Feb 12, 2016

Tale of a marriage hall “SKY GLORIOUS LAWN’’ Sakhi Hassan North Nazimabad Karachi the impromptu management gives monetary loss who books the hall.

Extreme security lapses & live security threat for the guests inside the hall - Careless & ignorant management of ‘marriage halls’ who are just stick to rent the hall on heavy sum i.e. more than 100 thousands for one night excluding dinning and other shows inside the hall

The poor Security arrangements at Marriage Halls in Karachi is getting people in total-shock where the guests are robbed- instead to enjoy with happy moment they go back with saddened, perturbed and distracted - unforgettable & reverberating the past.

In the Marriage Lawns & Banquets where the visitors attend the marriage of their kith and kin are deprived of precious metals, valuables and cash - a regular incidents reporting media.

Scary people avoid going and attending the marriage or other family functions as the place are not secured.

The victim stunts & makes hue and cry when reveals that they have lost their accessories from the Marriage Hall - from the Stage where Bride and Grooms celebrate the customs - and from Bridal Room where Bride is adorned & prepared to take her to the stage for video shooting & photo session with the family and friend.

Not only this, but children are kidnapped and family goes back home with heavy heart. The happy ending of lively events converts in sadness & extreme sorrow when came to know that the kid is missing.

A big question mark before the Marriage Halls who use to charge very hefty sum to rent the Hall just for 3 hours – a evening show that starts from 9.0 pm and ends at 12.pm where charges of special lighting, video shooting, dousing the stage in colors – showering the bride and groom with colors & beam of lights – spiraling & cluttering the Hall with alighted colored-balls are not inclusive in the hall rent but multiplies in thousands – a well magnificent outlook glittering the environment with serene and radiance.

The hall lights are even started to off from 12.00 pm onward to bell the guest to leave the hall – a normal practice attracts security threat due to insufficient lights in the hall – people forgets their stuff too while folding their belongings.

There is no marriage Hall in the city which is lesser than 80k rent just for 3 hours night. During peak season it goes sky rocketing.

It’s a well productive source of earning enjoyed by the owner of the Marriage Hall but owing to constant safety & security threats for the guest reducing its strength and people trusts – a serious issue which indeed needed to ponder that how to keep the crimes and criminals away of the Hall.

Here I will share the ordeal of marriage lawn known as ‘’SKY GLORIOUS LAWN’’ situated in Sakhi Hassan North Nazimabad Karachi where my relative met with robbery two times in the same Marriage Lawn.

In the event held in 2014 marriage of my sister’s son they lost 20k – In another event held yesterday on 12th Feb 2016 - daughter of my cousin (from maternal side) lost their whole handbag where the ‘SALAMI’ (money) received from the Guest from Bride & Guest from Groom.

An elder lady from the family had been assigned to collect such SALAMI envelopes & gifts i.e. gold rings, gold-earring & other valuables – the assigned lady was collecting such envelops and gift – she was keeping in the handbag but when the light of the marriage hall went off in order to celebrate the video shoots of Bride & Groom walking from bridal room to the stage.

The Hall had been enveloped in complete darkness except the light oozing from the video camera pouring & covering the couple from head to toe for video shoots & that was the ideal time for the robber to rob.
And when the Hall light restored the elder lady shouted ‘’where is my handbag’’ - everyone around there - stunned and went speechless - some relative rushed to the gate to stop and look someone to spot red handed but no avail – the man at the entrance gate in Shalwar Qameez sitting on the stool had nothing in his hand neither a staff nor licensed gun to spot the scene and maintain Marriage Hall mandatory security – a freehand to everyone and enter the hall.

Everyone was hunting around for the ‘’handbag’’ - turning down the chairs - raising couches up and looking under meticulously - sneaking around but no clue.

I entered in the office asking the person sitting on the counter - Can you check your CCTV camera we have a robbery in your Marriage Hall?

The responded me ‘’we don’t have any camera and it is not allowed because of ladies in the hall’’

I asked what option you have to check as the handbag stuffed with money and other accessories has been stolen - how you can help us? They replied in negative and said sorry for the incident.

I asked another question – who allowed the team of instruments musical band inside the hall? They replied we thought you have called them. What nonsense and ridiculous really?

A substantial loss to the family where the collection of SALAMI plus gold with other valuables & amount pertaining to final settlement for the hall/ dinning the whole sum stole and SKY GLORIOUS LAWN Karachi was telling sorry!

The family however left the hall woefully - it was Barat Party – even the family had their residence key in the same handbag when they arrived back they broke the gate and entered the house.

