Feb 1, 2016

Iran wants to legislate, a bill passed by its parliamentarian where the father is authorized to marry his adopted daughter if she is in the age of 13

In Islamic Republic of Iran it is not illegal or ineligible but must be validated legally, morally & medically if physical status of the girl and the given puberty age falls i.e. 13 and from medical perspective if the girl has been matured or she has the sign & symptoms of pubescence plausibly, said a senior medical doctor.
To marry age limitation of a girl is not a universal guideline but it goes different among states - depends on country’s geographical status and standard of living of the girl and boy.

Activists says in the light of Iran parliamentarians move it will facilitate the caretaker of a family to marry his or her adopted child if a court rules that it is in the interests of the individual child.

But it does not look good that you nourished, cared and fed the child as adopted son and adopted daughter and when they groomed and arrived at puberty then you go to marry with him if you are a mother and marry with her if you are a father! Really seems nuisance & sick feeling, said well renowned Islamic scholar.

How it sounds you appropriate and your conscience accepting as a spouse to whom you have been bringing up, raising and keeping under your fosterage, asked by an agent of human rights? Does it not look you obscene and awkward?
Such legislation to marry with adopted son and adopted daughter [undoubtedly] has been controversial and looking the attestation and endorsement by the team of Iran's Guardian Council, Clerics and Jurists who will check its impact in the society, merits and demerits, the pros and cons where the verdict of the council to follow.
As per Islamic republic of Iran girls can marry as young as 13 provided they have the permission of their father & boys can marry after the age of 15. And the girl under the age of 13 can marry but she needs permission of a judge whereas marrying stepchildren is forbidden under any circumstances.

In Iran 42,000 children aged between 10 and 14 had been married in 2010 and in Tehran alone 75 children under the age of 10 were wed.

Shadi Sadr, a human rights lawyer is of the view that legalizing the bill to marry with adopted children will lead to pedophilia; it's not part of the Iranian culture to marry your adopted child.

Obviously incest exists in Iran more or less its happening across the world where an adult who is sexually attracted to children, legalizing such moves will be endangering our children and normalizing this crime in our culture, morally repugnant, abhorrence and detestable unequivocally.

The human rights activist Shadi Sadr added further that you should not be able to marry your adopted children - if a father marries his adopted daughter who is of course a minor, and has sex, that's rape & it will fall under the definition of adultery and one thing more noticeable is the major age difference between the girl and the father.

How convenient you will be to move the life ahead with a child or with immature lady who is just 13 & has been under patronage as a guardian, you helped her and now developing sexual relationship, said a Journalist.

It is vivid translating this bill you can be a pedophile and get your bait in the pretext of adopting children," Sadr said. Some experts believe the new bill is contradictory to Islamic beliefs and would not pass the Guardian Council.

An initial draft of the bill, which had completely banned marriage with adopted children, was not approved by the council and it is feared that Member of Parliament introducing the condition for marriage may convince and justify the Jurists & Clergymen, the human rights Activists Sadr fears.

One of the reformist newspaper Shargh articulated ‘’How can someone be looking after you and at the same time be your husband and Children can't be safe in such a family." the article asked.

