecting to get confine with more problems of course gets you more tensed. Just see how to close and wrap up to avoid of further hit or counter attack, any delay and focusing repeatedly will never gets you out of the problem-web.

Here the dice we throw and see its probability as we have read out in our academic book of ‘statistics’. Reconsidering the situation for the sake of freedom to get rid of confinement or the thing that has been encompassed is a good approach.

Mind it so long as you roll the ball - its every movement will get you entrap with more complexities - more intricacies will come over you - so don’t roll – arrive at conclusion and don’t be the part of problem or focus on problem - you should cogitate towards solution orientation.  

And don’t be negative-prone, be optimistic instead pessimistic. We are living in dynamic world where things move concomitantly. Our life runs in between good and bad, right and wrong.

So we are here to learn by expanding our awareness about the world and about us. Learning about the world helps us to succeed - learning about ourselves helps us to evolve or challenges in the arena of relationship, health and finances are all part of the curriculum.

Daily life teaches us - all we need to know for the next step on our journey - each and every day we find new lessons to learn – our learning process never ends till our lasts.

It’s an unending phenomenon that moves and moves and every faces of evolution bring us new information, new surprises, new techniques new mechanism, new hope and new lessons.

So there is no ready-made agenda for us to live accordingly – it is we who prepare & underscore our matrix with the flexibility no rigidity as per the law of nature countering our predetermined practices and procedures.

We can’t keep detach or detract ourselves – we are the part of the universe and the system where we dwell – so we will have to be accustomed with the system and its requirements – if it does not suit us – no problem - living in the same system we will have to select the ways and means and what seems us suitable and congenial we can adopt.

Do you know when you orientate your brain towards problem it becomes conditioned to see more problems & gets you more disturbed & repentant?

So don’t cook or be squared – don’t messed up & confused - otherwise a thick cloud & eclipsed will stiffen you that’s will cause depravity & frustration, embarrassment & disappointments, isolation & depression etc. that hinders you to think about “solution”.

We know well that the road to success is paved with little failures. If you doubt this, learn juggling & balancing act. Infants are master of learning their method is trial and error. In this technique they lead us all – no one fails as much as learns as quickly.

Why fear failure? Ever mistake imparts gifts and lessons – each lesson leads to wisdom and every failure to new achievements – Failure and mistakes are the steps of a ladder which takes us up and up and eventually we reach its zenith.

Virtually nothing comes out right the first time, Failure and repeated failure are posts on the road to achievements…………….. Charles F. Kettering.

Dec 1, 2014

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Plan-C categorically an Ultimatum to the Govt. PML-N

PTI Chairman Imran Khan threatened the govt. to close Lahore on 4th Dec – to close Faisalabad on 8th Dec – to close Karachi on 12th Dec & lastly to close the whole Country on 16th Dec 2014

If PTI demand to investigate the massive election rigging held in 2013 (in the country) not comes in force, asserted Imran Khan in his public meeting held today in Islamabad at D-chowk.

PTI Chairman further emphasized that If our demand does not fulfill & the govt. PML-N not move towards negotiation & constitute a free, fair, impartial inquiry.
And unbiased judicial commission is not constituted examining the volume of rigging done by PML-N then we will give the govt. our Plan-D, contended Imran Khan (IK).

PTI Chairman continued that PML-N & PPP are the two shades of the same coin. They are corrupt and looting national wealth - transferring national money in their personal account being maintained in overseas.

Asking the audience that tell me from where they got such huge amount - how they are Billionaire - how they have a scale of properties in UK, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and in other part of the country.

How they are so wealthy – what sort of trade Zardari (PPP) had and what business Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) - really they not only impoverished the people of Pakistan but the country as well - we are living on borrowed money and running the economy on bail-out package – see the heavy debt burden on our shoulders.

Why I am crying - why PTI crying because if we don’t do they (PPP & PML-N) will be enjoying election like this – on the name of election they will do rigging and making the country and you slave, said IK.

Whether you vote them or not – they will do printing extra ballot papers – they will do stamping and filling the ballot boxes with forged and fake votes. And this is the reason PTI asking the govt. to open the cases and do investigation of the rigged Election of 2013.

Nevertheless the allocated place at D-chowk Islamabad were full with audience where about more than 300k people participated in the meeting called by Imran Khan,

The fully charged audience, powered PTI activist, workers & leadership were demonstrating their confidence in Imran Khan, raising slogan Go-Nawaz-Go. The audience and PTI supporters specifically women and children had painted their faces with party flag, wearing party flag outfit.