But I understand and prefer to Marriage Hall owner to ensure the safety and security of their guest instead to say ‘’No & Sorry’’ - Following remedy seems viable and do able to enforce in marriage hall to avoid of recurrence.
Why don’t Marriage Hall owner keep licensed security guards – a well trained security personnel because the guests particularly ladies wears ornaments – they adorn with costly jewelries’ and everyone has sufficient money with them too.

Ø  While performing video shoots lights of the Marriage Hall should not be tuned off as it gives an ideal opportunity for the robber to rob the guests.

Ø  Marriage Hall is not the thoroughfare – entry should be restricted and followed with ‘’invitation cards’’.

Ø  If any guest does not have invitation card his/ her identity to be verified & confirmed through the family of Bride and Groom – no card no entry a basic call.

Ø  Marriage Hall owners must be loyal with the guests – if there is complaints against their waiters they should take it serious

Ø  If the complaint of robbery is lodged with the owner of the hall he must check the activity of their waiters & watch them secretly

Ø  When the dinner is started the main entrance of the hall should immediately be closed and no one should be entertained unless bride and groom family verifies the late comer.

Ø  When the family is sitting on the table –they generally put their stuff on it – so waiters of the hall should not be closed to the table or mingle with people or things

Ø  A supervisor from the hall management must walk from end to end to watch any illicit activity of the guest or whoever is present in the hall.

Ø  A hawk-eye hunt is required to save people and serve people from marriage hall management  

Ø  Flood light inside the hall must always be ‘’turned on’’ and it should never ever be turned off to avoid of any untoward

Ø  Month before media reported the missing of a 7 year old boy from Marriage Hall who was kidnapped and shifted to Faisalabad but due to media intervention and police timely help the boy recovered

Ø  No kids should be allowed to go out from the Hall unless they accompany with their parents or family

Ø  If CCTV camera is not allowed in marriage hall then what is next option to monitor the stealing and securing the guest belongings

Ø  In case of robbery in the marriage hall panic button should be installed in its office [under the table] so that alarm connected to the nearest police station may rush to the scene to nab and arrest the culprits.

Ø  Save the people and save your property to gain trust of people

We Karaciites are living in war torn area the – the city has been confined with heavy lawlessness.

Nothing is safe and sound and Marriage Hall specifically can be targeted by miscreants’ & terrorist.

Robbery of mobile & purse snatching have been in our experience so nearest the marriage hall - law enforcement agencies must be deployed & hall management must appoint armed security personnel inside and outside the hall to main fool proof security otherwise people will go back to 80s where the such events have been meeting in the streets or in the vicinity of the residents. 

Feb 2, 2016

What should be the priority before PML-N? Why it is spiraling around 7-8 people who are misguiding his chief.

Break Punjab - it is well populated if it wins it makes govt. - so make more provinces to split the vote banks so that winning of one province my not dominate & impact the future of the country.

Dependency on one province cripples & disables the ability of other provinces because the remaining province relies upon federal where one man show always works - if it wants its good otherwise wait for mode or modus operandi what suits them who is ruling the country.

Budget meant for provinces are not released timely or revised but swings and scrolls among the desire and preference of the federal govt. where Punjab is ruling.

Such affront & impression “”I am the king?’’ affects the performance of other province too to materialize their promises what they have done with their voters in the province.

20 million people of Pakistan play into the hand of one province supremacy who has hold in Federal i.e. Punjab who made the govt. because of 2/3 majority.

Despite having govt. PML-N is not even performing well in its own province Punjab, frustrated people are living below poverty line, mothers are throwing their child in the canal, father are slaughtering their children and then killing himself – Crime rate in Punjab has been augmented drastically, self immolation on the apathy & numbness of police – its giving impression of police states..

Extreme mismanagement, lawlessness, kidnapping and ransom and killing, rapes and gang rapes, pedophilia, religious killing, backdoor support to terrorist of different factions are the crimes have engulfed Punjab.

Bomb explosion, suicide bomber and attacks on university, college, school, religious center, civil and military airports, public places are the routine works not in Punjab but in other province – so why not in Punjab? Does it not seem suspicious?

Condition of Govt. schools and Hospitals are evidence of live corruptions – thousands    govt. Schools have been encroached by influential lords of Punjab where they park their land cruiser; it has been converted into crops storing & farm tools, keeping their animals and using for cow dung or in some cases there are police training center instead to teach students of the area.

Projects metro buses, bridges and highways bring prosperity in the country no doubt but progression and prosperity for the people is the prime issue and most important than investment towards long term projects – why not the current crisis of POWER PRODUCING UNITS instead to bear the Circular debt payment?  