The head of Iran society Shiva Dolatabadi protecting children's rights, has also warned, that the parliament is legalizing incest. "You cannot open a way in which the role of a father or a mother can be mixed with that of a spouse" she said.
Islamic legal rulings about foster parenting and adoption
Adopted son or adopted girl is not biological or real son & daughter so marriage is eligible with adopted child because their adoption is just to shelter & foster them as a guardian not as real father or real mother.
And there is no legality or eligibility from any shade of thoughts to claim their share in heritance as admissible to a real biological son and daughter.
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said that a person who cares for an orphaned child will be in Paradise with him, and motioned to show that they would be as close as two fingers of a single hand. 
An orphan himself, Muhammad (peace be upon him) paid special attention to the care of children. He himself adopted a former slave and raised him with the same care as if he were his own son.
However, the Qur’an gives specific rules about the legal relationship between a child and his/her adoptive family. The child’s biological family is never hidden; their ties to the child are never severed. The Qur’an specifically reminds adoptive parents that they are not the child’s biological parents:
“Nor has He made your adopted sons your (biological) sons. Such is (only) your (manner of) speech by your mouths. But Allah tells (you) the Truth, and He shows the (right) Way. Call them by (the names of) their fathers; that is juster in the sight of Allah. But if you know not their father’s (names, call them) your brothers in faith, or your trustees. But there is no blame on you if you make a mistake therein. (What counts is) the intention of your hearts. And Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful” .......................(Qur’an 33:4-5)
The guardian/child relationship has specific rules under Islamic law, which renders the relationship a bit different than what is common adoption practice today.
The Islamic term for what is commonly called adoption is kafala which comes from a word that means “to feed.”  In essence, it describes more of a foster parent relationship. Some of the rules in Islam surrounding this relationship: 
ü  An adopted child retains his or her own biological family name (surname) and does not change his or her name to match that of the adoptive family.
ü  An adopted child inherits from his or her biological parents, not automatically from the adoptive parents. 
ü  When the child is grown, members of the adoptive family are not considered blood relatives, and are therefore not Muhrim to him or her.
“Muhrim” refers to a specific legal relationship that regulates marriage and other aspects of life.
Essentially, members of the adoptive family would be permissible as possible marriage partners, and rules of modesty exist between the grown child and adoptive family members of the opposite sex. 
When couples are unable to have children by natural means or artificial insemination, they can choose to adopt children. But to register those children under their names, making them beneficiaries of their inheritance is against religion (Islam).
ü  When the adopted children reach puberty – and as they are of no blood relation to the parents – marrying with them becomes lawful according to Islam.
ü  Therefore, according to Islam it is not permissible for the mother to be alone with a male adopted child, and for the father to be alone with the female adopted child in any place, at any time.
ü  Infertility may be the result of some disorder and to seek medical remedy and cure is the couple’s duty. When this does not help, in vitro fertilization becomes permissible but only when the sperm and the egg of the couple is used.
Using donor sperm or egg is forbidden in Islam. 
ü  If they cannot succeed in fertilization with their own (sperm and egg) the couple must accept the divine providence and live without children, in obedience to their faith.
ü  If the child is provided with property/wealth from the biological family, adoptive parents are commanded to take care and not inter-mingle that property/wealth with their own. They serve merely as trustees.
These Islamic rules emphasize to the adoptive family that they are not taking the place of the biological family — they are trustees and caretakers of someone else’s child. Their role is very clearly defined, but nevertheless very valued and important.
It is also important to note that in Islam, the extended family network is vast and very strong. It is rare for a child to be completely orphaned, without a single family member to care for him or her. Islam places a great emphasis on the ties of kinship
A completely abandoned child is practically unheard of. Islamic law would place an emphasis on locating a relative to care for the child, before allowing someone outside of the family, much less the community or country, to adopt and remove the child from his or her familial, cultural, and religious roots. This is especially important during times of war, famine, or economic crisis — when families may be temporarily uprooted or divided.
“Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?  And He found you wandering, and He gave you guidance. And He found you in need, and made you independent. Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness, nor drive away a petitioner (unheard). But the bounty of the Lord – rehearse and proclaim!”.............(Qur’an 93:6-11)
Tough it is not objectionable to marry with adopted child as they don't pertain to biological attachment with the family where the child grown up but morally it does not satisfy ones to have a sex as a spouse, so its better for Iranian council of jurist and clergymen to overrule the Bill passed on by parliamentarian

Jan 20, 2016

Bacha Khan University under terrorist attack - 30 killed & 50 wounded on Wednesday 20th Jan 2016

When we will mature? The same error repeated - We did not learn from the brutal killing of 132 children in Army Public school Peshawar - the pain still we feel but we have been ignorant!.

Why we are ignorant and taking the thing so easy? Terrorist are at large & we are talking on APC (All Party Conference) - Involve in Iran & Saudi Arabia diplomatic relationship and our home is burning. 

We brag and boast ostensibly about safety and security of educational institution but result is ZERO - do astronomically that we will kill the last terrorist - their life has been numbered - the place around them has been squeezed - we will not sit but will chase them and remove their hideouts, said by premier in his recent press briefing.  

Terrorists entered in Bacha Khan University through low height wall from the back side of the university, there are evidences showing in media - stacking the rocks on top of another close to the backside of the wall using as ladder to enter into the university.

ü  University is not secured from 4 sided - walls at different places are lesser than the height of front main entrance - the barbed wire shown around is not intact - there are breakage and even the broken wire is moving to and fro such ignorance facilitates the terrorist to get in it is not noticeable to the University management..
ü  University back area is surrounded with huts and makes shift houses - there is paddy field such provision becomes a potential source to enter into the premises

ü  Why university has not been cordoned off with high rise walls with intact barbed wires?

ü  Why close to the university & its adjoining areas people has been allowed to live?

ü  We cannot trust as the same down trodden segments are used as a source of communication helping the terrorist for their clandestine activity?

ü  Why at the entrance of university Scanner/ Sensitized Iron-door has not been installed?

ü  University also comprised on Hostels - Is there any regular check up & close monitoring for the students living there and their activity?
ü  Has the management of the university strictly followed the security measures to meet possible security threat as we are in strict grip of terrorism & educational institutions are on their hit list?