Imran khan mentioned that PML-N & PPP are taking their turn since 1970, they are preparing their children & they treat politics a legacy which certainly negates the definition of democracy.

IK highlighted the pampering tactics of ministers and senators who coughed venom during joint session debate in national assembly against PTI & PAT protecting Nawaz Sharif and his illegal status of premiership. If the whole election was fake then either parliament or its minsters all are illegal and illegitimate.

PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehrik) also had been in ‘Sit-in’ in Islamabad and remained more than two months with the same call of election rigging to have it screened with unbiased judicial inquiry- though PAT left but we are still in Islamabad & our Sit-in will continue till inquiry and detail investigation of election rigging is instituted.

Character PML-N & PPP are obvious & vivid before the nation - they cheat election and come always with fake mandate – they steal people trust.

The Election 2013 had been the mother of forgeries where deliberately the election-fixing made not only between PPP & PML-N but then Judiciary, Election commission Pakistan (ECP) & whole govt. machinery was involved making the election suspicious, said IK.

The nation knows that PTI sitting in Islamabad since 110 days and the govt. still seems non-serious despite our AZADI MARCH started from Lahore on 14th Aug and we are still in Islamabad where we lost 4 people and wounded 500 PTI workers, highlighted IK.

We were shot with bullets but the govt. mentioned that it was rubber not genuine bullets; teargas also had been hurled, they arrested thousands of PTI workers. We faced a lot despite whether vagaries, sizzling heat, torrential rain, thunder and storm but we are stick to our demand to get the Election rigging screened, thoroughly examined & making it public.

We remained in govt. for 14 months and raised the issue in the National assembly to open 4 constituencies polling result - we approached Election Tribunal - we went to the courts but no authority listened & even we were called to see Chief of Army Staff (COAS) where we explained from A to Z but no avail - which was of course on request of Nawaz Sharif with COAS.

We told in the assembly that if you don't do justice - we will come on the street and this is the reason we are on the street since 14th Aug. in Islamabad and our demand are un-shattered - we need a free, fair and impartial judiciary verdict if the election was true not rigged, said IK

However today despite govt. barriers where motor highways, GT Road, road arteries connecting to highways and leading routes to Islamabad had been blocked. PTI workers and supporters were harassed, motor vehicles and bikes had been impounded but our leadership kept their patience controlled

JUI-F Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman also played a key role in obstructing the flow of our procession, clarified IK.

Nov 27, 2014

‘About me or About you’ is really a jolting question for the candidate whether sitting before the panel giving interview for employment or selling product or meeting with executive of corporate business.

Undoubtedly “About me” or “About You” is very interesting question - it gives you an opportunity to express yourself to highlight your present, past and future in more realistic and convincing way so that the team before whom you are recounting & painting your position or about your products may trust in you and the door may open for which you are interviewed or the time has been awarded to express yourself in a piece of paper.

It’s a technique that how skillfully & with due diligence you do present yourself - how you symbolize - how magnificent & smart you are? How lenient & reliable? How loyal & dedicated? How honest & caring to your onerous responsibility and how you rendered & uphold your commitment for the given target that caused the employer or the company to attain its goal. 

Whilst illuminating your association with the previous employer you will have to evaluate that how instrumental & proportion of your contribution remained productive and profitable for the company. 

How proved yourself a well talented & aggressive maintaining your strategic role & high caliber multiplying with your diversified vision, mission & execution traits & how more you have been smart in your role that got you recognized in the company – certainly are the matrix that’s should be well known to you while juxtaposing.

Your accent, adequate words, delivery tone and body gesture of course play a very pivotal & vital role. Besides, the reason why left the job and the panel asks - why we should appoint you? How do you understand that you are fit for this position? What will you bring for us? What is the difference in between you & other candidate?  – are the question the employer puts to a candidate. 

No doubt above questions are very annoying & teasing, gets you somersault but be cool and reply patiently – because there is your emotional test – your instinct and intuition comes across so manage it calmly & handle the people and environment professionally.

The beautiful world which is adorned & illuminated with multiple color-shades meant for us & here we counter the positive and negative either separately or simultaneously so in either cases it is we who is to attend and response instead to doom the situation.

The dynamic-world where we live doesn't keep us in class room but puts in open air rather under open-sky for self-deterrent – no support - no one comes to protect & It depends that how the indispensable circumstances or prevailing situation is dealt technically and diplomatically & response for the given situation that’s plunged us.

