Jan 13, 2015

Safety & Security parameter for Schools to be complied strictly by school management to avoid of further loss to our children

The scene of terrible carnage happened in Army Public School Peshawar still has not been waived off the mind of Pakistani citizen sustaining mental agonies those lost their lives in the massacre.

Though the govt. has re framed the 21st constitution for establishing military courts in the country and empowering Pakistan army ensuring amendment in army act too to leash and use its muscles eliminating the curse of extremism and terrorism from the country that has been engulfed since decades.

Though Schools (public and private) have been opened after month long closure however the following mandated responsibility of the Principal – Head master/ mistress & senior teachers to ensure desired safety and security measures (in letter and spirit) in the school premises with no compromise at any level.

a)      Staff who are tutors and staff who works in school administration are equally responsible in maintaining schools security

b)      Staff who are non-administrative like the canteen guys, cleaners, peon and security personnel are also responsible to maintain security of the school as they work in school so officially, legally & morally they have obliged school security so long they are associated with schools

c)       Any casual staff being hired in the school should be monitored by the administrative personnel of school, their movement and mingling with school personnel (non administrative) should be monitored.

d)      Movement of any unauthorized person to be followed through the main gate keeping his/ her ID with reception desk. And he/ she should not be allowed to enter in class room only to treat with principal of the school

e)      No back door entrance to be functional during office hours or out of office hours, it should only be treated as emergency gate and not for general use.

f)       Round the clock security armed personnel to be deployed on regular basis either with 8 hours shift or 12 hours
g)      The security personnel to be outsourced/ hired with approved/ registered security company whose work and conduct has national repute or known well

h)      A qualified security personnel - Retired armed forces are the best to hire as they are aware of the required training & equipped with desired security training to meet such incidents

i)        School premises at its four side walls should be covered with external cameras that’s will be focusing the surrounding at least 200-300 meters (with 80 degree movement capability) with high resolution or high density.

j)        monitor screen to be witnessed by the school principal or head of administration during office hours/ school hours with the brief knowledge of school staff and visitors

k)      A well planned mechanism to be maintained for security perspective to avoid of any untoward – CD/ DVDs to be kept in archive for future reference

l)        All the camera installed internally and externally to be maintained under regular maintenance contract by service providers enabling to record the image on digital video recorder (DVR) readable, visible & understandable instead to get blurry picture for no use.

m)    Staff hired on temporary basis – their whereabouts and back ground to be  screened  & checked thoroughly to avoid of the induction of real culprit

n)      Who supports the mercenary, helps and facilitate to do the crime as happened in Army Pubic School Peshawar where the internal staff were involved in the massacre who provided ladder, put it alongside of the wall and facilitated the TTP to get into the school through backside wall where the mercenaries remained inside the school for three hours & did their obnoxious and heinous crime - of course was a great loss not only the family who lost their near and dear but also lost the future architect for the nation.

o)      Such internal criminals are more dangerous than external – they are called hidden enemies so be careful always keep your eyes opened as we are at war

p)      Anyone who is coming inside the school – the guard deployed at the gate must keep handy scanner to scan the body or any metal object if she/ he has before entering into the premises, any objectionable items to be surrendered at the reception desk or with security personnel at the gate

q)      All the material coming into the school by administrative and non-administrative staff to be screened by the security personnel employed at the school gate.

r)       Entry of every school staff to be ensured through handy-scanner on daily basis

s)       If any unwanted movement is seen on monitor-screen kept in school principal or head of administration’s room does notice then immediately someone from security along with school responsible person to be
spotted & investigated

t)       Telephone number of Bomb-disposal squad, Rescue team, Fire brigade, Law enforcement agency nearest office, Commissioner or Deputy commissioner, Police station, Ambulance, nearest medical centers all should be displayed for everyone convenience

u)      Regular meeting with school principal and security armed personnel (deployed at the school gate) to be arranged for understanding the on-going practice and its updating or revise procedure as and when needed considering the security risk implication or consistent security threat in the area

v)      Street vendors or hawkers standing close to the gate of school to be monitored closely or  abstain them away of school gate

w)    Every suspicious activities to be noticed seriously and remedy thereof to avoid any untoward

x)      School van or bus to be screened for security purpose before departure

y)      Any outsider sitting with bus driver should not be ignored

z)       Activity of bus driver, conductor, helper to be in close contact with security personnel of school

aa)   Fire alarm to be fixed – Fire detector & sensor to be maintained regularly &

bb)  Fire extinguishers to be refilled when it is expired – just a show piece will produce nothing but disaster if needed