See the unemployment ratio, performance of public sector industries which is purely meant to serve people are idle and insufficient because of unbridled corruption. Public service department are the main source to benefit for general public but these are dysfunctional - So people to go where?

PML-N whenever came in power it first approach to privatize the state owned industries. They are very much prone to sell out public sector industries at peanut price with forged documentation for biding, eventually it gets them handsome kickback - to benefiting its own people either in the family or close to PML-N.

They do contract with western loan giving agencies to acquire more loans against heavy prices of the country - agreeing to sell out or privatize the industries.
What are the motives to do such contract with IMF, in order to get loans you will dispose off your own industries instead to do reform or revive if the units are not producing well or has ill performance.

Pamper it with information and communication technology instead to sell out – bring expertise and work out to push up with diversified mechanism and techniques instead to just stick to privatize and get commission – why you do this? Asked PIA lady employee who are on agitation since week.

See the loan criteria how it has been inflated now touching at $ 70 Billion - who will pay it - naturally our generation so why we make such policy which is detrimental for general public.
Instead to invest for people progression and prosperity all such huge sum goes on infrastructure which is not short term benefit for people but long - so why we do?.

Revive the industries those have been closed due to power shortage – think first how to generate or bridge the expanding power shortfall - give them gas – enable the disabled industries to fuel the wheel to move for production - by doing so you will open more industries instead to make road and buses?

Prioritize the issue at hand - don't prefer your interest but people being first & foremost otherwise you will be rejected if not amended your approach, said an unemployed person in Faisalabad whose industry has been close due to acute power shortfall.

Feb 1, 2016

Iran wants to legislate, a bill passed by its parliamentarian where the father is authorized to marry his adopted daughter if she is in the age of 13

In Islamic Republic of Iran it is not illegal or ineligible but must be validated legally, morally & medically if physical status of the girl and the given puberty age falls i.e. 13 and from medical perspective if the girl has been matured or she has the sign & symptoms of pubescence plausibly, said a senior medical doctor.
To marry age limitation of a girl is not a universal guideline but it goes different among states - depends on country’s geographical status and standard of living of the girl and boy.

Activists says in the light of Iran parliamentarians move it will facilitate the caretaker of a family to marry his or her adopted child if a court rules that it is in the interests of the individual child.

But it does not look good that you nourished, cared and fed the child as adopted son and adopted daughter and when they groomed and arrived at puberty then you go to marry with him if you are a mother and marry with her if you are a father! Really seems nuisance & sick feeling, said well renowned Islamic scholar.

How it sounds you appropriate and your conscience accepting as a spouse to whom you have been bringing up, raising and keeping under your fosterage, asked by an agent of human rights? Does it not look you obscene and awkward?
Such legislation to marry with adopted son and adopted daughter [undoubtedly] has been controversial and looking the attestation and endorsement by the team of Iran's Guardian Council, Clerics and Jurists who will check its impact in the society, merits and demerits, the pros and cons where the verdict of the council to follow.
As per Islamic republic of Iran girls can marry as young as 13 provided they have the permission of their father & boys can marry after the age of 15. And the girl under the age of 13 can marry but she needs permission of a judge whereas marrying stepchildren is forbidden under any circumstances.

In Iran 42,000 children aged between 10 and 14 had been married in 2010 and in Tehran alone 75 children under the age of 10 were wed.

Shadi Sadr, a human rights lawyer is of the view that legalizing the bill to marry with adopted children will lead to pedophilia; it's not part of the Iranian culture to marry your adopted child.

Obviously incest exists in Iran more or less its happening across the world where an adult who is sexually attracted to children, legalizing such moves will be endangering our children and normalizing this crime in our culture, morally repugnant, abhorrence and detestable unequivocally.

The human rights activist Shadi Sadr added further that you should not be able to marry your adopted children - if a father marries his adopted daughter who is of course a minor, and has sex, that's rape & it will fall under the definition of adultery and one thing more noticeable is the major age difference between the girl and the father.

How convenient you will be to move the life ahead with a child or with immature lady who is just 13 & has been under patronage as a guardian, you helped her and now developing sexual relationship, said a Journalist.

It is vivid translating this bill you can be a pedophile and get your bait in the pretext of adopting children," Sadr said. Some experts believe the new bill is contradictory to Islamic beliefs and would not pass the Guardian Council.

An initial draft of the bill, which had completely banned marriage with adopted children, was not approved by the council and it is feared that Member of Parliament introducing the condition for marriage may convince and justify the Jurists & Clergymen, the human rights Activists Sadr fears.

