Jul 31, 2015

De-seating Pakistan Tehrek-i-Insaf (PTI) from National Assembly will give a blatant and blazing jerk to PML-N govt came after 14 years toppling it in a military coup in 1999

Attempt to de-seat PTI - submitting a resolution by JUI (F) & MQM in National Assembly asking legitimacy of PTI presence in the parliament through voting who remained absent from the lower house of parliament during 126 days Sit-in in Islamabad.

JUI (F) & MQM led coalition partner moved a motion to de-seat 28 PTI members who were absent without leave of the NA for 40 consecutive days to be declared vacant under Clause (2) of Article 64 of the Constitution.
The coalition of JUI (F) Maulana Fazlur Rehman & MQM will not bring any fruit to the existing leadership of PML-N govt. but attracting a conspicuous threat to the nascent and nurtured democracy that’s got its foundation in 2008 after Pervez Musharraf ​era.

PML-N govt. who as silent spectator watching the tussle emerged after judicial commission report (JCR). PML-N govt. its minsters not Pakistan People Party (PPP) are denouncing PTI & demanding to apologize in the parliament - who according to them PTI termed the parliament a fake & unmerited that’s came after apparent forgeries and tampering as PTI alleged the general election held in 2013 - now PTI has no right to sit in the same assembly.

PTI however referred that JCR also endorsed that there were acute mismanagement and lack of systematic criteria to conduct the general election which on the part of Election Commission Pakistan (ECP) should have ensured, entailed and & guaranteed to maintain its transparency and impartiality which ECP could not and failed to maintain its prime objective however there were no systematic fraud observed by PML-N, JCR report said.

So if JCR highlighting such irregularities in the election then it endorses to our claim said Imran Khan PTI chairman in a press conference.

Nevertheless we (PTI) as per the agreement while sending the case for judicial enquiry had agreed with the designated team of PML-N that PTI would accept the verdict and if JCR went against our allegation we would go back to the parliament, further added.

So if PTI now intends to go back to the assembly then what’s wrong – we are doing it as per the deal agreed between PML-N & PTI & this is something in writing too, he uttered.

Shah Mahmoud Qureshi PTI leader said that his party wants to play positive role in the parliament but the house may de-seat PTI MNAs.

We have accepted the JCR verdict and have asked the Election commission of Pakistan to take punitive action against Returning officer (ROs) & Presiding officers (POs) who made the electoral process controversial, cheated and tampered the sanctity of transparent polls that’s caused us to go for Judicial inquiry.

There is no matter of any apology or the ruling for vote of no confidence against us being asked by JUI (F) & MQM & other members of the parliament who is keeping the parliament in a state of commotion and & noise and confusion, said an stalwart. .

These handful number of parliamentarian their stubbornly unyielding attitude will get the situation more tense and keeping the print and electronic media busy in no profitable business of the govt. instead doing any legislation or think to move forward with a good opening to complete the pace of democracy continue, political analyst said.

If JUI (F) & MQM remains arrogant & chesty to call for vote of no-confidence in the assembly such tactics from any point of view will not be commendable and even Pakistan People Party (PPP) who is in opposition - always has been vociferating & preferring to keep the democracy candle alight will confront the resolution and will go against the call, said a senior journalist.

The PML-N should understand that there is third eye who is monitoring very closely all such unproductive campaign continuing - it will be viable and rational for PML-N to run the govt. and complete its tenure & wrap up the baseless resolution.

PML-N should foresee that JUI (F) treats national politics in KPK as a hereditary or its ancestral legacy and that the reason they did not accept PTI govt. in KPK since inception.

People of KPK rejected JUI (F) in the election but despite their defeat they started to work against PTI and that’s the reason JUI (F) and its coterie in KPK have built a fronts & keeping political environment in KPK messy and illogical confrontations against PTI.

As far as MQM it’s a retaliation as PTI wants to prevail in Karachi which currently does not seem possible as MQM has a big mandate in this cosmopolitan city of 30 million where majority of Urdu speaking resides along with other nationals; Here multiple languages are spoken – its population augmenting every passing day as Karachi is a commercial hub and it embraces everyone who ever migrated from up countries - and Karachi contributes good revenue as a single source in the country.

As per JCR - correct the Election-conduct’s method and procedure, do some systematic work and make the ECP most effective and trust worthy, bring a centralized monitoring system of electoral process across the country – buy the electronic computer oriented machine and give the ROs & POs required training – appoint a talented staff – make proper revamping & reforms in electoral process that’s may discourage the election non-controversial and unsuspecting, said a seasoned politician.

