Jun 9, 2016

A Clarion call of the day from 200 million people of Pakistan to get us Corruption Free Pakistan soliciting NAB to save us from ‘’corrupt political leadership’’

Open letter to PAKISTAN CORRUPT MINISTERS & Head of the State who stashed govt. funds & misappropriated country Current Account - The govt. must spend on welfare of general public giving them a welfare state & genuinely ensuring good governance [not on paper but in practicality]. They neither performed nor delivered mandatory services to masses ……dashing hopes around.

The allocated budgets & loans acquired from external agencies did not consume on people that caused reducing the living condition of a normal man from worse to worst and that’s the reason one third Pakistani living below poverty line, reported ministry of planning.
But from most secured sources there are 60-65% people in 200 million [populace] in the country passing their life critically they don’t have access to quality food and health matters in the country.
Education, health sectors – current picture of bad governance - the country would never earn respect among the comity of nations unless it eliminated corruption – Rising corruption and inefficiency were eating away the country’s roots and was a major barrier cropping into the way of national progress and prosperity.
Underlining the need for initiating self accountability in all sectors of society i.e. across the board ‘’we will start it with ourselves, otherwise, the dream for a welfare state will not come true’’ said Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan in his address to members of the high court bar association 
Currently everyone talking about ‘’Corruption, Bad governance and Nepotism’’, unluckily despite 30 years of military rule the country could not have the kind of political leadership that transformed China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, said CJ Pakistan
I will not reduce the weight of unbridled corruption that has enveloped Pakistan utterly, its not trivia & frivolous but of course a serious issue for the country - needs to address & redress [with no more delay] otherwise its precipitating or headlong graph pushing the country to the brink of anarchy if trends of looting and plundering national wealth continues people will have to respond!
A heinous crime i.e. stashing govt. funds - shrugging shoulder by saying that it is chronic & uncured epidemic - a menace & mafia that has eclipsed across the globe - getting it generalized to close the discussion – no – never - we will have to raise voice to eliminate its roots – we will have to identify the corrupt faces to kick them out of national politics for no more participation in Country Election as the thieves are not allowed to shatter & batter the country structure – those who do not love to his/ her homeland not deserves to live in the country & work as national politicos.
A life time ban indeed is imperative or getting the looted amount back to the county to stable the rattling economy & to pay off the heightening national debt that deepened & shoot-up due to vested interest of corrupt leadership.
Therefore law immediately should be enacted to declare a corruption free country to our generation – its 69 years we did not embrace our mother i.e. motherland but disgraced since its independence or whenever the civil govt. took over the charge to run state affairs maimed it more - we have been ruined but no more corruption please!, said an Economist  
No policy or reform will work unless we put rein on corrupt elements otherwise rolling the ball will bring us nothing until we constitute a drastic law to eliminate corruption..... the only solution of this crisis.
Its a clarion call of the day to arrest such corrupt politicians & head of the states and more candidly after Panama blast that unveiled & jolted the whole peninsula - an explosion of betrayal by political leadership with their own countrymen are certainly not pardonable but needs to bring them to the task…book them for justice. .
Your position goes more controversial, despicable, obnoxious, & odium when you hold public office and do ‘money stashing’ – a secret deposits, hoarding and hiving up in other states for future use – avoiding tax payment – treating offshore state a safe haven to hide your income.
According to law you become accountable before parliamentarian and general public too when commit such crime - as you being custodian of public money does not have right to misappropriate and embezzle but to invest public money on public welfare instead to stash it?
Every stake holder who stashed money must be accountable before the parliament to figure out the corruption that how money went out of country, what were the source and routes followed to transfer national wealth in Panama or Virgin Island instead to invest for people betterment, the fraudsters who impoverished its people and damage the whole economy should not go unpunished..
A general perception among states & its people that money stashed were meant specifically & compulsorily for people progression and prosperity must have been spent upon them but the Head of the state and Ministers misappropriated, embezzled & misused the fund - They groomed their business empire by opening companies at onshore and offshore instead to consume the country wealth in the country & the tax-payer money for people peaceful life getting them out of ‘’vicious cycle of poverty ‘but it not happened..

It is a chronic ailment needs immediate treatment - proper legislation is in offing among countries to safeguard its people from the clutches of corruption – a curse not involved by developing countries but the developed have also been encompassed.

A general preview among the nation that whoever plundered and looted national wealth need to be prosecuted because of persecution & oppression - hang them till death for the crime perpetrated by the corrupt political leadership the only solution.

Who usurped people rights & deliberately put the masses in miserable & dreadful state, such criminals does not require another feelings or empathy…a fortiori to remove them……once for all.

More precisely CORRUPTION is a cancer & has been part of political leadership - some terms a culture penetrated in their nerve & part of their arteries - despite all it’s a clear robbery - Massive corruption - not only eats you but eats your country - deserves to be accounted and tried.

Besides, source and routes to be examined - illegal sources from where such money came and illegitimate routes from where such money transported from the home country to the desired country. 

Your nerve goes compressed when study the corruption being enjoyed by political leadership in Pakistan.

