Apr 17, 2017

Mashal Khan - student of Abdul Wali Khan University was killed brutally in University compound

The un-understood attitude of sitting MNA & MPA in KPK still did not meet the deceased Meshal's family – condoled & sympathized with a single word of sorrow on the profound grief of Mashal bestial killing……..reflecting deaden feeling & morals.

Mashal Khan, a journalism student was stripped, beaten, shot, and thrown from the second floor of his hostel at the Abdul Wali Khan university in the conservative North western town of Mardan on Thursday by a large mob that jolted the entire country.

Mashal was a brilliant and bona fide student in his class where he (Mashal) had been securing medal and cups, said his sister with groan.

Was it a Personal grudge & enmity with the deceased classmates?
Was it a Student Union issue?
Was it a long cooked tussle with University Administration?
Was it a Family dispute?
Was it a Concocted story of Blasphemy?
Was the killer university student or impersonated elements?

The reason still not known and no one has any specific & substantial information that caused to lynch Mashal by the furious mob in the University.

And as per the initial report [in media] not only students seem involved in Mashal bestial killing but the staff of university too.

Even though the Investigative committee has been constituted by university administration on advise by CM Pervez Khattak but why late?

Further, Chief Justice of Supreme court also has taken Suo motu notice asking KPK IG police to submit comprehensive report within 36 hours.

Prime minister of Pakistan too has woken up and has requested the Nation to unite slamming Mashal's lynching.

Primarily about such ‘’gruesome murder’’ immediate notice should have been taken by IG – DIG – MPA – MNA – Minster Interior – Commissioner – local administration & law enforcement agencies operational in the vicinity of the university instead to wait & get click from top brass.

It’s also surprising that even not a single political leadership - neither Imran Khan - Pervez Khattak - Asfand Yarwali – Khan Achak Zai – Maulana Fazl ur Rehman – Maulana Siraj ul Haq jamat Islami - nor any ANP leader living in the constituency of university spoke on the incident or visited the bereaved family - sympathizing & consoling on the tragic incident the gruesome murder of Mashal, his father shared his son ordeal with the TV anchor.

Through social media some information came that Mashal had been raising issues pertaining to the university in terms of ‘’tuition fees hiking and other facility at the university for the students.

However civil society – Pakistan Bar council & media uproar requested Chief Justice of supreme court to take action against such barbarity as the authority sitting in provincial and federal were silent.

In a recent development – Mardan district police officer notified in a statement that FIR has been lodged - police team has been constituted and so far they have arrested 13 suspects through video footage.

Meanwhile the provincial govt. too has asked Peshawar High court to nominate a judge to hold a judicial enquiry into the incident.

Apr 11, 2017

Western media must highlight WAR mongering attitude of Western Countries no to bleed Syria - forbid them not to WAR but go for Peace

Western media instead to raise issue or making the things hype to fight against Syria or US new strategy to attack on Syria or blaming Russia for using chemical weapons against them.

The use of chemical weapon in Syria & subsequent missile attack by US is fueling the WAR

The objective to kill to whom? to the unarmed citizen or to kill handful amount of anti state element ISIS?

who was bred and fed by US where Russia had been asked to kill them and US later asked to equip ISIS with anti aircraft gun to pull down Russian jets

the testing of the WAR ARSENAL on others land and remove a particular sect of community from the globe, said by a political leader asking to form a Islamic block to retard colonial power [western made coalition] generally known enemies of Islam.

Instead to go in all such debate its better if the whole International community through their ''print and electronic media'' asks the Head of the States to stop WAR against Syria or wherever the WAR is being fought to cease it with immediate effect

as the WAR brings no peace but attracts more WAR - so better to announce ''cease fire across the world'' to save the innocent lives

So far in Syria 500 thousand people have been died and no one is winner except looser who is a common man who lost every thing - their houses - their families - living with remains - disabled & handicapped family - the family who lost their kith & kin

the whole country depicting the face of a dead city - a heap of rubbles and nothing more.- So stop WAR not only in Syria but wherever the WAR is continuing.

Look towards your economy that how you can raise it in favor of your people - whatever the economic operating system you have in your country - think first that how to change people life - their progression and prosperity - that will be more constructive instead to destruct the country with no end of WAR - whether it belongs to you or you do for others? Come forward and stop WAR

Refer all criminals cases related with anti state element to Military court

Distinguish and evaluate the pending cases with Civil Courts across the country lying pending due to multiple reasons
The Civil courts had more than 200 thousand cases pending when Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudry retired. He shared his concern with media..press report..
Please go through the case nature, prepare a consolidated list of all anti state elements, terrorism cases involved in clandestine subversive organization helped potential invaders to work against the regime
Undermined - Subverted & Wrecked the normal operation of the state - Damaged and Disrupted the state matters - Worked against the country or sovereignty do not fall in a normal court hearing...........absolutely are high profile cases so do not sit or sleep on it.
Inter alia, cases of espionage and saboteur must be forwarded to the ''Military court'' because the existing Civil courts have been deficient due to its overburden & overload - scarcity of Judges - even shortage of Court premises & inadequate facility thats hindered and hindering to dispose of legal cases timely..........a saying prevails that delay in justice leads to justice denial.
Crying need of the time to cogitate and think judiciously that how to dispose of hundred thousands criminal cases that has been piled up - neither the country nor the people are getting justice.

Therefore if we want to see Pakistan a terror free state we will have to take drastic action for the cases pending with the courts.

There are more Kalboshan Yadev decomposing in the Jails [across the country] notwithstanding required court facility but the ''Black sheep'' 'too who are fostering such criminals.
Come one step ahead and ensure due justice timely and optimally.