Therefore parliamentarian sitting in the assembly should not cough poison as some member of PML-N seems have been given the only task to criticize, attack and counter attack in TV talk shows like Mohammad Talal Chowdary, Abid Sher Ali, Mashahid Hussain, Pervez Rasheed, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khawaja Asif, Danial etc who do regular press conferences and character assassination to PTI main stream which is of course brings nothing but causes to widen the gap in building a good political environment in the country – criticism should be there but a healthy criticism not criticism for the sake of criticism, said political observer.

Jul 20, 2015

Why operation in Karachi has been specific for MQM in the name of militant & militancy & ignoring other political parties who are at large?

MQM a 3rd political force having 24 seats in National Assembly & 43 seats in Provincial Assembly but their political existence are in serious threat under the name of operation in Karachi, a metropolis densely populated with Urdu speaking community.

Its legislators are being victimized, sitting MNAs/ MPAs are arrested from their comfort, MQM offices, Secretariat & Unit offices are raided, not only MQM member but offices are ransacked and documents are confiscated in the name of operation - Unit In-charges & Area designated political workers are picked up & tortured to death.

So far we are missing thousands of MQM stalwarts, Well wishers who have even a little stake in party affairs been killed in judicial inquiry & in police encounters said MQM MPAs.

Sharing with media, that in the name of operation in Karachi only MQM is targeted in the name of militant and militancy. Every party has militant and militancy but why operation has been limited to MQM, added further MQM leader during press conference.

Currently hundreds of FIR have been lodged against MQM chief Altaf Hussain across the country and now it has been extended against sitting MNAs and MPAs - FIR being lodged, law enforcement agency are arresting them from their homes at mid night.

So what to do - where to go - who will provide us justice - why operation specifically has been encircled with MQM whereas militant and militancy in other political groups are at large

Does it not lead inequality, partiality and biased where through a well planned scheme authority sitting in federal and provincial govt trying to remove Urdu speaking - a legitimate vote banks in the country being crushed and persecuting on different excuses.

Urdu speaking living in Karachi & across Sind province are in majority their voices can not be suppressed and oppressed - they have legitimate seats in the federal and provincial assemblies, asserted MQM MPA during press conference.

Yes there were bad elements like other political parties and it should be cleaned but the whole community should not be targeted - we need respect as a loving citizen of Pakistan thats our basic rights and we deserve for it.

Jun 27, 2015

Karachi has lost its1200 people due to severe heatstroke in a week & failure of Sind Govt. for not implementing Disaster Recovery Plan at provincial level to meet such crisis!

Karachi a mega city of 30 million people affected by irremediable calamity – a severe heat waves that killed 1200 people in a week & still the uproar echoing that atmospheric condition does not seem normal but a consistent threat.

The news however airing in media through metro-logical department that one more time the heatwave will target Karachi though the heat temperature has come down little but not so distinctive to believe that the dragon of heat waves has left the city.

Nevertheless it’s an obvious signal for the people living in Karachi to take precautionary measures beforehand to avoid of sunstroke

Electronic and print media should play its due role and must do regular program on ad hoc basis to apprise the people giving an understanding and showing illustrative physical training that how to cope over the crisis and someone can keep away from the ruthless impact of heatstroke.

The karachiites experienced the heavy strokes last week - looking Sind Govt. to notify the concerned govt. hospitals/ clinics  & install emergency cell across the board in Karachi to handle such disaster if falls again

Ensure the presence of all requisites & facilities required to treat heatstroke & sunstroke patients - conduct essential medical training to attend such victims & make mandatory arrangements on war foot basis needed for suspected patients of heat waves. 

For God forbid if it repeats we are not certain how more death the karachiites will witness, said a Govt. hospital doctor.

Due to sizzling heat waves the Karachi kept their inhabitants into furnace where the mercury overwhelmingly scrolled between 45 to 47 degrees Celsius that devoured 1200 lives. The pitiless weather baked the whole city and spared no one whoever came under its clutch.

The causes of fatalities were the direct sunstroke following dehydration, headache, nausea, vomiting & heart attack where patients could not survive and expired. There were no epidemic eruption in the city but an unbearable & unbeatable heat waves that plagued the Karachiies.

It’s a heat injuries where people get infected with heat stroke or sunstroke that kills and can cause damage to brain and other internal organs - Heat stroke generally occurs as a progression from milder heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat syncope (fainting) and heat exhaustion but it can strike even if you don’t have previous signs of heat injury.

Heat stroke results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures - usually in combination with dehydration which leads to failure of the body's temperature control system. 