The money they take in the name of people welfare program or earmark the budget for multiple overheads are stolen - they misuse the power conferred upon them – they take loans from the banks even [running in the country] not million but billion on the fake names of companies and after sometime they get it written off on fictitious reasons. An old practice where trillions had been lost that impacted of course national exchequer but no govt. took action against defaulters because they were & are partners in the crime such culture in Pakistan mushroomed from 1970s.

Those were poor in 70s are poor in 2016 too – the loaned amount taken in 70s were Rs 30 billion now it has been touched to Rs 22,000 Billion so who is sufferers certainly the general public - common man.

In 70s each head were owed to pay Rs 500/= but now (2016) it has been augmented to pay off by every head Rs 110,000/= each. Every child, male, female and elder have been indebted to pay off the loaned amount Rs 22 trillion - the external debt burden on the country going up by the ratio of 3 trillion annually, the highlighted debt scenario had been presented publicly in electronic media

How it increased of course due to poor planning and mischievous mechanism to loot & plunder national wealth - cheat people of Pakistan instead to uplift, progress and prosper - with good economic policies and giving them basic amenities & peaceful life…..all such claims obviously has been traditional.

In practicality it is meaningless before CORRUPT MINISTERS – their only agenda to paralyze the country and weaken its people – don’t do anything but just complete the tenure and go - no sincere and honest with this motherland as we see the growing trends among politicos.
A shameless – immodest & immoral character - disgusting & disgraceful deserves to be stoned till death. The ‘’angry mob’’ agitating for power outage in their area. Instead to take the CORRUPT MINISTERS in the court where they even buy the judge and deliberately prolong the case and even remove the evidences as ex premier Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) did in his case.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) inquiry had been instituted against AAZ where 300 pages were found missing, NAB stated in its reports. AAZ had been getting bails in every appearance in the court.

Role of then NAB Chairman Admiral (Retired) Fasih Bukhari (FB) had been controversial among Judiciary - whenever then Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Supreme court would ask FB to arrest ex president AAZ due to his involvement in corruption cases – FB instead to arrest AAZ or issue summon to arrest he used to visit from Islamabad to Karachi and meet AAZ in Karachi Bilawal House. So how we could expect unbiased and impartial trial if the then NAB chairman himself was reluctant and avoiding to discharge his onerous responsibility to try AAZ

USD $ 500,000/- was recovered from Ms. Ayan Ali a model Girl - she had been arrested at immigration counter in Karachi while boarding for Dubai. Since 1 year she has been appearing in the court but not charged yet. The court has granted bail and asking govt. to remove her name from ECL. The custom police inspector who caught her red handed was gunned down. Govt. did not provide for their sustenance he was the only bread earner, said deceased family.

Did the court ask from Ms. Ayyan Ali whose money was that? From where and who handed her over to carry $ 500k to UAE - it is vivid that even the judiciary has been corrupted – the institution are not playing their due role and leaving the ‘’corruption’’ to thrive more getting masses poorer from poor.

DG Ranger before initiating its Karachi operation had public a press report where they had mentioned the corruption figure in Karachi alone were Rs 270 billion in Sindh govt. elaborating the crimes like land grabbing, encroachments, Bhatta Mafia, target killing and misused of authority in various ministries etc. Smelling the raid 70 MPA/ MNAs got pre-arrest bail though NAB has been alerted and chasing them.

Month before premier Nawaz Shareef (NS) also scolded NAB chairman and asked him not to tease the business tycoons who found involved in corruption cases. If the premier interferes in the institution how the NAB will discharge its institutional duties, said a seasoned politician.   

Money stashes whether in Panama or Virgin Island – in UK or UAE - in USA or Switzerland - in Middle East or Pakistan are the serious offences and needs accountability & punitive action - indeed making the punishment exemplary so that a categorical message must pass that whoever will do ‘’corruption’’ will face the dire consequences.

Their properties must be confiscated and he/ she be barred & banned [not to take part] in national politics henceforth for the whole life…….then we can save Pakistan and restore trust of 200 million people who obviously have been tired of abhorrent deed of politicians & their obscene practices.

A general preview about Corrupt Ministers - It’s a grave concern that how the cash had been cached and from which source it had been earned – to whom you usurped? From whom you snatched and whose rights you deprived & strangulated the desires that you had infused in your voters?

You did not mind that who enabled you to get in the assembly but when you assumed your offices – you forgot the whole commitment you had with them. On the name of your constituency development you got funds but instead to invest for people progression you kept in your pocket or sent the whole crunch in offshore companies. Does not matter if you are a member of provincial assembly or national assembly in either case fund came to your hand but you misappropriated & embezzled the whole sum? Was it justifiable?

How selfish you are? How mean you are? How greedy you are? How bastardized the whole fund? You did not spend even a single fills on your people but you stashed & hived up the fund in travelling trolleys - in a water tank – under the carpet of your sitting room – in a bakery - in a metal box buried in your lawn? - all methods of stashing came in media…..you cannot deny, listen the voice of angry people!.

Really we hate you, said whoever watched the news divulged and ran in electronic media – unbelievable – everyone were breathless & stunned when NAB Baluchistan raided the residence of Finance secretary Baluchistan Mustaq Raeesani and recovered Rs 730 millions from his house.