So practically our muscle and mind both works at a time and it must work – it’s a human nature and even animal does the same thing if it faces anti-environment. But we the human-being are blessed with sense & assessment & self evaluation capability & treatment thereof whereas animal does not equip with this attributes.

It looks here that the candidate is sitting not in a meeting room but he/ she is in the ring and fighting with other wrestler to dominate or defeat – though not but it looks like even if he/ she is sitting with the employer or the team of professionals and being interviewed so be ready for rough and tough questions to conquer the field or happy ending of the meeting.

The question appears that how you speak and getting others to listen you - while getting my Blogs registered & activated with Google Ad Sense where I analyze on Politics – National Economics & Sociology – Google has a column where Bloggers have been asked to introduce or say ‘About You’.

Hi my name is Iqbal Hussain - And if you’re reading this then I guess you’re interested in learning all about me. I’m a blogger have been writing on gilded age politics dominated by corruption, as politicians took bribes and rewarded their supporters with posh government jobs. Elections had high turnout and extraordinarily close results, but neither major party pursued ambitious policies resulting the people of the country always remains vulnerable.

Mentioning the equilibrium issue, the barbarism & tyranny, atrocity & inhumanity, drought and starving, rapes & massacre, loathing & animosity, abhorrence & ignorance, obliviousness and callousness, extreme violent and cruel behavior among the nations are the issues where no nation says I am okay or we don’t have any and economic and social syndromes.

I do postmortem figuratively and highlight govt. negligence, obviousness & callousness that's becomes the topic of my analysis where govt. cheats with their voters, does not comply people mandates and let the masses to die, a license to kill.

Nov 15, 2014

The “In-laws” spoils & becomes the main reason to distort, dismantle & eclipse the golden life of husband and wife, said a groom who became the victim of in law’s rising demands and arrogant attitude.

The drum which is beaten around us, among family & friends & among our social gathering and contacts that someone has divorced his wife or wife has taken divorce because of multiple reasons.

And the circumstances encompassed between husband and wife went entwined, soured & tensed with shocking-end where the situation got them apart and the pleasant relationship ended in separation.

But the reality often does not come out that what forced the couple to go extreme whereas they were lover and beloved for each other – they were happier, living peacefully, beautifully and successfully - who worsened their happy married life & intervened & interfered in their internal affairs’ that caused to suffer ostracism.

The life were moving smoothly painted with rainbow shades - with serene and delights but what happened next – why the couple compelled & what were the constraints that coerced them to take such step and decided to break the relationship.

In most of the cases the ''In-laws'' have been the main players who ruins the marital status of the couple – the involvement either comes from bride side or the groom both family make the things thorny & feeble, cripple & tarnish resulting the couple becomes the hunt of the situation prevalent and terminates their married life.

There are myriad causes some of them are highlighted

Unstoppable demand of in-laws from the bride side to groom that get my daughter gold and diamond necklace, ear tops, gold bangles and gold belt.

Why don’t you get her new costumes – the exiting one you had bought her last year or six months before so why don’t give at this festival - you will have to give – she is my daughter and she never lived like this – the condition in which she has been confined never faced before – she was living in her parents’ house very comfortably & fulfilling every wishes - what she wanted we provided her and we managed even before the events or festivals fell – she is in embarrassment and feeling frustration so why don’t you care her, said mother in law to his son in law.

And when the bride family uses to deliver most of the house hold appliances & caring needs of her daughter, grandson & granddaughter without asking or realizing the feeling of their son in law – if the flow continues in the house such practice gets hurt the son in law – he feels disgraced & laid down - if low in resources & money-matter - he feels insult that someone supporting his family and being vulnerable raises the voice to his wife that stop receiving such bullshit.

Why don’t you stop your mother & father for not to bring the things in our house or give dresses to my children – why they are doing like this, shouted the upset husband to his wife.

If next time they brought anything I would throw out of the window – why don’t you live in the parameter where we are & in accordance with my source of income, said the husband?

Quoting examples of other relatives living in the family who are happier in their meager income, squeezing their wishes and getting it adjusted, whatever they earn gets the thing prioritize, husband urged - but the wife listened quietly and did not response anything.

It means she was not in favor to ask her parents to stop more support despite repeated request or reprimand of his husband – eventually the time came when the husband busted on his ''in-law'' and volcano that’s were maturing since long erupted that’s burnt everything.

