Feb 19, 2016

Ill planning of security personnel to train students how to respond if terrorist attacks in educational institutions’

Currently ‘’Training through Demonstration’’ conducted by law enforcement agencies & private security companies in Educational Institutions aiming to give an idea and understanding about terrorist attacks and rising terrorism & possible remedial measure thereof - leaving negative impacts among students and parents instead to benefit & inculcate awareness’.

Though it was a good move but manner of presentation and approach to apprise the students were not good, said school teacher.

There are hue and cry and rising objections seems complaining in the media for the pattern and method adopted by security personnel to impart training to the students is not worth full but making the students scary, shivery and chilled.

It is provoking fear and terror among students instead to enhance & establish confidence, courage & bravery that how to shield & counter if terrorist attacks - our children goes senseless & flurried when they attend the theater organized by police and Security Company.

Apparently the practice & exercise showcased in the class room & in auditoriums could not proof as a tool to respond, deal & retaliate the onslaught of terrorist a general perception.

Sharing the reservation of teachers & parents - uttering that a peaceful environment of the class room is destroyed - it’s some sort of mental torture - chilling our children but most importantly they are losing their strength & vitality when students attend such classes.

When a group of law enforcement agencies or the personnel of Security Company camouflaging in terrorists - enter in a class room & storms with heavy gun fires – roars & bellows – asks students to head down or lie down on the floor – drags some students through the legs – threatens to kill their lives etc.
Squaring and clouding students in a live show - such pattern of demonstration made majority of student unconscious because it was blatant & conspicuous to afford terrorist attack scene.
It was not a film but a real-show when the class room were echoing with heavy gun fires & female students were screaming literally, media covered the live scene.

Most of them particularly school going children frightened and even they see such drill in their dream and wakeup in midnight and ask their mom – mommy we have terrorist in the room, said a mother.

Inadvisable steps by law enforcement agencies for the training imparted that how to deal in case terrorist attacks does not seem a lesson to learn by students but giving them an impression of a horror movie or looks like filming a shooting of terrorist attack.

And that’s the reason such mock-exercise neither students nor parents appreciated but terming it a failed & unachievable bid to train the students.

It’s a terribly afraid episode being portrayed in the university, said a father whose daughter witnessed such exercise in the university and fell down, immediately she was given first aid to resuscitate her.

Among students everyone does not have a brave heart to afford such terrible exercise that may cause lethargy in extreme cases, said a professor.

One of the parent said my younger kid did not sleep for the last two days when he is asleep he has been murmuring no don’t kill me - no don’t kill me, it means there is extreme fear that has been engraved in his small mind.

Though local govt. thoughts to attain good response from mock-drill in educational institutions [considering the threats in school, college and university] educating, apprising & familiarizing the students that how to behave and handle the situation if terrorist attacks yet it failed altogether.

However most were of the view that instead to do demonstration physically and even infusing harassment and embarrassment among students – it could wipe out & convert into a viable project if govt. would have arranged such mock-drill through presentation at a big screen supported by projectors.

Had it not been more responsive if security personnel impersonating as terrorist would have appeared with lethal weapon & performed the same thing - covering the whole episodes but through graphic designing not physical exercise?

Again the episode of the training session continuing in university exhibiting mock-scene of terrorist attack - impregnating the students mind unsafe and unsecured while witnessing the drill - In some cases student appalled & shocked – they lost the voice, started rattling and some fell down too during the demonstration.

In some cases the mock-drill organizer did not inform students in advance or prepared them mentally to see the terrorist attack exercise - resulting all of sudden erupted environment made them flabbergasted & speechless.

Really we were in a state of terrible and dreadful situation, said a male student – we were under impression that we have been attacked by terrorist but as soon as our senses normalized we realized it was a mock drill.

Pre-planning and sharing the information in advance would keep the students ready instead to terrorize them – just imagine that group of terrorists jump in the class room & you are beleaguered with real terrorist (though disguised), equipped with heavy Kalashnikov & storms the class room what message you get, asked a student

In short the govt. agencies must teach students through presentation supported with computer technology or arrangement of cine-theater to communicate & conceive the subject more precisely and remedy thereof if happens. 

Feb 14, 2016

Valentine’s Day other Festival & Event has specific date deserve to be celebrated with requisite taste & flavor

Festivals and its celebration has its own meaning – you can’t merge or celebrate any festivals the whole year or whenever you like

No – not at all - but celebrate when it falls & this is the beauty of the festivals or events to ecstatic it with joy when it is observed.

Valentine & other Festival & Events celebration has its own stem & theme – you can’t mix it - as every festivals and its celebration related to a day - to a date - to a month - to a year and the exact time.

It’s not a dumping segment or throw-away or getting rid of moments - but it’s a reminder that comes out from your instinct, soul and body and asks you to jubilate with happily and merrily if it is customary or religious rites.

Celebrate your festivals lively - enjoy it - feel it and smell it from the core of your heart - this is called celebration whether it’s a happy moment or call of the day a prerequisite.