The money had been stuffed in 14 travelling trolleys filled with bundle of new minted currency really had incensed the room with specific smell, said NAB officer when the team were counting notes through note counter..

NAB Baluchistan also recovered Jewelry & other valuables nearly Rs 40 million along with share & bonds and cach of foreign currencies were also found from Raeesani house - Raeesani was involved in Real-estate business during raid outnumbered personal properties in many cities also was found.

NAB Baluchistan also had kept Mushtaq Raeesani under surveillance since 3 years for the cases pertaining to alleged embezzlement of local government funds amounting to nearly Rs 1.5 billion and misappropriation of funds reserved for Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) during the year of 2013-2015. How cruel Raeesani?  

NAB Baluchistan has arrested former adviser to CM Finance, Mir Khalid Khan Langov in a mega corruption case where he is alleged to involve with Mushtaq Raeesani accused of embezzling Billions of Rupees from the local government development funds. Raisani and three others have been remanded in NAB custody for investigation. 
Baluchistan is the most poorest among other province in Pakistan where 90% people are living below poverty line but pitiless, remorseless & callous Finance Secretary Mushtaq Raeesani ruined the province for his own satiation - he did not spend but stashed the funds that were meant to serve people of Baluchistan.
Such criminals must be hanged till death - this is the only solution if we do legislation to hang the ‘’corrupt leaders’’ whoever misappropriates & embezzles the govt. funds, said Jamshed Dasti & other MNA during press conference [off the parliament building] otherwise the menace will go more powerful as we are looking since 70s - Legislation for corruption has been mandatory and it should be?.  
NAB Baluchistan conducted raid [on a tip off Asad Shah] an accomplice of Mushtaq Raeesani on a bakery situated at Samungli Road Quetta and recovered Rs 5.7 million gold, foreign currency & property papers. 

Further, NAB Baluchistan recovered Rs 59 million from the former chairman of Baluchistan Development Authority (BDA) Saadat Anwar and his facilitator Abdul Hakeem - Anwar was accused of misusing his authority and causing huge loss to the national exchequer in a Doobandi Tuba Achakzai Road project in District Killa Abdullah of the province. 
NAB Baluchistan conducted an inquiry and found that the connivance of BDA officials and contractors resulted in a loss of Rs 196 million to national kitty.
NAB Baluchistan recovered over Rs 540 million in 2015

NAB Baluchistan has arrested 14 Ex ministers for mega fraud and misused of authority.

NAB arrested adviser of former CM KPK Amer Haider Hoti

However NAB current Chairman Chaudhry Qamar Zaman seems untiring and persistent to eliminate the menace of corruption from the county. He is not only after politicians but heads of other trades are also on the hit list of NAB Chairman. 

NAB also to investigate the corruption charges against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif which were initiated 15 years ago during the Musharraf era but remained inconclusive. 

Two separate investigations are presently under progress against the prime minister. In one of the cases Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and others are alleged of misusing the authority in the construction of a road from Raiwind to Jati Umra, the residence of the Sharifs family, the case is pending with the NAB since 2000 and involves the alleged misappropriation of Rs 125 million. 

In other cases, the prime minister is accused of making illegal appointments in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). This inquiry is pending against him since 1999. 

Similarly, case against Asif Ali Zardari related to assets beyond his known sources of income has been still under trial since 2001.  

Besides, case against Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was also shown in the list of mega corruption cases – Dar was accused of misusing authority and having assets beyond known means.

NAB Sindh also has geared up its efforts to arrest corrupt politicians including Provincial Ministers and Bureaucrats. Investigation however has been started against;

a)   Mir Munawwar Talpur who is brother-in-law of ex president Asif Ali Zardari and husband of Fariyal Talpur

b)   Sharjeel Inam Memon
- c) Pir Mazhrul Haq

cd) Muhammad Ali Malkani 

e) Dost Muhammad Rahu 

ff) Gyan Chand Israni  

g) Ali Mardan Shah 

h) Rauf Khosa 

i)  Noor Muhammad Shah 

j)  Makhdoom Jamiluz Zaman and 

k) Syed Owais Muzaffar Alias Tappi.

According to sources, NAB Sindh is investigating into corruption of billions of rupees and misuse of power against above mentioned MPAs and provincial ministers.

Some of them though have left the country but NAB will use its power & bring these criminals back to the country to recover the looted amount, said NAB team member -nobody above the law.  

The NAB Sindh is investigating against 148 politicians, police officers and other civil bureaucrats in the light of statements of gangster Uzair Baloch and other 28 close associates of ex president Asif Zardari who are under arrest

The investigation against Sindh former Information Minister Sharjeel Memon is being carried out on the written complaint of a Director of Sindh Information Department for being involved in corruption of Rs 5 Billion.

The NAB has also included the details revealed by Dr Asim Hussain into the investigation against above-mentioned personalities.

Sharjeel Memon was number one on the agenda he is accused of embezzling Rs 4 billion in an alleged advertisement distribution scam & approx Rs 2 Billion he had stashed in his house under the carpet, media reported. 