The medical definition of heatstroke is a core body temperature greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit with complications involving the central nervous system that occur after exposure to high temperatures - Other common symptoms includes nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation, and sometimes loss of consciousness or coma. However the fatality increased due to the following reasons

a)    Lack of basic facility at govt. hospitals in Karachi in its four districts – No water - No ceiling fan – Out of order lavatories – A darkened room or medical wards- Filthy and stinky & unhygienic hospitals environment with disgustingly dirty floor.   

b)    Insufficient number of medical staff and paramedical forces to curb & manage the influx of heatstroke patients in the hospitals

c)    Non availability of ambulance to take the suspected patients of heatstroke to the nearest hospitals

d)    Not only govt. hospitals had no ambulance but the private ambulance service providers also seen excusing when the suspected patients either arrived late in hospital or expired on the way to the hospital

e)    No bedding facility - patients lied-down at the floor waiting for crusader to treat them

f)     Not constituting any emergency cell/ units or special arrangement to respond the tragedy i.e. the increased number of heatstroke patients brought to the hospitals

g)    No mass disaster recovery & business continuity plan with strategic policies in place to control & getting rid of the crisis in the city.

h)    Lack of medicines & dysfunctional of oxygen cylinders & inactive medical equipment

i)      Inadequate Air-conditioning apparatus that were the important intake for sunstroke patients

j)      Dysfunctional air-condition plants with no maintenance schedule rather out of order since long

k)    Prolong power breakdown with no back-up support to run or revive the hospital business resulting patients left remained unattended and died

l)      Failure in provision of desired cooling temperature being first and foremost important segment for such victims & suspected patients of heatstroke whose survival depends only on appropriate cooling temperature to relief the patients from the heat waves but hospitals had no cooling facility at all

m)  Untrained medical doctors and nurses to understand and handle such victims, its symptoms and treatment - delay in giving medical help caused fatal

n)    Lacking in initiating first aid to cool it to 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit the staff looked busy in searching of thermometers

o)    Out of order ceiling fan - directing to the patient and wetting skin with water from a sponge - a basic criteria to attend heatstroke patient and

p)    Applying ice packs to the patient's armpits, groin, neck, and back because these areas becomes rich with blood vessels close to the skin - cooling them might reduce body temperature

q)    But there were no ice packs in the hospitals or cold water to shower the patients - because almost toilets had no water in its tap but inundated with sewerage water due to chocked sewerage lines

A general phenomena to immerse the patient in a shower or tub of cold water, or an ice bath but hospital had no such facility to attend heatstroke patients resulting we lost outnumbered human lives in Karachi

Truly, people went through untold mental agonies – a tale of horror for Karachiites who lost their kith and kin owing to numerous reasons - those who lost their relative says

a)    We could not find grave to bury our family or place to burial the corpse

b)    When approached to graveyard administrator or cemetery - the grave digger we could not find

c)    They told us bring your laborer and a pickax to dig up the grave – go around and check the place - so do your own arrangement as we are not free due to mass killing by heat waves in the town, said the grave digger, mentioned aggrieved father who lost his daughter in heatstroke.- In one day alone 41 dead bodies had been buried in Shaki Hasan grave yard he further said. 

d)    There were no place in cemetery - around the city we roamed & checked other burial site too but did not find place - however we were given a new date by the grave-digger to come after two days as there were no ready-made grave available

e)    When we approached the morgue Edhi center in Shorab-goath to store the dead body we were told not having space inside the cold storage - we came back with the corpse and arranged ice slab to intact the body, said a sobbing son who lost his father while he was coming back from the job, died due to heatstroke.   

f)     The hospital administration returned the body of my uncle as there were no space in hospital mortuary and I took the body to another morgue - however I searched for space to bury my uncle but could not find burial space in the town or the precinct where we live – lastly we got the place out of Karachi in Hub River Road graveyard where we buried our uncle, said a distressed nephew who lives in Gulshan e Iqbal  ..

g)    When we went inside the morgue we saw how the bodies had been stacked on top of one another – really there were no space in the mortuary because of massive killing due to heat waves in Karachi – all the mortuary in the city had no space to accommodate dead bodies  

h)    Most of the corpses had been kept outside the mortuary had stinky & smelly environment if you pass close to the mortuary. Yesterday I came to know that Edhi had buried multiple bodies in one grave because of space, time & unclaimed factor. Edhi resources also confirmed that due to not having space in mortuary temporarily they buried 30 bodies hoping to get claimant to handover the bodies to its owner.

i)      When we got a place in cemetery but we could not find any funeral van or bus to take bodies to graveyard then we hired a public bus to carry the mourner to perform funeral.and for carrying the dead body one of my friend arranged high roof where we kept the body in our lap and moved for cemetery as ambulance was not available.

Among other issues electric power failure were the main reason that increased the death toll as immediate cooling temperature and cold water accessibility could not attain that’s made the situation worse to worst in Karachi.

However govt. needs to enforce Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in practicality so that ability of the organization or concerned department may respond to a disaster or an interruption in services by implementing a disaster recovery plan to stabilize and restore the organization's critical functions.