Again Festivals & Events has its own meaning & sense - impacts & encroachment - impingement and influence - effect & essence - feelings & flavor - emotional and moral sensitivity - glittering & vibrant flashes - radiance & effulgence of course are not similar but translates and defines its name & nature & more precisely how & why the Festival and Events has been called for.

So if anyone says that for me Eid-ul-fitr & Ramadan Kareem is the same and I celebrate daily - surely he/ she is abnormal - how both festivals can be the same which depends on moon sighting?

For Mother's Day and Father's Day - we love 365 days a general perception among people - for justification & convincing perspective ‘love with parents’ is comprehensible and true - but Parents day or Mother & Father's day do not fall on the same day.

It refers a particular date/ day not 365 days – so in order to celebrate you will join & enjoy the given date - don’t play with the dates - plan it and perform it – your stubbornness or unreasoning attitude will not impact or divert the date.

For instance – On 14tth Aug we celebrate Pakistan Independence Day - we can’t enjoy it for whole year – Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Birth day and his Death anniversary we celebrate on specific date.  

You celebrate your birthday in a particular day or when it is due – you do not make your birthday 365 days but one day when you were born you celebrate it - similarly you died so when the date of your death comes your family makes anniversary they don’t make your death anniversary for 365 days.

Regarding Valentine Day it falls on 14th Feb 2016 – not only restriction message came from president of Pakistan but among different walks of life 50% were in favor to celebrate while 50% against on different plea.

Some connected the festival and looked in the limelight of Islamic religion that precludes for not to celebrate Valentine – some termed it a gathering of immoral and unethical activities that’s enjoyed by youngster and immature who mingles, muddles and fuddles and openly does kissing & hugging that’s leads to establish illicit relationship or in shameful activities which of course not allows in our culture.

Even any liberal society does not encourage such immodesty – impudence and shamelessness as the couple or pair do copulation with their mates in public - no religion endorses such nudity the practice goes in western countries.

Here the actual meaning of Valentines has not been conceived – this festival does not limit to youngster, youth male and female but it’s a general love messages for everyone living in a society.

It can be your lover, your family and friend, your neighbor, your office colleagues, senior citizen - a simple love & solidarity appeal among all to respect each other – care and help each other - live with pace and harmony……….a candid expression on Valentine's Day?
St Valentine's Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love with couple - friendship and admiration - celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.
Couples send Valentine's Day cards and flowers and spend special time together to honor their love for each other. And family go for outing – for special dinner – a picnic or home cocked meal - exchanges of gifts among family members and friends signifies the Valentines’ Day. Many restaurants offer promotions and food is presented with symbols of love like hearts and flowers.
Another popular Valentine's Day activity is to indulge in a luxury hotel stay in a beautiful location, allowing a couple to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time together.
Marriage proposals are also popular on Valentine's Day, and it is often chosen as the perfect day to express their love and commitment.
Valentine's Day is celebrated in most countries; different cultures have developed their own traditions for this festival.

In some parts of the world Valentine's Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. Some traditions include leaving lollies and gifts for children and others include acts of appreciation between friends.

Feb 12, 2016

Tale of a marriage hall “SKY GLORIOUS LAWN’’ Sakhi Hassan North Nazimabad Karachi the impromptu management gives monetary loss who books the hall.

Extreme security lapses & live security threat for the guests inside the hall - Careless & ignorant management of ‘marriage halls’ who are just stick to rent the hall on heavy sum i.e. more than 100 thousands for one night excluding dinning and other shows inside the hall

The poor Security arrangements at Marriage Halls in Karachi is getting people in total-shock where the guests are robbed- instead to enjoy with happy moment they go back with saddened, perturbed and distracted - unforgettable & reverberating the past.

In the Marriage Lawns & Banquets where the visitors attend the marriage of their kith and kin are deprived of precious metals, valuables and cash - a regular incidents reporting media.

Scary people avoid going and attending the marriage or other family functions as the place are not secured.

The victim stunts & makes hue and cry when reveals that they have lost their accessories from the Marriage Hall - from the Stage where Bride and Grooms celebrate the customs - and from Bridal Room where Bride is adorned & prepared to take her to the stage for video shooting & photo session with the family and friend.

Not only this, but children are kidnapped and family goes back home with heavy heart. The happy ending of lively events converts in sadness & extreme sorrow when came to know that the kid is missing.

A big question mark before the Marriage Halls who use to charge very hefty sum to rent the Hall just for 3 hours – a evening show that starts from 9.0 pm and ends at 12.pm where charges of special lighting, video shooting, dousing the stage in colors – showering the bride and groom with colors & beam of lights – spiraling & cluttering the Hall with alighted colored-balls are not inclusive in the hall rent but multiplies in thousands – a well magnificent outlook glittering the environment with serene and radiance.

The hall lights are even started to off from 12.00 pm onward to bell the guest to leave the hall – a normal practice attracts security threat due to insufficient lights in the hall – people forgets their stuff too while folding their belongings.

There is no marriage Hall in the city which is lesser than 80k rent just for 3 hours night. During peak season it goes sky rocketing.