Not only that among the Sindh rulers there are some who are allegedly involved in land grabbing but also a few aides of the federal government have also their share in the alleged loot and plunder of the wealth of the people of Sindh. 

It is said that one such case recently taken up by the Supreme Court, the involved land is worth over Rs 500 billion. The apex court had sought a report from the NAB on 530 acres and 341 acres mangrove-covered land in Karachi which allegedly involved some big names including an aide of the prime minister. 

NAB said it has recovered Rs 265 billion in looted money since its inception and has deposited the amount back to the national exchequer. A recent Transparency International report rated Pakistan 126 in the Corruption Perception Index, an improvement from 175.

NAB has also indicted former petroleum minister Dr Asim Hussain and five others in a corruption case involving Rs 462 Billion

NAB is committed to eradicate corruption taking every fills into accountability apparatus & zero tolerance policy towards corruption, said Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry in a press release. 

There are 176 corruption cases lying with NAB need to be sorted out – the modus operandi moves that the complaint is first sent for verification and the next step it it is sent for inquiry and then for investigation and after that a reference is filed. 

NAB submitted a report in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the corruption rendered in Sindh police where national treasury had suffered a loss Rs 2 Billion due to purchase of uniforms, cars and construction of buildings by Sindh Police, media reported. 

If I conclude the debate on corruption it is vivid that not only politicians are corrupt but people of other trades too are corrupt – politician misuse their authority, misappropriate and embezzle govt. allocated funds, loot and plunder national wealth on different excuse instead to invest on people - for people and for what the politicians or political leadership take oath to serve masses but they don’t do rather stash the amount deferring & ignoring the progression and prosperity of the countrymen.

Similarly the Business tycoons, Real-estate executive, Media houses owners, Bureaucrats, Secretaries, Govt. officials, Industrialist at small and large scale, Law enforcing agencies, Police & armed forces, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Chartered accountants, Architect. People from public and private sectors etc are too corrupt and everyone at his/ her desk are enjoying with corruption this is only continued because there is no Corruption law in place - if you don't put the rein it will go more wild and will bite everyone.

In most of the cases they are greasing the palm of ministers in provincial and national assemblies and taking benefits but upon whose cost – naturally the ‘’ultimate user’’ or prey of this hunting is a ‘’common man’’ who is being bulldozed from both sides whether govt. or businessmen.

It refers the case of Malik Riaz (MR) a Real estate owner who built Bilawal House in Lahore for Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) a fortress where 10,000 people inside can attend the party politics meeting - well built helipad etc.

MR said that he gifted the empire to ex president AAZ - why MR gifted naturally he took a lot from AAZ in return into the shape of lands at a peanut price in Sindh?.

And for Nawaz Shareef daughter (Maryam) MR gifted BMW Car & MR also built a palace in Lahore for Nawaz Shareef.

Why MR a Real estate owner presented the costly car to Maryam that of course he might had taken multiple support in shape of land in Punjab and other unconstitutional favor. The matter leaked in media during interview with MR & TV anchors Mehr Bukhari & Mubashir Luqman when they were debating on corruption of Arsalan Iftikhar son of Iftikhar Chaudry retired Supreme court judge - MR a billionaire and he buys what he wants greasing the palm of sitting minister and head of the states, as evidence shows

Corrupt politicians remained engaged in deceitful behavior and practiced trickery, fraud & connived with the suffering of people after arriving in the assembly - looks them disdainfully.

It has been imperative to enact law for CORRUPTION whoever finds guilty hang him/ her till death to cleanse Corruption cancer from Pakistan.

Its 69 years and we have no genuine and true political leadership in the country – 30 years we remained under shade of military rule and since 39 years under the influence of corrupt leaders. The time is not far when people will come to the street and lynch the CORRUPT LEADERS, said the infuriated mob, holding play cards & banners asking to give them POWER & WATER not getting them since months – unscheduled power breakdown has made them mad – 10 hours power recession has been daily practice in Karachi.

May 18, 2016

Khurshid Shah Opposition leader betrayed the confidence of Imran Khan PTI Chairman.

Is Khurshid Shah an opposition leader or an ally of PML-N? 

How smartly he proved to be an associate of PML-N who cheated other opposition leaders those came in one string with Khurshid Shah to unmask premier Nawaz Shareef for his corruption cases and his family name disclosures in panama leaks.  

Khursheed Shah (KS) basically made fool & gave lollypop to Imran Khan (IK) PTI Chairman.

He neither raised any question after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (NS) echoed speech nor enabled IK to speak or anyone else from Opposition benches to come across after premier speech in the parliament.

KS however in reply to premier speech said that we had asked the premier 7 questions but he has unearth his more properties stretching in UAE & Saudi Arabia so the number of question now has been raised to 70 from 7 and premier did not reply what the questionnaire we (opposition) specifically had submitted to the treasury benches, said KS & walked out of assembly.

The fully charged Opposition leader (member of PPP, PTI, PAT, JI, MQM etc) were demanding premier NS to come in the Assembly and respond their 7 questions compiled collectively to clarify premier position in panama papers.