Stated above are the security measures which should strictly be complied with & adhered to so that we can save our children from further terrorism. 

Jan 7, 2015

National Assembly approved two bills i.e. 21st Constitutional Amendment & Pakistan Army Amendment Bills 2015 through voting process with the masked faces of parliamentarians avoided to support the bills

National Assembly sought to legislate the law through voting process constituting “Military Courts” (MC) & empowering Pakistan Army to try extremist & terrorist Tehrik-e-Talban Pakistan (TTP) waging war & involved in arm insurrection & brutally killing of innocent people of the country.

The lives and properties either civilians or armed forces are insecure – country’s strategic installations are at high security risk – 70k civilian and armed forces have been martyred & we have been propelled in an unending war squared us since decade.

The war not with external but internal forces who do coward attacks – bomb explosions, improvised attack & remote control planted bomb – collision of explosives laden vehicles – suicide bomber – attacks on market, public places, churches, law enforcement agencies and their offices, military barracks, civil airports and military air bases, military headquarters and training centers, children schools, hospitals and nursing colleges have been on hit list of TTP, said the premier Nawaz Sharif before starting national assembly motion for two amendments in 21st constitution & Pakistan Army act.     

Today 6th Jan 2015 - National Assembly however adopted the motion - unanimously secured 245 votes instead 228 the minimum required strength to pass any bill. However 247 members of National assembly and Senate voted in favor of the bills to set up constitutionally protected military courts to try extremism & terrorism suspects to hang the convicts. a drastic action against TTP.

Among 247 votes, members of JUI (F) Mulana Fazl-ur-Rehman group, JI Maulana Sirajul Haq & Qaumi Watan Party chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao precluded to vote though they were sitting in their chambers but did not join the assembly motion to favor two bills presented for legislation. Besides, PTI leadership, Ejazul Haque and Sheikh Rasheed also remained absent from the assembly.

And as soon as the national assembly adjourned its session Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman did his press conference expressing apprehension - alleging that govt. did not take him into confidence and shared the script of National Action Plan (NAP) consisting 20 points where he wanted to re phrase some of the clauses and according to him were ambiguous.

Whereas the allegation seems meaningless as Maulana has been sitting next to the premier in every schedules of All Party Conference (APC) & later proceeding thereof - Maulana however pointed out in his press conference that govt. wants to do operation against Madarasa which is irrational and irrelevant - appreciating the highlights of ministry of interior Chaudhary Nisar quoting his speech that 90% Madrasa in the country are registered and 10% are unregistered.

The situation is quite reversed – in actuality 90% Madarasa are illegal while only 10% are registered, said a political analyst - Maulana further emphasized that Madrasa has its audit report so how it can be illegal.

Replying to Maulana question currently the Madrasas are involved in anti-state activities, they are extremist, have terrorized the environment due to provocative speeches in seminaries, misinterpreting Islam and & its criteria, interpreting for their own cause and favor such a moves of course fuels the sectarianism in the country.

Islamic extremist, radicals & frenzies in Madrasa are roaming in Islamabad streets and threatening the residents. The operation clean up 2007 carried out in Musharraf era was one of the obvious example where illegal arms, suicide jackets & explosive were unearthed in Lal Masjid known as Madarasa..

Further, Abdullah Mehsaud, Baitul Mahsud, Mullah Fazlullah, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, Maulvi Omar, Hakimullah Mahsoud etc were the products of Madarasa so why not govt. should check the eligibility of Madrasa, asked the analyst.

Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and his staunch political allies always have been sympathizing, supporting, facilitating, abetting, aiding and collaborating TTP - they even avoided to denounce publicly against TTP recent inhuman, cruel and violent attack in Army Public School Peshawar.

Even the statement of Maulana Abdul Aziz Lal Masjid cannot be ruled out where he said, it is inappropriate to condemn the killing of Peshawar and disregard the killing of Waziristan, media quoted.

Though National assembly has passed the bill having amendment in the constitution, empowering Pakistan army to start operation against extremism and terrorism ensuring speedy trial. The bill however will be presented in the Senate too to have these amendments endorsed.

The military courts will only be regulating for two years with specific focus on extremism and terrorism with the ultimate move to eliminating the terrorism once for all from Pakistan, said premier.

Maulana Fazl ur Rehman however threatened in his press conference that he will escalate the situation with his counterpart & with other Islamic parties working in the country if govt. does not clarify the action meant for Madrasa, Maulana emphasized.

Maulana apprehension for Madrasa giving impression that he will go against the govt. making hue and cry in the press, asking his like-minded allies to go for agitation against the govt. if his concern or observation is not extinguished.

Chief of Army staff (COAS) however while presiding core commander meetings, very candidly he pointed out that terrorist and his sympathizers would be handled with same tone and impact if they did not amend their behaviors.

We cannot overlook the cooking among our internal leadership who are not supporting the govt. move to eliminate extremism and terrorism in the country - how we can eradicate the criminals if there are hidden enemies among our rank, said defense analyst.

Jan 2, 2015

Establishing Military Court for speedy prosecution of terrorism cases to try terrorist is the only solution to eradicate and eliminate terrorism from Pakistan

Such announcement at govt. level undoubtedly has opened more room having a serious discussion among politicians whether in-office or disgruntled, descendants or against the govt. debating and objecting over the constitution of Military Court (MC) asking to revamp the existing court instead to form Military Court.

Some stating there are Civil & Anti-Terrorism courts already on payroll of the govt. paying a huge sum but if such courts are not functional and delivering desired result then close it and send the judges back to their home instead to award them heavy salaries and perks.

Why MC? However on rising terrorism everyone are on the same page to crush the terrorist and their bases following serious public demand to hang the terrorist with no second opinion referring the recent brutal attack in Army public school Peshawar that’s killed more than 200 lives where 132 alone were children on the very first day of attack on 16th Dec 2014.

Certainly giving a fresh impetus to the govt. to take drastic action against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to erase them as it has been unmanageable and uncontrollable. 

As Taliban or terrorist they are neither Muslim nor associates with any specific belief or religious institution where of course no religion does endorse such barbarism, inhumanity and brutality what TTP has imposed on us, said a senior analyst.

We are witnessing since decade the country has been engulfed with terrorism & extremism and despite consecutive army operation the militancy has not been subsided but every time the terrorist & ratio of militancy emerging with a new heights and impact that’s certainly devastating the state and its sovereignty. It is therefore a clarion call or has been imperative being the only priority before us to tackle TTP element with iron hand.

The Juries and administration of Pakistan army are of the view that despite pronouncing death sentence - the convicted criminals have not been executed.- There are 8k declared death sentenced criminals languishing in different jails in the country but the govt. always remained silent and avoided to implement the court verdict on different plea.

Apart from, a strong perception for the judges sitting in the courts are also not good among general public where the cases are not handled or disposed off timely but goes prolong and eventually the culprits either gets bail or evidences are washed off or the evidence holder is killed so delay in prosecution & judgement thereof gives birth further criminality. Also there is practice where politicians breeds criminals, they support criminals, they feed and fund the criminals.

So terrorist and its sympathizers or stakeholders who support terrorism and extremism in the country before the law are equally responsible they will be tired with the same parameter, said COAS during his Corps commanders meeting.