It’s a well productive source of earning enjoyed by the owner of the Marriage Hall but owing to constant safety & security threats for the guest reducing its strength and people trusts – a serious issue which indeed needed to ponder that how to keep the crimes and criminals away of the Hall.

Here I will share the ordeal of marriage lawn known as ‘’SKY GLORIOUS LAWN’’ situated in Sakhi Hassan North Nazimabad Karachi where my relative met with robbery two times in the same Marriage Lawn.

In the event held in 2014 marriage of my sister’s son they lost 20k – In another event held yesterday on 12th Feb 2016 - daughter of my cousin (from maternal side) lost their whole handbag where the ‘SALAMI’ (money) received from the Guest from Bride & Guest from Groom.

An elder lady from the family had been assigned to collect such SALAMI envelopes & gifts i.e. gold rings, gold-earring & other valuables – the assigned lady was collecting such envelops and gift – she was keeping in the handbag but when the light of the marriage hall went off in order to celebrate the video shoots of Bride & Groom walking from bridal room to the stage.

The Hall had been enveloped in complete darkness except the light oozing from the video camera pouring & covering the couple from head to toe for video shoots & that was the ideal time for the robber to rob.
And when the Hall light restored the elder lady shouted ‘’where is my handbag’’ - everyone around there - stunned and went speechless - some relative rushed to the gate to stop and look someone to spot red handed but no avail – the man at the entrance gate in Shalwar Qameez sitting on the stool had nothing in his hand neither a staff nor licensed gun to spot the scene and maintain Marriage Hall mandatory security – a freehand to everyone and enter the hall.

Everyone was hunting around for the ‘’handbag’’ - turning down the chairs - raising couches up and looking under meticulously - sneaking around but no clue.

I entered in the office asking the person sitting on the counter - Can you check your CCTV camera we have a robbery in your Marriage Hall?

The responded me ‘’we don’t have any camera and it is not allowed because of ladies in the hall’’

I asked what option you have to check as the handbag stuffed with money and other accessories has been stolen - how you can help us? They replied in negative and said sorry for the incident.

I asked another question – who allowed the team of instruments musical band inside the hall? They replied we thought you have called them. What nonsense and ridiculous really?

A substantial loss to the family where the collection of SALAMI plus gold with other valuables & amount pertaining to final settlement for the hall/ dinning the whole sum stole and SKY GLORIOUS LAWN Karachi was telling sorry!

The family however left the hall woefully - it was Barat Party – even the family had their residence key in the same handbag when they arrived back they broke the gate and entered the house.

But I understand and prefer to Marriage Hall owner to ensure the safety and security of their guest instead to say ‘’No & Sorry’’ - Following remedy seems viable and do able to enforce in marriage hall to avoid of recurrence.
Why don’t Marriage Hall owner keep licensed security guards – a well trained security personnel because the guests particularly ladies wears ornaments – they adorn with costly jewelries’ and everyone has sufficient money with them too.

Ø  While performing video shoots lights of the Marriage Hall should not be tuned off as it gives an ideal opportunity for the robber to rob the guests.

Ø  Marriage Hall is not the thoroughfare – entry should be restricted and followed with ‘’invitation cards’’.

Ø  If any guest does not have invitation card his/ her identity to be verified & confirmed through the family of Bride and Groom – no card no entry a basic call.

Ø  Marriage Hall owners must be loyal with the guests – if there is complaints against their waiters they should take it serious

Ø  If the complaint of robbery is lodged with the owner of the hall he must check the activity of their waiters & watch them secretly

Ø  When the dinner is started the main entrance of the hall should immediately be closed and no one should be entertained unless bride and groom family verifies the late comer.

Ø  When the family is sitting on the table –they generally put their stuff on it – so waiters of the hall should not be closed to the table or mingle with people or things

Ø  A supervisor from the hall management must walk from end to end to watch any illicit activity of the guest or whoever is present in the hall.

Ø  A hawk-eye hunt is required to save people and serve people from marriage hall management  

Ø  Flood light inside the hall must always be ‘’turned on’’ and it should never ever be turned off to avoid of any untoward

Ø  Month before media reported the missing of a 7 year old boy from Marriage Hall who was kidnapped and shifted to Faisalabad but due to media intervention and police timely help the boy recovered

Ø  No kids should be allowed to go out from the Hall unless they accompany with their parents or family

Ø  If CCTV camera is not allowed in marriage hall then what is next option to monitor the stealing and securing the guest belongings

Ø  In case of robbery in the marriage hall panic button should be installed in its office [under the table] so that alarm connected to the nearest police station may rush to the scene to nab and arrest the culprits.

Ø  Save the people and save your property to gain trust of people

We Karaciites are living in war torn area the – the city has been confined with heavy lawlessness.

Nothing is safe and sound and Marriage Hall specifically can be targeted by miscreants’ & terrorist.

Robbery of mobile & purse snatching have been in our experience so nearest the marriage hall - law enforcement agencies must be deployed & hall management must appoint armed security personnel inside and outside the hall to main fool proof security otherwise people will go back to 80s where the such events have been meeting in the streets or in the vicinity of the residents.