Opposition hue and cry and media uproar were giving impression to the nation that there will be a fiery & cutthroat speeches in the assembly and premier Nawaz Sharif (NS) will be exposed for his tax evasion practices & transferring his kickback and commission money from Pakistan to overseas. And monetary corruption he did with country current account etc but it could not unwrapped rather the inflated balloon went released its air without any intensity

The stem of Opposition were to know premier NS tax payment scheduled since 1985 to 2016 if he has been paying taxes – break up of shifting the huge sum from Pakistan – telling the parliament the source of money he earned & accumulated and the routes he used to send money from Pakistan to Panama &Virgin Island - establishing offshore companies & raising his properties in UK, UAE, Middle East & Pakistan, opposition asked..

However, Opposition’s 7 questions remained unanswered & the premier in his speech brought out more information for the property he purchased in UAE & Saudi Arabia mentioned in his speech.

Opposition also had asked the premier to clarify his interests and his family in Mayfair & Pak Land Apartments – how much income tax was paid off when the Mayfair & Pak Land Apartment were procured – as the Prime Minister has denied having ownership? 

Mrs Kulsoom Nawaz had declared to have bought the apartment for her children’s education – was Prime Minister aware of the news published in British Newspaper?

As per news published in British newspaper that Nawaz family is the owner of Nesco and Nelson apartments, what NS says?
Opposition further asked the premier to answer in the National Assembly ‘’the names and total numbers of Off Shores companies owned or registered in the name of members of the Prime Minister’s family or himself’’ and what is the net value of assets of such companies, bank accounts and properties.
Opposition with self aggrandizement - bragging and boasting since months – they were boycotting the assembly session - pressurizing premier to come into the parliament but when the premier came - the Opposition could neither start & open the theater as scheduled and nor demonstrated the courage to criticize premier for the terrain of properties his family has been shown in panama papers. 

In short KS & IK left the assembly athirst & kept the nation astounded expecting a mind blowing and thought-provoking debate [one on one] as we witnessed in UK when the premier David Cameron was responding for the allegation he had been leveled for having offshore company not him but shares in his father’s company.

The news jolted UK parliamentarian having ‘conflict of interest’ for their premier they gave David Cameron very tough time lambasted & remonstrated with multiple questions.

A chain of thorny questions by UK Opposition had been put but in our case we just amazed and as usual the episode of panama papers that flashed & engulfed the nation in a thick cloud of apprehension - could not flush out.

Such relinquishment from opposition certainly made people of Pakistan stunt & furious where opposition remained passive and preferred to go out instead to initiate question & answer session in the assembly to treat premier with heavy hand in the light of panama papers where role of premier has been compromised and as democracy dictates parliamentarians & specially the opposition has liberty to inquire if there is any discrepancy & unconstitutional acts is seen in premier acts.

Undoubtedly it was an appropriate time for the Opposition to strip NS for the mounting wealth he has in overseas, UK, UAE, Middle East, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan but premier heightening and fleshy speeches ended in fiasco it was just a lip service from PPP team like Atizaz Ahsan, PTI & JI too.   

a)  Imran Khan however juxtaposing the premier statement he went blunt in the assembly & before where Maryam Nawaz had been shown as a sole owner of TWO OFFSHORE COMPANIES and during the period from 1981 to 1993 where Nawaz Sharif (NS) monthly income was only Rs 22,600/= show how it happened?
See the ''TAX RETURN'' of NAWAZ SHAREEF who either did not pay or avoided to pay - the TAX RETURN breakdown exhibiting that - Was he really a wealthy person since beginning as he boasted in the assembly referring his father business and uttered he did not attain anything from politics - he did business before politics not business after politics groaned in the parliament.
1994 - 1995   nil
1995 - 1996   Rs. 477/=
1996 - 1997  nil
How he purchased and augmented his properties in UK, UAE, Middle East & in Pakistan too where he was just paying Rs. 477/- in 1995-1996 tenure and in 1994-95 & 1996-97 he did no pay even a single fills. 
b)  IK also asked NS needs to manifest the purchase agreement of MAYFARE FLAT allegedly purchased in 2005 - The Sharif family bought the 1st Flat in London in 1993 and the 5th Flat in 2004 - while showing the documentation of his flats purchased in 1983 to the media.
c)  IK further said prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, was unemployed at that time, which means Nawaz Sharif bought the companies in his daughter’s name.
d)  The prime minister in his tax return declared that he gifted Rs 20.4 million to his daughter Maryam Nawaz while she was dependent on him but the Panama papers showed that she was the owner of two companies, IK elaborated.
Further role of Khursheed Shah (KS) Opposition leader, a suspicious character who always remained fishy and shady

He never ever played as a true opposition [as the name implicates] in the assembly - He has been giving a free hand to the Treasury Benches to go and enjoy – no one is there to stop you (PML-N) so loot & do whatever you feel easy and most advantageous to you - I (KS) have shut my eyes as the impression been giving through his body gesture, said a senior political analyst.

KS role in the assembly been appearing very compromising, elastic and whippy and that’s IK could not notice and he was trapped in KS so called questionnaire’s net.