ü  Does the university maintain fool proof security parameter?

ü  Does the university install CCTV camera across its compound & these are functional to monitor students’ activity as we cannot ignore internal involvement too?

When we will mature - why don't learn from the past & why don't security as a most crucial subject and tool are ensured in educational institutions.

Why we wait another tragedy after tragedy - we do press conference – exchange condolence message with the aggrieved family with profound grief and do promises and commitment to retaliate terrorist with iron hand but what happens? Nothing – we live in the same environment with the same clock ticking alarming us for new threats.

Remedial measures
Take immediate survey of every university in Pakistan across the provinces and ensure highly tangible fool proof sterned security measures to avoid of such threats.

Hostel activity
Students living there should thoroughly be examined their activity and attendance in the class – are they really students or just staying there?

Visitors In/Out
Close mentoring - thorough candid camera and documentation to be followed

Internal staff
Executive & Non executive wage earner activity – any suspicious activity to be brought to the army help line as police itself is not credible.

Canteen staff - Security guards and low paid employees like Office assistant – Peon - Dak riders Office boy - Water boy & cleaning staff accessible inside the administration block of University are the players for internal information  

Student activity
In the University close monitoring – students association & groups where students are mingling and instead to incline towards education if involved in any subversive activity or activity which is not part of their studies

CCTV camera installation & regular maintenance
Being an accomplished source to unearth & unmask the criminals using university as their hideouts 

Karachi University – NED University & Urdu Science College/ University need to check thoroughly in terms of security measures – their surrounding and cordoning its four sides walls with security instruments.
Back side walls of every units must not be accessible by any unauthorized person – raise the wall make it equivalent from every sides to disable any illicit attempts in the campus.

A prime responsibility of University top management to ensure an accomplished safety and security measures to avoid of further disaster - parents send their children for study not to kill them - they are our future architect please save them.

Jan 1, 2016

Narendra Modi visit in Pakistan baffled not only govt. machineries but countrymen too

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (NM) stunned visit & reception by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef (NS) at his palace in Jati Umra (Raiwind Lahore) has flared up the nation.

Though it’s about a week but still there is concerned and has a harsh debate among public and political analyst asking premier NS to clear NM visit in Pakistan that kept in secret?

Whereas some termed it was a breakthrough giving a flip to break an iceberg that had gone chilled since decade – a revival of diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan to revitalize & restore strength & of course it was a good opening & praiseworthy but it should have been official or should have come through foreign offices, a general decorum & perception.

Some said that NM had [an] scheduled from his way back from Kabul to India but due to stopover he preferred to chitchat with NS – NM desired to detour his visit in Pakistan and as such he capitalized the time instead to move in a hotel as NM tweeted to NS.

NS however invited NM to grace his presence at the wedding ceremony of his (NS) granddaughter & celebrating his (NS) birthday that coincidently fell on the same day. It was a pleasant trip to Lahore I attended and appreciate the cordial welcome of NS, said NM when he (NM) went back to Delhi.

However such visits at both ends (India + Pakistan) made the foreign ministries astounded & parliamentarians at Treasury & Opposition benches were in bewilderment when the news busted in media.

It does not look believing that how it happened & why NM visit in Pakistan overlooked by both foreign offices? NM just for 1-1/2 hours stayed in Pakistan but except the host NS and guest NM no one were aware of the visit neither ruling elites of the country nor ISPR were in the loop particularly in case of NM visit was more crucial than visit of other head of states..

Normal people of the country said it was a planned visit in between NS & NM - some said it was not a diplomatic but personal & a friendly visit - some said it was just a stopover.
In either case it’s a mystery where media seems scrolling & working on probability but could not arrive at digestible conclusion that why MODI visited Pakistan so hurriedly? And what discussion both the premier had still has not been tabled in the assembly.

Certainly NM visit was not a normal trip but long waited where since decade no premier visited in Pakistan from India and more importantly were the extreme tensed & acrimonious relationship between both the countries – a persisting cold WAR, said a seasoned parliamentarian that kept everyone in suspense.

The relationship between INDIA & PAKISTAN has been thorny & hostile since long – though for sometime goes down or appeased but again goes boiled for no substantial reasons and in such a shattering and rattling behavior no one expects to digest such surprises.

It also has been a persisting eclipsed in terms of diplomatic relationship where India had been attacking regularly at the line of control (LoC) & despite lodging complaints with Indian consular in Pakistan over unprovoked firing at LoC - no result seen but reported more worsening.