One of the reformist newspaper Shargh articulated ‘’How can someone be looking after you and at the same time be your husband and Children can't be safe in such a family." the article asked.

The head of Iran society Shiva Dolatabadi protecting children's rights, has also warned, that the parliament is legalizing incest. "You cannot open a way in which the role of a father or a mother can be mixed with that of a spouse" she said.
Islamic legal rulings about foster parenting and adoption
Adopted son or adopted girl is not biological or real son & daughter so marriage is eligible with adopted child because their adoption is just to shelter & foster them as a guardian not as real father or real mother.
And there is no legality or eligibility from any shade of thoughts to claim their share in heritance as admissible to a real biological son and daughter.
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said that a person who cares for an orphaned child will be in Paradise with him, and motioned to show that they would be as close as two fingers of a single hand. 
An orphan himself, Muhammad (peace be upon him) paid special attention to the care of children. He himself adopted a former slave and raised him with the same care as if he were his own son.
However, the Qur’an gives specific rules about the legal relationship between a child and his/her adoptive family. The child’s biological family is never hidden; their ties to the child are never severed. The Qur’an specifically reminds adoptive parents that they are not the child’s biological parents:
“Nor has He made your adopted sons your (biological) sons. Such is (only) your (manner of) speech by your mouths. But Allah tells (you) the Truth, and He shows the (right) Way. Call them by (the names of) their fathers; that is juster in the sight of Allah. But if you know not their father’s (names, call them) your brothers in faith, or your trustees. But there is no blame on you if you make a mistake therein. (What counts is) the intention of your hearts. And Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful” .......................(Qur’an 33:4-5)
The guardian/child relationship has specific rules under Islamic law, which renders the relationship a bit different than what is common adoption practice today.
The Islamic term for what is commonly called adoption is kafala which comes from a word that means “to feed.”  In essence, it describes more of a foster parent relationship. Some of the rules in Islam surrounding this relationship: 
ü  An adopted child retains his or her own biological family name (surname) and does not change his or her name to match that of the adoptive family.
ü  An adopted child inherits from his or her biological parents, not automatically from the adoptive parents. 
ü  When the child is grown, members of the adoptive family are not considered blood relatives, and are therefore not Muhrim to him or her.
“Muhrim” refers to a specific legal relationship that regulates marriage and other aspects of life.
Essentially, members of the adoptive family would be permissible as possible marriage partners, and rules of modesty exist between the grown child and adoptive family members of the opposite sex. 
When couples are unable to have children by natural means or artificial insemination, they can choose to adopt children. But to register those children under their names, making them beneficiaries of their inheritance is against religion (Islam).
ü  When the adopted children reach puberty – and as they are of no blood relation to the parents – marrying with them becomes lawful according to Islam.
ü  Therefore, according to Islam it is not permissible for the mother to be alone with a male adopted child, and for the father to be alone with the female adopted child in any place, at any time.
ü  Infertility may be the result of some disorder and to seek medical remedy and cure is the couple’s duty. When this does not help, in vitro fertilization becomes permissible but only when the sperm and the egg of the couple is used.
Using donor sperm or egg is forbidden in Islam. 
ü  If they cannot succeed in fertilization with their own (sperm and egg) the couple must accept the divine providence and live without children, in obedience to their faith.
ü  If the child is provided with property/wealth from the biological family, adoptive parents are commanded to take care and not inter-mingle that property/wealth with their own. They serve merely as trustees.
These Islamic rules emphasize to the adoptive family that they are not taking the place of the biological family — they are trustees and caretakers of someone else’s child. Their role is very clearly defined, but nevertheless very valued and important.
It is also important to note that in Islam, the extended family network is vast and very strong. It is rare for a child to be completely orphaned, without a single family member to care for him or her. Islam places a great emphasis on the ties of kinship
A completely abandoned child is practically unheard of. Islamic law would place an emphasis on locating a relative to care for the child, before allowing someone outside of the family, much less the community or country, to adopt and remove the child from his or her familial, cultural, and religious roots. This is especially important during times of war, famine, or economic crisis — when families may be temporarily uprooted or divided.
“Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?  And He found you wandering, and He gave you guidance. And He found you in need, and made you independent. Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness, nor drive away a petitioner (unheard). But the bounty of the Lord – rehearse and proclaim!”.............(Qur’an 93:6-11)
Tough it is not objectionable to marry with adopted child as they don't pertain to biological attachment with the family where the child grown up but morally it does not satisfy ones to have a sex as a spouse, so its better for Iranian council of jurist and clergymen to overrule the Bill passed on by parliamentarian