Its three years of PML-N tenure but KS never ever went against any bill or spoke while legislating any law - he never went against Treasury benches but always showed friendly opposition which is a curse for democracy.

Imran Khan should pave its own way instead to join him (KS) as PPP as per previous practice has been biting & disgracing at eleventh hour – a disgusting & embarrassing role of Khursheed Shah & his team.

PPP wants to gain its deteriorated position in Punjab that’s why they joined hand with PTI and left them isolated so Imran Khan must learn a lesson from this panama episode inflamed and panicked by Khurshid Shah but he turned down the whole episode unresolved, some one said at open public forum.

Apr 19, 2016

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef & His family are involved in massive corruption says in a report published in Panama Leaks.

Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca disclosed that how some of the world’s most powerful people have taken their money offshore instead to invest and keep in their own country.

Holding money in offshore companies may be the reason to evade taxes or concealing it from others – may be the ill gotten money - or money attained with illegitimate route such as kickbacks & commissions - or doing corruption in country’s current account - or money laundering - sanctions busting - drug deals - or other crimes & transfer money from illegal routes and hiding wealth from their own govt. institutions like Federal Board of Revenue & Income Tax Return department?

These are the compulsory questions which need a forensic audit to understand the source of money and route of transfer to offshore companies & UK from Pakistan.

If we see the age of Premier Nawaz Shareef’s Sons & Daughter they were not so matured, talented & tactful in business acumen when they left the country in 90s. Properties in UK and Business in offshore companies need an experienced hand to pamper in series of properties owned by them & investment in Panama Island as the story public in panama leaks.

In practicality a person who is well versed & familiar with the pros and cons of business & has ability to respond [market escalations] prudently and sagaciously - unless and until expert businessman like the support of his father (NS) who according to him they are in business since 1936 may give substantial & sustainable supportive hand to establish such a giant business in offshore companies & UK - so financial support and physical assistance from NS unequivocally had been extended & incubated that’s cannot be ruled out – so if NS himself remained involved in the business then issue of ‘’conflict of interest’’ takes place.

Panama leaks - an explosion that has jolted and made everyone aghast & dismayed particularly people of Pakistan that NAWAZ SHAREEF Prime Minister of a developing country how he is so enriched (wealthy & richer) having ''trillion dollars of assets and business out of Pakistan and in Pakistan’’ while majority Pakistani are living below poverty line - living in very miserable and dreadful conditions Why NAWAZ SHAREEF & HIS FAMILY is so fortunate and we are unfortunate? replied the pissed off people during public interview taken by some TV channels.

Panama leaks busted the name and detail of Prime Minister & Parliamentarian [holding public offices] indulging in massive corruption & investment in offshore companies in Panama & Virgin Islands’ living across the globe.

Among them were Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz - Emirati President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahayan - Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and Iceland PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugss.

Though the govt. in Paris - New Delhi – Washington - Moscow & UK have started probe to screen and scrutinize the allegations made to establish front companies started by a Panama-based firm on behalf of several prominent global personalities and leaders.

But in Pakistan still the govt. has not decided either to form judicial commission or parliamentary commission. While Govt. insistence to constitute inquiry commission to be headed by retired judges in pursuance of PM NAWAZ SHAREEF the first proposal he offered in his national address on TV after eruption of panama leaks.

In contrary, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan (IK) is very rigid to form the judicial commission under the head of sitting Supreme court Chief Justice with the expertise of well renowned International Audit firms [a team of chartered accountant, banking professionals, audit & compliance experts] to sense and smell such transactions that how money from Pakistan went in UK & Panama to premier (NS) personal business - which NS denies that investment made in UK & Panama is nothing to do with him (NS). It’s a white collar crimes so should be handled by white collar people, said IK

Several world leaders including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family - Iceland’s prime minister - Argentina’s president - Ukraine’s premier- Friends of Russian President Vladmir Putin - Father of British Prime Minister David Cameron Family of Chinese President Xi Jinping. And Celebrities, including footballer Lionel Messi - Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai and Chinese actor Jackie Chan have entries in Panama whistle-blower.

Panamanian law firm showing spotlight on the offshore wealth of politicians - the top ranking officials holding public office are the main targets facing acrimonious, infuriated and angered debate by their countrymen and answerable before their Opposition leaders in the assemblies.

The First casualty of Panama leak is the Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson who has resigned the premiership being exposed for the wrongdoings. The wife of Iceland Prime Minister owned an offshore company with big claims on Iceland's banks - an undeclared conflict of interest for Gunnlaugsson – angered the people of Iceland who hurled eggs and bananas in street protests calling for Iceland Prime Minister to step down.

The second victim of Panama leaks is the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk who tendered his resignation in a televised broadcast.

The third target of Panama leaks is UK Prime Minister David Cameron who remained confined in a heat & inflamed debate continuing since the date of Panama outburst from the Opposition leader in the parliament though David Cameron persistently trying to pacify and appease the growing situation emerged after his father name so possibility of ‘’conflict of interest’’ has been shaded.
For Pakistan the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca revealed the secret money stashed away in offshore countries where Nawaz Shareef children have been named as owners of London Real estate through offshore companies.
Hussain Nawaz in a meeting with media showcased ‘’ those apartments are ours and those offshore companies are also ours – there is nothing wrong with it and I have never concealed them nor do I need to do that’’.  