And if we see even since 16th Dec 2014 – Has govt. & the Courts operating in the country really executed the death sentenced convicts those need to push towards death gallows and the appeal referred to the President of Pakistan from death sentenced convicts why have not been rejected so far.
So it’s a govt. lethargic and glacial attitude who never wanted to eliminate TTP and there is substantial support from terrorist sympathizers who don't want to hang or remove terrorism from the country on different pretext. And this is the reason that the country now is burning and bleeding where innocent lives are lost and nothing is secured.

Just a lame excuses among politician says - does military court guarantee that its working parameter will be limited to only terrorism or to the extent of terrorist as the apprehension showed by Asif Ali Zardari (Acting chairman PPP & Ex-president of Pakistan) while celebrating death anniversary of his wife Benazir Bhutto at Naudero Sind - if they are not involved in terrorism then why afraid? Political analyst uttered.

The intention behind the suspension of execution to the convicts basically unearths the reality - such high profiled criminals (imprisoned) are used by politicians as trump card they use criminals for their ill motives. And the reason justifies that on the name of moratorium the execution of convicts remained suspended but now it is revived to hang the terrorist - no more delay or deferment at all, clarified premier Nawaz Sharif.

There should not be any moratorium on execution of convicts requested by European Union and U.N.O secretary general who directly phoned to the premier to halt death sentenced execution.

We are very much clear that capital punishment to the terrorist does not violate international law. We respect international community and oblige UN Human Rights obligation but Pakistan is passing through very critical situation - so far we have lost 70k lives where our soldiers & civilians have been martyred – A peaceful Pakistan is in the best interest of the world, govt. spokesman said.
We have outlined policy and procedure to counter terrorism and extremism & 15 committee have been tasked with execution action plan consisting 20 points to handle terrorist rigorously. We honored the requests of European countries and that’s the reason Pakistan People Party (PPP) kept the death warrant on hold for executing convicts.

But PML-N now breaking the iceberg and keen to handle Taliban factor with capital punishment so that people of Pakistan can live in their own homeland peacefully and we will eliminate terrorism from the country. It has been cancer & we can’t afford cancerous growth anymore we will remove its abscess from the root, assured the APC team categorically by premier Nawaz Sharif.

Further, referring the handing over of 22k terrorist to the govt. by Pakistan army COAS Raheel Sharif mentioned that political leadership did not ensure capital punishment but freed the culprits, so how we can curb over the rising militancy in the country, COAS shared his concern with the team of All Party conference (APC)..
As a last resort from PML-N govt. concluded its week long APC agreed unanimously to constitute ‘’Military Courts’’ (MC) across the provinces immediately to handle terrorism & extremism and hanging the terrorist with no more moratorium.

The motive to build military court is to confirm early disposal of terrorism cases - enabling the country to ensure peace, safety and security to the people of Pakistan who are not safe in their own country. The children are killed even in school, nobody safe both in office, market, walkways and at religious centers too.

The country has been implicated in high security risk - it looks we are living in war-torn area but Pakistan army will entail the existence of military court, start its proceeding and award capital punishment to the terrorist.
Again, more than 70k life have been lost in the war on terror - we are at war – we have lost our civilian and soldiers who martyred combating with Taliban – a name that’s has been cursed from every corner who are damaging the country and its economy due to scale of bomb blasts and suicide attacks, the reason where no investor inclines to do any investment in the country, our identity and ranks among international arena has been degraded whereas we are peace loving nation, said premier.

It’s not a time to discuss whose war is this – it is our war and we have to confront, counter and retaliate with the same tone and effect - it is our collective demand (attaining the consent of all political parties gathered at one table) and decided to go for military courts - therefore military courts to be constituted in the country where terrorist and terrorism will be handled with renewed vigor and rigorous, it has been indispensable and we will do it, said COAS

Now to validating the proposal of MC in the country for two years - special amendment in the constitution (of course) will be taken care as the same political pundits who have acceded to constitute military courts - will endorse the bill while presenting into the parliament – and primarily the military courts will focus to try terrorist, mainly tackling the issue related to extremism & terrorism for its complete elimination that has been penetrated in the country, said premier Nawaz Sharif.