There are evidences that happened in Oct. 2015 - worse sign of hatred & animosity from Shiv Sena [an} extremist Hindu - his outrageously bigoted attitude against Pakistan reminds the days when Pakistani artist from Showbiz, Sports player & Board member, Musical orchestra, Drama and Film actors and actress, Scholars and people from different disciplines were in India to perform but they were intimidated and forced to leave the country following Shiv Sena’s rising hooliganism.

Concerts by veteran Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali had been scheduled in state of Maharashtra, Mumbai & Pune were canceled.

Former Pakistan fast bowlers Wasim Akram & Shoaib Akhtar who were commentating in the ongoing India and South Africa ODI series were asked to return to Pakistan.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) were forced to withdraw umpire Aleem Dar from the remaining matches in the ongoing India versus South Africa series when Shiv Sena activists in Mumbai stormed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) headquarters and threatened to prevent the umpire from standing in the fifth ODI.

Shiv Sena protested against any ties with Pakistan and besieged BCCI chief Shashank Manohar in his office forcing cancellation of talks with Pakistan PCB chief Shaharyar Khan.

Shiv Sena not allowed Pakistani actor in the films Mahira Khan (film name Raees) & Fawad Khan (Film name Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) promoting the film in Maharashtra.

Shiv. Sena also disrupted the ‘’book launch’’ of Former Pakistan minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri - Ink attacked on former BJP ideologue Sudheendra Kulkarni & opposing the release of former Pakistan foreign minister Khushid Kasuri’s Book.

Shiv Sena asked NM govt. to call off every cultural and sporting relation with the neighboring country Pakistan, press reported.

Shiv Sena (over the years) have been flexing his muscle to thwart attempts at cultural collaborations with Pakistani artists, sportspersons and others.

So considering such extreme strained situation coupled with vandalism – tormenting emotionally and mentally how the Pakistani national could expect NM visit in Pakistan and that was the reason everyone seemed baffled.

Again about NM visit - whether it was a personal or official in either case the diplomatic route was mandatory or foreign office should have been in limelight instead to keep them dumbfounded - who now is varnishing the emerged denting and paining because of keeping NM visit in mist.

Nevertheless all these fall in assumptions or error from foreign office who could not air the arrival of Modi in Pakistan in advance - its media in Pakistan who hastily covered NM visit but journalists kept aside to get in Jati Umra Lahore and the venue remained unapproachable by the media personnel.

However NM & NS had a brief meeting in Lahore at his residence & this was the first time an Indian premier visited Pakistan in more than a decade.
Howbeit covering the surprised visit of NM - foreign secretary Aizaz Chaudhry briefed media about Indian premier (NM) visit that he phoned premier NS expressing his desire to visit Pakistan on his way back from Kabul – It was a goodwill visit and both the premiers decided to understand each other's point of views & agreed to send their foreign secretaries for the meeting to be convened in mid January.
Foreign secretary further said that premier adviser for foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz and national security adviser Nasir Janjua both would have attended the meeting between the two premiers if NM had informed earlier.
People are of the view that the country is not running on parliamentary system but monarchy where the state custodian though known as prime minister but lives and rules like a monarch where the most ministers are taken from family.
Understanding a hereditary right and country as such becomes a ball into the hands of such autocrats who rolls & dominates the country’s institutions and keep the grips & grasps over the constitution even in such a way that seems them suitable - they do translate according to their own wish and desire & Modi visit is one of them where the govt. functionaries could not prefer to public it.
Moreover at social media someone reported she has mobile upload sent her from resources that in the wedding of NS granddaughter there were 147 guests of industries Tycoons who were invited specially on PM's granddaughter wedding. Including 17 Steel Industry owners also - JINDAL (who was already staying in Lahore since 3 days), JIYOTI (NEPAL), 19 Saudis, 7 from UAE, 5 from UK, Brazil and Turkey etc.

All of these were declared as State Guests, expected revenue Collection in shape of Gifts or so called SALAMI was equal to value 4.5 billion out of which equal to 3 billion were already received – was it not a conflict of interest? 

Suspicion among some political analysts also were developing that Modi hastened visit to Pakistani premier NS was to convey a message received from Russian President Validimir Putin asking Pakistani premier NS for not to join 34 countries the Saudi Arabia led coalition forces, discussion noticed in TV Talk-show.

Emphasizing Pakistan to stay away from this alliance, if NM visit meant for this - then NS should have brought this proposal of Russian President in the assembly to establish coherence among parliamentarian.

Prime Minster of a country becomes a trustee following the trust of his/ her people so personal gain and interest should not be part of country’s business – wherever premier goes and meets the head of other states should be shared with parliamentarians in the country to establish a political consensus instead to term the visit personal.