And in accordance with British law and laws of other countries that are a legal way to avoid unnecessary tax via offshore companies – having left Pakistan in 1992 and not a resident - Pakistani law says if you are not staying for more than 138 days then you are not required to declare your assets, he clarified.  

Parvez Rashid a diehard hard of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group (PML-N) defending Nawaz Shareef said that Shareef family were forced out of Pakistan in 90s and not permitted to return that’s compelled them to establish their own business abroad. 
Similarly Sons of Nawaz Shareef have been living abroad for a long time and they were not allowed come Pakistan that’s why they started their business in UK and here no one talks about the mistreatment meted out to Shareef family during the past regime in the country, Pervez Rashid lamented.
There is consistent debate from PML-N to save their leader Nawaz Shareef (NS) and alleging Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan dragging him in different stories instead to help NS to get him out of Panama whistle-blower they are concealing the premier errors, said IK.
Looking PM NAWAZ SHAREEF (NS) family name and their share in panama paper the premier came on TV and delivered excited speech to get sympathy of the people raising finger indirectly towards PTI chairman IK that how he (IK) has been obstructing the progression works in Pakistan while he (NS) wanted to take the country at the zenith of progression and prosperity, PM uttered in his speech.
PM NS during televised speech apprised that his father & his family were/ are in business since 1936 & how he strove to build & groom the business and later joined politics - It was an excited speech rather than a logical one. 

The prime minster announced a judicial commission to investigate the leaks manifested in panama papers - currently he is in UK for medical check-up.
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should also play its pivotal and vital role to do a thorough investigation the corruption mentioned in panama papers. NAB should take more appropriate action to form an independent body of international repute to investigate the matter in the light of Panama Papers.
Hence the credibility of the PM Nawaz Shareef has been compromised and according to the constitution framed at Article # 62 & 63 where morale & integrity of the premier been suspicious therefore he should have been resigned, asked PTI Chairman IK.
Similarly the case of late Premier Benazir Bhutto Pakistan People Party (PPP) also to be dealt accordingly and it should be public that who is holding such investment in offshore companies which Benazir had before her assassination. Case of Rehman Malik (PPP) too has entry in Panama leaks he should also to bring for interrogation.
There are two hundred people in Pakistan who has been unmasked in panama explosion so the NAB should do a postmortem - forensic inquiry for everyone to benefit the country if the money had been taken from Pakistan with illegal means - needs to have it back to the national kitty.
Its good time to break the menace of heightening corruption in Pakistan & expose not only politicians but the Business tycoon & Media owners, Bureaucrats & Real estate Executives - do a thorough investigation & confiscate their properties if they don’t bring back the money that’s they transferred just to avoid of tax, give them an exemplary punishment to discourage corruption menace.   
On revealing the name of Premier NAWAZ SHAREEF family - uproar erupted not only among Opposition parties but general public too demanding resignation from NAWAZ SHAREEF (NS) being involved of his son in offshore companies’ investment- that how money transferred there and again what were the source and routes adopted to send money?

PM Nawaz Shareef had not enumerated but concealed deliberately his Business and Chain of Properties holding in Panama Offshore & UK. He avoided mentioning to Election Commission of Pakistan while submitting his nomination paper contesting election in 2013, PTI chairman asked.  

It is an open breach who hid & misinformed, his premiership as such goes null and void where Election commission of Pakistan has liberty to verify from NS.

Opposition parties PTI, MQM, PPP, PML (Q), JUI (F), JI, JWP however are of the view to conduct inquiry under retired judges but PTI chairman Imran Khan insistence to constitute a commission under sitting judge of Supreme court of Pakistan to arrange a ‘’forensic audit’’& hire companies of international repute who is capable and expertise in detecting & unearthing offshore crimes to confirm premier NS involvement in Panama papers.

Initially the Panama leak does not say directly the involvement of NS but has evidenced the names of his children i.e. Hussain Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz & Maryam Nawaz who are the owner of 34 offshore companies enjoying with the chain of well groomed business & multiple properties in UK, USA, Panama, Middle East & Africa & Pakistan, media reported. 

Besides, there is severe criticism among general public about Nawaz Shareef (NS) & Shahbaz Shareef (SS) identified as a route cause of dismemberment & permanent dis-figuration and mutilation of Pakistan economy.

NS & SS whenever they assumed govt. offices or came in power to rule the country due to their deceptive attitude, sneaky and underhand methods they damaged the ''national economy'' instead to diversify towards progression and prosperity, broadening the economic activity to making profit and full employment - the economic activity in the country decelerated, a strong perception among public.

Economic-resource-mobility before them is nothing but to get loan from external & internal lending agencies and getting replenished the foreign exchange reserve with loaned amount - not with good economic policy and reforms - technology oriented techniques & mechanism - but just inclined to go for loan & to pay off previous debt for maintaining balance of payment - loan to fill the widening gap of budget deficit not reducing govt. rising expenditure & aptitude to maintain narcissism & egomania, an obvious life style of NS & SS.