We know that husband and wife relationship is a solemn affirmation for what they swear to be spouse for each other, to be loyal, honest and sincere for whole life goes smashed in second.

Here I quote the example of one family who wed her daughter with one of the computer engineer living in Emirates. The groom family kept silent whatever the choice or the relationship developed by her son with the outcast living in London. 

Parents of the groom never objected and always considered the preferences, happiness and wishes of their son instead to prevent or abstain him for not to marry in outcast but honored their son liking and enabled him to move ahead.

The bride family was affluent than groom – they preferred to marry following the customs & tradition they celebrate while doing marriage for their son and daughter, said mother in law to his son-in law.  

Thus the ‘’luv’’ event took place in Emirates and after some time the matrimonial gathering followed with engagement also celebrated. Then 4th time the RUKHSATI event came ahead and a date agreed in between mother in law and her son in law.

The groom family however were not in lime light of the whole episode rather in darkness as the date and schedule of the events finalized were in between mother in law and her son in law.

So exact the day when the RUKHSATI event was to celebrate in a given hotel the groom disappeared from the scene – There were uproar and everyone was looking for the groom but groom was not available, the bride family were talking and chasing him here and there but no avail.

While the bride was adorned in her specific costumes with radiant and glow of pleasures, satisfaction and happiness but the disappearance of groom of course made her upset and she also splashed here and there to get news about her husband. Legally they were husband and wife but the useless tradition i.e. RUKHSATI made the thing worse & Topsy-turvy.

The family of bride who came from London were talking with different comments that why groom sped away – what were the reasons – why he hid his face – why did not book hotel or marriage lawn to accommodate the guest arrived - if the RUKHSATI had been scheduled and agreed in between mother in law and her son in law. Everyone was looking mother in law in apprehension and in a questionable mode. Someone even commented that due to pressure on the groom he ran away.

Everyone were trying to get thread or in quest to reach the groom but no clue readily were available - lastly the bride family arranged themselves the event scheduled and left the country with daughter without son in law.

The scribe however got the opportunity to go in detail with the groom who shared his ordeal that

I had been upset from my in laws due to their rising demands – they knew well that how much I was earning – what’s my salary was – and how much other payoff I had to do every month? Also I had credit cards which required to pay too, the groom insisted in rage.

The scribe asked why did you take so many credit cards – what were your problem?

I had to pay off the bill of my last 3 events that held in the Ball Room a big event in a 7 star Hotel in Emirates where my Luv - Engagement and Matrimony had taken place for which I paid AED 120K, the groom clarified.

I had been engulfed with heavy loans that I took from different banks and had been taking time to time to meet the growing demand of my wife and in laws, groom groaned. 

My mother in law had asked me to get her daughter (my wife) a “gold belt’’ which was costing AED 36K - How I could afford – why did not my mother in law realized that it was not possible for me to get a gold belt - does it come in few fills?

I had a limited salary and no other source of income - how many time I could bear the hefty expenses of subsequent events that she wanted to book for RUKHSATI event in the same 7 star hotel's ball room & that’s the reason I sped away - I was mentally disturbed and confused that how to handle the situation, groom emphasized.

Yes it was wrong and my mistake I do apologize & instead to hide I should have told NO a big NO directly to my mother in law - this was all my fault - no excuse for my behavior and I know I hurt everyone especially my wife - I know that every coin has a flip side, so I'm certainly not blaming her for what has happened.

We all face conflict at some time in our lives. But it doesn't always have to be negative. It doesn't have to end up as a war. There is nothing more hurtful than a broken relationship. I realized that I had lost track of myself.

So I'm going to be transparent - I want to save this relationship. I cannot run away from my own problems because I am the problem, or at least the root cause, said groom candidly with certainty to revive the broken relationship of husband and wife. 

He said that I have no issue with my wife she loves me & she understands once I bring her at my house every thing will be normal - she rather told me that she never asked these thing but she is asked to demand, uttered the groom about his wife.

Though the groom has lost his job but very soon he will be in employment and he assured me that he will be in contact with his in law to establish the relationship because he loves his wife too much.

The story here concludes that ‘’In law’’ should not interfere into the lives of ''husband and wife'' and the couple should be given a free hand, a liberal atmosphere without any compulsion, coercion, any demand or pressure so that they can live dynamically with consensus, harmony and self-satisfaction. No more interruption at all please said a house wife who heard this story.