The madness to get loan - opens more room for them to do money laundering, plundering and pillage and do fraud in country’s current account. People are of the view that whenever these two brothers (NS+SS) came in govt. instead to uplift & repair the feeble economy - the economy precipitated into complete ruin. The country goes more clumsy and crippled when the debt burden rises, now the debt burden tuning at Rs 22000 Billions whereas internal loan taken from Banks and other financial institution have extra burden on the economy.

Instead to think for betterment of 200 million people of Pakistan to change their living condition & livelihood they are prone to augment their own business empire - using govt. funded infrastructure to flourish and thrive. The nation gets more bailout package to run the economy instead to do good economic management to bolster and strengthened with viable economic policies, said an economist.

NS basically a business man - an industrialist who works & prefers for his interest. Keeping poor governance & indulging in massive corruption a normal practice if we unfurl his association in Pakistan politics.

PAT chairman Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said, ‘’NS should be sent to jail and interrogated.” He said action would have been taken against them - had the parliament; FIA, FBR and NAB were independent and free.

Dr. Qadri revealed that on March 21, Hassan Nawaz purchased a property in One Hyde Park, London, worth 42.5 million pounds and the papers were signed on March 30. He said the process of loot and plunder has been continuing for the last 35 years.

If the relevant institutions wanted to arrest the corrupt they could have done it any time as abundant proofs are available but seems that due to pressure they avoid. 
The only dogma before NS to plunder national exchequer- misappropriating country’s current account - usurping people due rights - using country’s resources for personal needs - awarding jobs to family and friends on top ranking position in public sectors - declaring govt. owned industries a sick unit & enveloping it with heavy liabilities.
Enabling him (NS) to portray such industries a burden on national economy instead to uplift, revive and revitalizing through administrative and technical expertise to avoid of its disposal at peanut price.
Keeping commission and kickbacks and that’s the reason people say that if NS can run his more than 200 multiple industries in Pakistan why not Pakistan Steel and PIA can be uplifted?, asked the audience at open public forum. 
If we see the status of education and health portfolio - these are in very critical condition. People die because there is no hospital – even not a single hospital in Pakistan at govt. level that’s may have all necessary equipment & laboratories, medicine and doctors to treat a patient instead to leave them die.
NS in Pakistan political history remained [in office] for 30 years and it is his 4th time premiership - assumed office in 2013 - besides 3 times he had been holding the position as Chief Minister of Punjab but he could not work to reduce poverty and giving good education and good hospital to the countrymen though its bitter but reality.

Living in a country where according to Economic Survey approx 70% people fall below the poverty line - if the poverty line is taken in-line with International Standards i.e. $2/- per day - In 2001 poverty line had been determined @ 61% now after 15 years we can say with certainty that it is running around 70-75% because more frustration & depravity and unmanageable social crimes having upward trends. 

The world richest PM NS of developing country Pakistan where as many as 60 million people in the country are living in multidimensional poverty with 46 per cent of rural population and 18 per cent of urban households falling below the poverty line, says a survey report published in Tribune 2014. 

The report titled ‘Clustered Deprivation’ is prepared by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) with the financial and technical assistance of United Nation Development Program (UNDP). The SDPI measures poverty on the basis of five dimensions – Education, Health - Water supply and Sanitation, Household assets/Amenities and Satisfaction to service delivery. 

Further, a person taking less than 2,350 calories per day and earning less than $1.25 per day according to the United Nations standard has also been regarded as living below the poverty threshold.

People in Pakistan though pay taxes but their hard money are not utilized on their welfare but goes to inflate NS business where poor going poorer and NS from rich to richer, a debate among analysts in TV Talk shows. 

Again for Panama leaks……….Constituting judicial commission to do a thorough investigation through forensic audit to unearth and disclose the hidden facts and figure for PM NS connections & his family role in Panama papers. 

The Pakistani National wants to get rid of criminals, scoundrels and parasites & more importantly is the ‘’corrupt political leadership’’ in the country who have tarnished the image and dignity of its people - who could not progress and prosper because of uttered dishonesty, disloyalty and insincerity. 

The down trodden masses appeal the judiciary to cleanse the country from cronies and coteries of  ''corrupt leadership'' who are involved in unbridled corruption. 

Please give us a ‘’welfare state’’ where we can live with peace and conviction that this is our homeland that our leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah  had attained for us, said a octogenarian in a public meeting with media. 

In order to do investigation there are world renowned professional in World Economic Forum (WEF) & Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Transparency & Anti-Corruption organization deals the hidden corruption through offshore accounts. It also has the expertise to detect whether or not the funds passing through offshore accounts had been taxed at their origin.
We Pakistani believe in transparent & fair judicial inquiry and if the premier Nawaz Shareef who is holding public office & allegations leveled against his family as unveiled from panama papers - if proved he should be given two options
a)     Either bring the money back to national kitty or
b)    Impose ban for the whole life for not to contest general election - so that a clear message may go other ‘’political pundit’’ for not to misuse of public funds henceforth.